Dragon Raja Guide: Leveling, Farming Tips & Tricks 2021

Started playing this amazing MMORPG? Read on for Dragon Raja guide, tips & tricks to leveling and farming in-game currencies.

Dragon Raja Guide Tips TricksYou might get stuck in the main story quests because of the level restrictions. To complete or continue some quests, you must reach a certain level. Also, new functions in the Dragon Raja game get unlocked at certain high levels. This Dragon Raja leveling guide is designed for beginners to help them level up fast/quickly. Also, we have shared Dragon Raja tips & tricks to farm in-game currencies and get stronger. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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Dragon Raja Leveling Guide, Tips To Level Up Fast 2021⇓

To level your character in Dragon Raja, you need a certain amount of EXP (Experience Points) that you can grind by completing the main quests, story event quests, and there are many ways that we have mentioned here: –

  • Career Quests to gain EXP

At level 40 in Dragon Raja, you can start doing the career quests. For example – as a superstar, you can learn a lot of stuff like singing, make-up, etc. As a cook, you can learn recipes, cook recipes, collect items, etc. Learning new things in the career quests grant massive amount of EXP and it’s one of the best ways to level up fast in Dragon Raja. 

For example – you get EXP when you learn the recipes as a cook career. For more information, read this guide – Dragon Raja Career & Ally guide

  • Check out the Events that grant EXP

If you want to level up fast in Dragon Raja, then make sure to do the dailies. These daily events grant massive amounts of EXP and you can level up quickly. At the top of the game screen, tap the event button -> there you will see the list of events that you can do to farm in-game currencies, EXP, activity points, etc. In the trial tab, there are several modes that you can play daily, earn EXP and level up quickly. 

For example: –

  • Ace Play mode
  • Salon of INT
  • Dragonslayer
  • Crazy Adventure
  • Nightwatcher
  • And, so on

Play all these modes daily!

Tips To Get Stronger In Dragon Raja 2021⇓

  • Upgrade The Skills
  • Deploy Allies
  • Level Up Allies
  • Equip Gems
  • Equip High-Level Gems/Cores
  • Unlock EX Skills
  • Study Sigil
  • Evolve Motor Bike
  • Level Up

Tips To Get EXP 2021⇓

  • Complete main quests
  • Finish daily Ace Trips
  • Play Crazy Adventure mode
  • Finish Dragonslayer mode 2 times 
  • Participate in the Salon of INT mode
  • Play the quiz and answer questions correctly
  • Gossip Society Mode
  • Devil Awake Mode
  • Dragon Hunting Mode
  • Restless Blood Mode
  • Crime Spree Mode
  • Dragon Apostle Mode
  • Code Action
  • Night Watcher
  • Hacker Group
  • Tick Tock Anxiety
  • Cross Server Battle
  • TLEs
  • Training Centers

Dragon Raja Tips & Tricks To Get Gold 2021⇓

  • Time-Limited Events like Bombs, Irritated Blood, Salon of INT, etc. grants massive gold
  • Participate in the Rallying Race(Fast & Furious) to grind gold
  • Finish 8 Ace Trips to earn gold
  • The Dragonslayer Trail mode gives gold; complete x2 a day
  • Play the events
  • Main Quest
  • Bounty Quest
  • Side Quest
  • Online Rewards
  • Sign In Rewards

How To Get Diamonds For Free In Dragon Raja?

You can get diamonds for free by completing the growth missions. Whenever you reach a certain growth milestone, Dragon Raja gives you free diamonds. For example – you get 10 diamonds when all gems reach level 7. Additionally, you can get earn diamonds for free from the activity chests that you get by earning activity points, which are acquired by completing the daily events. 

Tap the profile avatar in the upper-left corner -> go the growth tab -> there you can check the milestones or quests that you must complete to earn Dragon Raja diamonds for free. Also, you can get more diamonds by redeeming the codes, secret keys. 

How To Get Redeem Code Coupon In Dragon Raja?

If you manage to earn 90 activity points, you can get one redeem code coupon for free. Tap the event option at the top of the screen. On the event screen, at the bottom, you can check the gift packs that you receive upon reaching a certain activity points milestone. At 90 activity points, you can claim the 4th chest that gives one redeem code coupon. You can earn activity points by playing the event modes. 

How To Get Gears?

You can get gears by playing the Ace Trip mode that gives custom made boxes. Open it to get random rare or better equipment. Other than this, Devil Awake is another event mode that gives you free gear items. + From the activity chest. 

How To Get Pets?

At level 65 in the game, you can spend the coins on claw machines from where you have the chance to get Dragon Raja pets. Other than that, you can get pets from the store. Pets like Adams, Tamago Cat, Konniski, Kuma II are available in the store for the players. Players can acquire these pets using the diamonds. 

How To Get Gems?

You will need gems to get stronger or complete the quests like Grade B Talent Assessment. There are several ways to get gems in Dragon Raja; you can buy them from the store in exchnage for diamonds. Get 20 activity points and claim the first event chest that gives you elemental gem(gives one random elemental gem). 

Online Rewards – at the top of the game screen, tap the bonus button. In the online tab, you can claim the rewards for playing the game. For example – if you play the game for 3 hours, you will get a custom made box, which gives gear. In these online rewards, you will get an elemental gem. 

Also, at level 55, you will get to play the tick-tock anxiety mode from which you may get the gems. Other than these methods, some events may grant gems. In the early game, you can get it by completing the activity points and grab the activity chest + online rewards + from the store. 

Invite Friends With Codes

You can get the invite code by tapping the bonus button at the top of the screen. There, scroll down and tap recruit friends. Copy the code and share it with other players(you can share in the comment section below). On the character creation screen, after choosing the class(on character customization screen), you can enter the invitation code. You will get a promotion package when the invitees get promoted to level 60. 

Also, see – 

If you have any questions, comment below. So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja guide, tips & tricks on leveling and farming. 

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