The Wild Darkness Walkthrough Guide: Tips & Tricks

New to The Wild Darkness game? Let’s have a look at our The Wild Darkness walkthrough guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies

The Wild Darkness Walkthrough Guide

The Wild Darkness Walkthrough Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy: – 

Published by PoPeyed, The Wild Darkness is a mobile survival game where you pick a character and explore a large map full of hidden dungeons, bosses, enemies, and resources. The game challenges you to survive for as many days as you can. Everything about the game is great except the information it gives to the beginner is quite short with little to no use. This The Wild Darkness walkthrough guide aims to help beginner getting started in the game and survive for a long time! We have also added a bunch of The Wild Darkness tips, cheats & strategies that you would love to read! So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the walkthrough guide: – 

The Wild Darkness Walkthrough Guide

Getting Started In The Wild Darkness Game

(1) The first thing that we recommend to do is save the account progress to the cloud – if you uninstall the game, you will lose the progress. On the main menu screen of the game, tap Settings, and choose to save cloud; use the Google Play Games account or create a player account.

(2) The second thing that we would like to share is about the character; not all the characters are unlocked at the very beginning; all of them have unqiue stats and strengths. The first character is the adventurer, the free one. You can unlock the next one; Warrior, with x100 star gems. Use this The Wild Darkness coupon code to get free x100 star gems. 

(3) You can equip totems to the character and increase the base stats. Totems are available in multiple grades; normal, rare, epic, and legendary. You can get them from the remains(shop) or when the character dies in the game, you can open its remain with the keys(you get free keys daily). 

(4) You can earn free star gems by opening the character remains, using the coupon codes, by completing the achievements. 

(5) Login daily and you will get x1 revival ankh at certain days. This is one of the precious items in the game that can revive the main character when it falls dead!

Walkthrough To “The Beginnings” In The Wild Darkness

(Walkthrough 1: Light Tablet)

The Wild Darkness Walkthrough Guide

(1) Right after you spawn on the map, start gathering these resources; food, branches, and fint. With these materials, you can craft a stone knife, stone axe, and a stone pickaxe. Craft x2 stone knives as soon as possible and equip as the main weapon in both hands; right and left. Tap the bag button in the top-right corner -> tap the stone knife -> choose the main weapon slots in the lower-left corner. You can equip gathering tools or torch to the secondary weapon slots. 

(2) Your starting location in The Wild Darkness game is Forest Entrance-1. It has three main spots; Strange Forest-1, Desolate Meadow-1, and Suspicious Dungeon Entrance. Tap on the map button in the lower-left corner -> this will open the map; if it’s mostly black – then it means that you have not explored it much. As you explore, the black fog disappears from the map. 

So the first thing that we would like to suggest in this walkthrough part is to explore and discover all these three locations; Suspicious Dungeon, Desolate Meadow, and Strange Forest-1. 

To make your way to Strange Forest-1, you will need to break the boulder; craft a stone pickaxe. To make your way to Desolate Meadow-1, you will need to remove crumbled stones using a shovel. But, before that, visit the Suspicious Dungeon. 

(3) Once you have knives equipped and some resources in the bag; bandages, food, etc., enter the Suspicious Dungeon. You can easily beat those enemies there – defeat them and get the key to the next floors. It has two floors; explore complete and you will find the way to the boss location through floor 2. 

(4) Defeat the boss in Suspicious Dungeon and you will get Mana Mote. Explore further in that location and you will find another dungeon room; there would be an item called: Light Tablet there. Pick it up and go back to the forest entrance-1. 

(5) While in the forest entrance-1, find the Rune of Light. Repair it using the light tablet that you found in Suspicious Dungeon. Once it’s repaired, you will get blueprints and access to new facilities such as; workbench, armor bench, weapon bench, apprentices’ desk, etc. Also, a basket, arrows; wooden and stone, goblin’s boots. 

(6) Build a workbench to craft items such as rope and stones. Build a basket to manage inventory; you may want to place the useful stuff safe in the basket. Upgrade the workbench; you will need machinery, branches, and rock. Once it’s level 2, you can craft a shovel and remove crumbled stones that block your way to Desolate Meadow-1. 

So that would be in this The Wild Darkness walkthrough to The Beginning. We will post more walkthroughs later. 

Tips For Survival In The Wild Darkness

Make sure to have enough resources in the backpack to craft essential tools because they can break once their durability reaches 0. You can use the workbench to repair the tools.

Have a torch in the night as shadow monsters get an advantage in the battles during the night. 

Build a campfire and use it to restore the main character’s health. 

Explore and find water, food. Use campfire to cook food; tap the torch crafting option in the lower-left corner -> fire/camping -> campfire -> place it -> tap it -> choose to cook or sleep. 

Don’t get into a fight if you are low on HP. Always watch your stats at the top. 

Keep exploring and you will find lots of hidden and secret items; could be clothes, items, magical items, resources, and more. 

Leveling the main character: at the bottom, see that green gauge? When it fills completely, you level up. Gain EXP by gathering the items, slaying down the enemies. 

Getting Totems And Blueprints In The Wild Darkness

In The Wild Darkness game, you can get totems and blueprints from the remains. Go to the main screen of the game. Tap “open remains”. There are three that you can open; old collapsed remains can be opened by watching a video ad. For the rest two, you can use star gems. 

Duplicate totems can be used in enhancing/upgrading. Go to the character menu -> my totems -> there you can enhance the totems. 

Login Daily To Earn Free Items

Every day you log in to the game, you get free stuff; star gems, and revival ankh. Use star gems to open quality remains and get better tier blueprints and totems. 

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So that’s all in this post on The Wild Darkness walkthrough, guide, tips, cheats, and strategies for beginners. More walkthroughs and info will be added later. 

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