Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide & Tips For Beginners

Dynasty Origins Conquest is a new mobile game published by Youzu. Read on for Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide & Tips For Beginners. 

Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide & Tips

Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide & Tips For Beginners⇓

In this Dynasty Origins Conquest guide, you will learn how to play this game, about heroes, mages, formation, and we have also shared useful Dynasty Origins Conquest tips for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Getting Started With The Dynasty Origins Conquest Basics⇓

In the Dynasty Origins Conquest, your goal is to get stronger, complete all the PvE challenges, and dominate in the PvP league rankings. In the top-left corner of the screen, you will find the TBR/Total Battle Ratings – which display how strong you are. By upgrading the heroes, mages, unlocking index titles, TBR will increase and you will be able to defeat the enemies in PvP and PvE battle game modes. 

At the beginning of the game, you will progress through the chapter mode; each chapter features a set number of battle stages and challenges that you must complete to progress further. From the chapter mode stages or PvE stages, you will earn the EXP, which you need to accumulate to reach the next level. Each new level unlocks new functions; like alliance, challenges, daily quests, PvP, etc. 

On the city screen, you will find a lot of menu options; 

  • Market; here you can exchange arena coins earned from the arena mode
  • Alliance; allows you to join the alliance and fight with the members to earn more rewards, it unlocks at level 22
  • Rankings; here you can check the BR rankings, hero rankings, mage ranking, alliance rankings, battle rankings, and story rankings
  • Challenges; complete challenges to earn in-game coins and Feats
  • Recruit; here you can spend basic recruitment tickets or advanced recruitment tickets to get hero shards or a full hero. You can also spend ingots 
  • PvP; earn arena coins and other ranking rewards by defeating players in the arena
  • Combat Trials; play battles to earn relics and forge stones
  • Drill Ground; study to get buffs and rewards
  • Treasure Hunt; craft materials

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Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide For Progression⇓

At the beginning of the game, we would recommend you to follow the basics. You should be focusing on completing the chapter stages(Nine Prefectures -> chapter stages) to grind EXP and level up(new slots on the formation set up are unlocked at certain levels), unlock specialties for instant rewards, and play the PvE battles for RSS. Once you have unlocked “Quest”, make sure to do the dailies as the dailies give you a lot of EXP and help you level fast. 

Story quests give you abundant rewards too. Consume all the arena attempts daily. As you progress further, you will face more challenging quests, battles, and PvP opponents; so make sure to strengthen the heroes. Below we have shared guides on battles, heroes, and mages. 

Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide To Heroes⇓

Heroes are the main units that you will be using to fight the enemies. Dynasty Origins Conquest game features over 50 heroes; each hero possesses unique skills, strengths, and heroes. 

Hero Factions; heroes in this game belong to four factions; Wei, Shu, Wu, and Qun. 

Hero Classes; heroes in this game belong to these classes; Paviser. Infantry, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Archer, and Adviser. The following class guide will help you understand the class roles; 

  • Paviser, also known as Guardian class, excels in fighting from the front and absorbing DMG. Guardian gain a shield equal to 25%* of Max HP
  • Infantry; Infantry units are the melee units that excel in close combat. When infantry and melee units attack together, increases total ATK by 20%*
  • Light Cavalry; Light Cavalry units attack archers or Supports, Crit Rate +40%*
  • Heavy Cavalry; DMG Dealer
  • Archer; Long-Ranged DMG Dealer
  • Supports; Supporters have supportive skills, take 30% less spell DMG

You can check the class of a hero on his/her profile page, below the faction icon. 

Dynasty Origins Conquest

Dynasty Origins Conquest Tips To Build The Best Squad Formation⇓

The formation would depend on the number of slots that you have unlocked so far. As you level up, the game will let you deploy more heroes. Initially, you have only 4 slots. The following squad building or formation setup tips will help you if you are a beginner; 

  • Make sure to have the best Guardian class heroes in the team as these heroes will be leading from the front, taking more DMG
  • If the enemy is using more Archers and Supporters, you must add Light Cavalry units as these units are good against Archer and Supporters
  • Make sure to add DMG dealers in the squad so that enemy squad can be eliminated quickly; archers, infantry, calvary can do a great amount of DMG
  • Support or Adviser units can be useful in some battles as they have healing skills, CC skills, debuff skills, buff skills, etc. A healer in the team is a good option

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Dynasty Origins Conquest Tips For Picking Heroes In The Squad⇓

Get familiar with the heroes’ skills, class, and talent skills. It’s important as if you don’t know the strengths or weaknesses of a hero, you will not be able to build a good squad. On the city home screen of the game, tap on the heroes option in the lower-left corner, tap on a hero portrait card -> check out his talent skill, active skills, etc. On the same hero profile screen, you will find a guide option -> tap it to check its stats, recommended combination, and other details. 

Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide To Mages⇓

Players can assign X1 mage in the formation/squad. Mages have unique skills and strengths. Tap the “Strategiest” option in the left bottom of the city screen to enter the mage screen. There you can check the skills of all mages and upgrade them using tome of magic. 

Dynasty Origins Conquest Guide To Currencies⇓

Coins; can be earned from the chapter stages. Spend on hero upgrades or buying other in-game items or currencies. Stamina; requires to play the chapter stages. Stamina regenerates every X6 minutes. Ingots; the most precious currency in the game, which you can earn from chapter milestone achievements, daily quests, achievements, milestones, etc. Or with the help of gift codes

Feats; to level up heroes

Blitz To Earn Instant Rewards⇓

On the exploration map(Nine Prefectures), as you complete the stages, specialties facilities are unlocked where you can spend blitz to get material items and EXP instantly. Pinch out/in fingers for Zoom in/out to look around the map. Tap on the specialty facility -> blitz using the stamina -> get instant rewards. 

Dynasty Origins Conquest(1)

Dynasty Origins Conquest Tips For Beginners⇓

  • Complete all the daily quests to earn X300 ingots every day
  • Level up fast by completing the daily tasks, playing chapter stages, blitz on specialty facilities
  • Level up heroes using Feats and increase their base stats; STR/INT/LEA
  • Train captaincy level of heroes to raise their BR
  • Advance heroes by equipping the gears; you can craft gears using materials obtained from exploration stages
  • Star Up heroes using their shards to increase star level and hero quality
  • Unlock new skills of heroes by raising their quality; green -> blue -> purple -> orange
  • Participate in arena
  • Complete challenges
  • Study in Drill Ground
  • Join an active alliance
  • Upgrade mages

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So this would be all in this post on Dynasty Origins Conquest guide and tips for beginners. We will soon share a Dynasty Origins Conquest tier list ranking the best hero characters. 

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