Cats and Soup Tips & Cheats: Wiki Guide

Our Cats and Soup Tips & Cheats: Wiki Guide for beginners cover the basic concepts of the game and also shares some useful tips and hints to help you get all the cats. 

Cats and Soup game Cheats & Guide Wiki For Beginners

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Cats and Soup Tips & Cheats: Wiki Guide For Beginners⇓

Cats and Soup is a cute little mobile game from HIDEA, the publisher of Man or Vampire game. The game takes you to the wilderness forest region where you and your cat friends cook delicious food items and sell for an in-game currency called gold and use the currency to expand the territory further and build more facilities to cook more delicious items and get rest. The following Cats and Soup guide covers the basic concepts such as how to play the game, Cats and Soup tips, cheats, and strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and get started: –

Cats and Soup Game Basics⇓

First, let’s talk about the cats; cats in Cats and Soup cook dishes that you can sell for the coins. The cooked dishes are placed for sale at the bottom of the screen; tap an item to sell for the coins. You will be using the coins to build facilities and expand the reach in the forest region. For more info, please read the cats list and cat guide info below. We will go through the recipes’ concept as well in this guide.

Now let’s talk about the main goal; 

Your goal in the Cats and Soup is to collect all the cats, unlock all facilities, discover all the soup/juice/fish recipes. It will take a long time to finish the collection; playing daily for a few minutes or a couple of hours will help you achieve this target easily in a couple of weeks. 

How To Get Cats In Cats and Soup⇓

By constructing new facilities, you will unlock or get new cats. Tap the hammer icon button in the lower-right -> cooking/rest/function. Note; not all the facilities unlock new cats.  

Cats and Soup Tips To Earn Currencies⇓

There are four main currencies in the Cats and Soup; gold coins, furniture coins, gems, and the recipe points. You can earn gold by selling the food items(upgrade the recipes and cooking facilities to sell at higher prices to earn more). 

Furniture coins are used to buy music tracks and furniture items from the shop(go to the store by tapping the gift box icon in the top-right corner -> items -> there you will find the furniture coin section where you can exchange the furniture points for furniture or decor items). Once bought, you can place the furniture items in the cat’s mini room. In the lower-right corner, tap the ⇑ arrow icon to expand the menu -> cats -> tap on the cat -> home decor -> drag and drop the furniture to the cat’s mini room. 

Gems; players in the Cats and Soup can earn gems by completing the achievements, missions, watching the video ads. Use gems to get treasure chests or in the shop for currency exchange. With gems, you can also unlock special themes – once you have unlocked magic brush function. 

Recipe Points; receipt points are obtained from the rest facilities or from the frog; a frog often appears in the rain. If you tap the frog, you will get the option to watch a video ad for recipe points. Use the recipe points to upgrade the recipes in Cats and Soup and earn more money. 

Cats and Soup Cats List: All Cats⇓

  • Turkish Angora
  • Persian
  • Turkish Van
  • Ragamuffin
  • Abyssinian
  • Bengal
  • Bombay
  • Shartux
  • Korat
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Havana Brown
  • Sphinx
  • Norweigan Forest
  • Maine Coon
  • Siberian
  • Russian Blue
  • British Shorthair
  • Manx
  • Burmese
  • Birman
  • Siamese
  • Himalayan
  • LaPerm
  • Selkirk Rex
  • Jeffenes Bobtail
  • Ragdoll
  • American Shorthair

Cats and Soup Tips To Cats Placement⇓

Cats are placed in cooking facilities; each cat specializes in cooking something unique. And, it must be placed in that cooking facility, otherwise, the skill would not work. For instance; Turkish Angora’s skill activates when it is placed on slicing carrots facility. Tap on any cooking facility on your screen; two icons will appear; the cat icon and the facility level icon. Tap on the cat icon -> tap on its skill icon -> if it is gray, then it means the skill is not working. Tap on the skill icon to check its activation requirement. Cats and Soup

On the same screen, under the dress tab, there is a swap option, tap it to open the shift or cat swap menu; here you can swap cats based on their skill or specializations. 

To know the facility name, tap on it -> tap facility level icon -> the game will show you its name; e.g. Cooking Soup, Making Juice, etc. Or, tap the build/hammer/craft icon in the lower-right corner -> cooking tab; here you can check the cooking facilities’ name. Cats and Soup tips To Cats Happiness⇓

You can raise the cats’ happiness by feeding them the fish. The higher the rarity of fish(legendary fish, rare fish), the more points they get. To feed fish to the cat, tap on the cat icon in the top-left corner -> tap on the cat -> go to the feeding tab -> drag and drop the fish to the cat and after that, you will see the cat eating the fish. 

Alternatively, tap on the cooking facility -> tap the cat icon -> feeding -> drag and drop the fish to the cat. After feeding enough, the cat will gain “hearts” or happiness – a special buff is given to the cat at each happiness level(more hearts = more buff) – so keep feeding the cat. 

Cats and Soup Tips To Fishing⇓

To catch the fish in the Cats and Soup, you must build the “fishing pond” or “fishing ground” facility. It costs 1000B gold to build this facility and it is unlocked after you build the “Bulletin Board and Peeling Corns” facility. Once built, tap on it -> wait for the fish to eat the bait, once taken, tap the fish button to hook it up and save the fish. 

Cats and Soup Tips To Crafting Facilities⇓

In the Cats and Soup, you can craft cooking facilities, rest facilities, functional facilities, and special facilities. Tap the craft/build/hammer icon button in the lower-right corner -> spend the gold coins to build the facilities. Once the area is full of these facilities, you will get the option to expand the reach and place more facilities. 

Cooking facilities; here you can place the cats to cook food items. 

Rest facilities; these facilities are for the rest and grant energy/stamina/recipe point, which is used in upgrading the recipes. 

Function facilities; these facilities are unique and each one has a unique purpose. For instance, the good luck jar gives you loads of coins by watching the video ad, the treasure chest facility gives you treasure(hat/accessory/dress). 

Special facilities; some are paid while some are free. Ad manager sloth gives you X1 ad skip ticket. Herb stand can increase the selling cost. 

Upgrade The Facilities⇓

Players can upgrade the facilities; cooking facilities, rest facilities, etc. for more profits. For instance, upgrading the cooking facilities increase the food item price and help you earn more. Upgrading rest facilities grant more recipe points. 

To upgrade the facility, tap on it on your screen -> level icon -> spend the gold coins. 

Upgrade The Recipes⇓

Using the recipe points, you can upgrade the recipes and increase their price. Tap on the recipe book icon in the lower-right corner -> spend the recipe points to upgrade the recipe. To unlock new recipes, build more cookie facilities. 

Keep An Eye On Photo Missions⇓

When the camera icon appears on the cats’ head; tap on it to take photo -> get free coins. 

Open The Treasure Chests To Get Equipment For Cats⇓

You can open the treasure chest by watching the video ads or spending the gems. From the treasure chest, you may get hats, clothes, or accessories, which you can equip to the cats for special effects. You can also upgrade the equipment if you have got duplicate pieces. Tap on the cat icon in the top-left corner to open the cat menu -> tap on the equipment slot; hat, accessory, or clothes -> choose the equipment that you want to equip and tap the wear button. 

Make sure to read the equipment’s effect before you equip it to the cat. Each piece of equipment comes with unique effects. For instance, a straw hat increases the slicing carrot effect, so it must be equipped to the cat who is working on slicing carrot facility. 

Watch The Video Ads To Get Free Gems⇓

Go to the shop by tapping the present/gift box icon in the top-right corner -> gems -> show ads and get X30 gems for free. 

Complete The Daily Missions, Special Order Missions, and Achievements⇓

Tap on the task icon in the top-right corner -> daily missions can give you free tickets, fish, equipment, etc. Completing achievements grant free gems. 

Special Order Missions are displayed in the top-left corner; complete these order missions to earn loads of coins and other rewards. 

Cats and Soup Cheats⇓

Currently, no cheats are available for the Cats and Soup. 

So this would be all in this post on Cats and Soup guide for beginners. Got more Cats and Soup tips? Comment below. 

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  1. My store icon states to install the furniture shop, yet there isn’t anything happening. It has a black and yellow cone in front. How or when do I have access to a shop to install?

  2. Does walking distance waste time? Does it matter to place carrot slicer next to soup boiling station, so it saves time between travelling? Or it doesn’t count?

    • I thought that before, while I do have the Cooking Soup, Blending Juice, and the Grilling Barbecue stations in the center of everything, it’s more for the sake of organization and appeal. I don’t think it matters either way. If you watch the time dial next to their stations, it only changes the speed of them when you watch an ad by selecting “Cooking Speed x2 Watch Ad”. You can also select that station and choose to level it up multiple times before leveling up everything else, it then helps raise your recipe points! Raising the recipe points helps to raise the price of the Soup, Juice, and Stir Fry. More recipe points, more money, no need necessarily to worry about placement.

    • I don’t think it matters tbh, so I placed each cooking station with the respective recipe creators around them only cause I don’t want my kitties to run too far lol.

  3. you can “hack” the timer for fishing and the scoop game by temporarily adjusting your devices time and date.

    1. go to pond (no bobbers)
    2. Open settings in your phone and change date ahead by one day
    3. Go back into app and pond, you’ll now have full bobbers. (Do not start fishing yet)
    4. Open settings on your device and change the date back to default
    5. Go back into app and go fishing /scoop etc

  4. Does anyone know how to transfer from an iPad to an iPhone? I had surgery and started playing on my iPad during recovery but now I want it on the go!

    Thank you!

  5. correction on the equipment of the cat, you don’t need to apply the specific equipment for a certain cat to take effect. it says ‘passive effects are always applied even if not equipped’.

  6. Wow this game is super awesome and I’m playing it EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Oh please make another game exactly like this, though its Dogs And Scoff. I love the development of this game as it is so cool! Thank you for this great game it’s sooooo cute even my brother, Olli likes it too! Good bye

  7. The fastest way to progress that I’ve found is to watch the jar fairy ads and upgrade your soup cat. The amount you get from the jar is proportionate to the level of the soup cat so the jar reward raises every time you level it up.

    • It’s actually better to upgrade your stir pry cat from one level below of the newest soup cat, as it gives more gold and costs less to upgrade then the newest soup cat and then the newest juice cat

  8. What’s the max amount of facilities you can build I just got my 29th cat and my next one is at Bd. Has anyone beat the game.

  9. I’ve been playing for about 3 months now, and I have yet to get a legendary fish from the fish pond, is it purely based off luck?

    • I also can’t seem to get a legendary fish!! I’ve tried playing all different times throughout the day with no luck. Huge bummer

    • I wasn’t getting them until I looked at the fish section in ‘my collection’ which is the medal icon on the right side. After I looked at them all and tapped them to read what they were I started to get them which is weird idk if that helped

  10. How does sloth upgrade work? Apart from the paid upgrade, I don’t understand how to upgrade sloth to get more tickets. For example right now I have 2/2 tickets, and the bar under it says 1/100 and it’s supposed to fill up, but I don’t understand what to do to make it full. Does anyone have a tip? Hope my phrasing is understandable.

  11. What’s the furniture for? Does it have any purpose? Specifically the furniture that’s for sale but not any of the collection pieces

    • Ya but only some go to like that medal thing where you can see new cats and fish you unlocked and go under furniture. There to can see if you collect certain furniture mixes you get upgrades. This doesn’t mean buy all furniture you see it means see what will get you those upgrades and only buy those.

    • 10,000 a = 10B so 1B must be 1000a
      Beyond 2366B, I have not earned so far, it could continue like 10,000 b = 10c and 10,000 c = 10D

    • 1000a = 1b, 1000b = 1c, … and so on (The unit will go as a, b, c, … then aa, ab, ac,… so far as I know)

      I have a tip for you: You should level up all your facilities + recipes until the price of the soup/juice/fried/… reaches at least a few hundreds of the previous unit of counting coin. For example: If you need 1000y to build the 1st gathering honey facility then you must have 1,000*1,000 = 1,000,000x so you should have all the price reaches at least ***x coins.

    • Build new facilities(tap the hammer icon in the lower-right corner -> cooking/rest -> spend gold). Each new facility unlocks a new cat