Crime City – Crime Life Simulator Guide, Walkthrough: Cheats & Tips

Crime City – Crime Life Simulator is a new mobile game by Playdrop. Read on for Crime City – Crime Life Simulator guide walkthrough, cheats & tips

Crime City - Crime Life Simulator

Crime City – Crime Life Simulator Guide Walkthrough, Cheats & Tips⇓

This post covers “how to play Crime City – Crime Life Simulator”, about progression, equipment, items, jobs, and other aspects such as crimes, respect, crime success rate, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Crime Life simulator guide and tips: – 

Getting Started With The Basics

(1) Each second in the Crime City – Crime Life Simulator game, a day passes. At the end of the month, your bank account will be credited with the salary – the amount based on the job that you are doing. Also, you will gain EXP as you continue to live on – gaining EXP results leveling up at certain points and each level scales up the max confidence and health stats. 

(2) You will be rewarded with career points if you are doing a job. And, level points upon leveling up. Spending the career points is most important to build up the character. Level points, on the other hand, are spent on rewards that give additional bonus effects. 

(3) Your goal in Crime City – Crime Life Simulator game is to build up the confidence, stats, and improve the success rate of crimes that you do. Successful crime attempts reward you cash that you can spend on building up the property. Empowering the stats help you clear the bounties and earn extra cash. Scaling up the confidence help you do high-level crimes in the game. 

(4) Currencies: supercash is the precious currency in Crime Life Simulator game that you can spend on the chests to get high-tier equipment item or exchange it for cash. We don’t recommend wasting supercash on exchanging coins – save and buy the equipment chest. 

Crime City – Crime Life Simulator Guide To Stats

There are two types of stats in Crime Life Simulator; combat stats and working stats. Empowering the working stats help you achieve career growth in the game. And, empowering the combat stats help you win fights; bounties, jail fights, fight club battles, etc. 

Working Stats are: –

  • Smart
  • Manual Labour
  • Endurance
  • Learning Spend

You can scale up the working stats with career points. You must invest in the stats that reflect your next career. First, check out the next career job that you want to pursue and then allocate these points accordingly. Navigate to city -> city center -> career points shop. 

Combat Stats are: –

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defense
  • Speed
  • Max Health

Players can scale up the combat stats by equipping the gears and doing training. How to get gears/equipment: open the chests or go to the city -> east side -> Big Dave’s armory. Training: go to city -> east side -> buggers gym. You will need “energy” to train the character and empower his stats. The gym level will go up as you continue to train. 

Improving The Crime Success Rate

You can improve the crime success rate by spending the career points in the law specials aspect. Go to the city -> city center -> career points shop -> scroll down to “law specials” -> there you can purchase boosters that improve the crime success rate, jail escape chances, etc. The higher the crime success rate, the more the chances of doing the crime with a 100% guarantee -> + more respect. 

Spend The Level Points In Reward Store

Navigate to the city -> north side -> reward store. Some of the best ones are increasing max career points earned by 1, level points by 1. 

Guide To Careers In Crime City – Crime Life Simulator

(1) Go to the job center and choose a career field; law, tech, business, health and business, writing, maths, science, and engineering. Based on the interest, go to school and get the certification. Then start doing the job at the junior level and get promotions as you keep attending school for high-level knowledge. 

Crime City - Crime Life Simulator

(2) You will start from no education jobs that do not pay well. 

(3) Spend the career points wisely – check the next job that you want to do and invest according to that. 

Earning Gold In The Game

(1) Go to crimes -> choose a crime -> if it gets successful, you’ll receive the rewards. (2) Do the jobs. (3) Do the bounties. (4) Sell items; city -> west side -> item market. 

You can buy properties with gold, go to school, and enroll in courses. City -> estate agent -> buy. Also, you can deposit the money to the bank. 

Or, spend in the casino, go to Bobs Bits ‘n’ Bobsin West Side and buy gears from there.

Bounties, Property Extension, And Side Jobs

Go home -> visit property -> there you can access all these functions. Side jobs and bounties give you gold. To extend the property, you will need a large property(estate agent).

Crime City – Crime Life Cheats & Cheat Codes

There are no cheats or cheat codes for this game. 

So this would be all in this post on Crime City – Crime Life Simulator guide and tips for beginners. 

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