Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes Guide: Cheats & Tips

Read on for Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes

Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes

Published by Platonic Games, well-known for the Sailor Cats mobile game series, Clicker Cats is a mobile Idle RPG featuring hundreds of stages where you will send the heroes to fight battles. There is a dozen of heroes and pets to collect. And thousands of furniture items to decorate the Tavern and increase/obtain beauty scores. 

The following Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes beginner’s guide covers how to play, basics, tips, cheats, and other strategies. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

The Basics: Progression

Your job in the game would be sending the heroes on the battle quests to grind XP, coins, gems, and chests featuring furniture items. 

On the tavern menu, tap the battle button to open the map and select a location. Tap on a location and select the difficulty level. New areas are unlocked as you progress. Slay down all the enemies, complete the quest, and get the rewards. 

In-Game Currencies, Items

  • XP/Leaves – gives you XP, requires to level up.
  • Gems(Green Color currency) – shop items or upgrade pets
  • Coins – use coins to upgrade the heroes
  • Chests; get furniture items

Pay Attention To Heroes’ Skills

All the heroes have a unique set of skills. For instance, Robin is one of the heroes in the game with a skill that helps you obtain more coins from the chest. Please navigate to the hero menu of the game and tap on the hero character icon to see its skill. 

If you want to earn more coins, you should send heroes with skills that generate more coins to the battle. If you want to clear the quests quickly, sending heroes with skills that reduce the time of the quest would be a good choice. 

For grinding XP, send heroes with skills that grant more EXP from the chest, for instance, Olivia. 

In short, select the heroes wisely, as their skills can help you progress faster. 

Save Gems In Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes

We recommend saving gems for upgrading pets. The gem is an in-game currency in Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes that players can use to shop furniture items, coins, or upgrade their pets. It is hard to earn, so spend wisely. 

Add Furniture Items To Boost Beauty Score

Furniture items such as sofas, chairs, floor decorations, tables, etc., can be obtained from the chests or the shop. Add these items to the tavern area to boost your beauty score. In the lower-left, tap the heart icon on the tavern screen to see the current beauty score. The heart fills up as you add more high-grade furniture items to the tavern area. 

Once it fills up completely, you will be able to Enlarge Tavern. You can do it without adding furniture items, but it will cost loads of gems. 

Watch The Video Ads To Double The Rewards

Whenever you complete a quest, the game gives you rewards, which you double, by watching the video ad. Also, head to the shop, where you will find ad offers – watch the video ads to get free gems. 

Keep Grinding The Longer Quests In Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes

Select a battle location and choose the difficulty level on the map screen. The higher the difficulty level, the longer the quest. And the longer the quest, the better the rewards. 

Tap the enemies during the battle to speed up the quest progression. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Clicker Cats RPG Idle Heroes. 

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