Crown Four Kingdoms Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Crown Four KingdomsCrown Four Kingdoms is a brand new MMORPG by X-Legend Entertainment. Check out our Crown Four Kingdoms guide, tips, cheats & strategy

X-Legend, the creators of Aura Kingdom has just released a brand new MMORPG, featuring four character classes and lots of heroes, mounts. It is similar to other MMORPG games, with the auto-mode feature, grinding, events, and lots of game modes for item farming. If you have just started playing it or have no idea how to play or looking for some tips, then our Crown Four Kingdoms guide and Crown Four Kingdoms tips, cheats & strategy will help you. Let’s get started!

Things To Know In Crown Four Kingdoms

A player can choose up to one class out of four available; assassin, wizard, warrior, and ranger. You also have the option to create a new character at the login screen. After level 30, you will acquire an advanced class(class change) and the main character’s look, stats will change. Warrior – Good defender. Assassin – Dangerous Attacker. Ranger – Attacker, Supporter, but poor defense. Wizard – Best Supporter, good attacker. We would recommend you to choose Assassin. The choice is yours.

Your main objective is to increase the CAP(power) of character and improve heroes, town, mounts for further benefits. Initially, you will find it easy as the quests, fights are simple. But as you progress through the game, you will fight against high-level monsters, high-rank players in the arena, bosses in the instance modes. The premium in-game currency in Crown Four Kingdoms is the gem. You can use it to buy rare items. And obtain it from the events, quests, and milestone rewards.

All you have to do is complete the quests, participate in the events, and power-up your character to slay down elite monsters in the epic battles.

Let’s learn step-by-step:


You can increase the character’s power by:

  1. Leveling Up
  2. Level Up Heroes
  3. Evolve Heroes
  4. Devote Resources In The Town
  5. Upgrade Lord
  6. Increase Skill Level
  7. Improve Talent
  8. Costume Upgrade
  9. Mount
  10. Title
  11. Wings
  12. Equip, Upgrade Gears

Let’s learn in detail:


For leveling up, we would recommend you to complete main quests or play in instance mode. In most of the quests, you will interact with characters, defeat the monsters, and as a reward, the game will reward you a huge amount of EXP. Additionally, you can earn more EXP by playing instance mode; story trial, special, abyss, raid, relic, and more. All these modes can be accessed from the instance menu. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left, tap the character avatar -> instance mode. You can play these modes daily, a certain number of times for precious rewards. So make sure to participate daily to increase the character’s CAP.


In Crown Four Kingdoms game, the player can team up with one character at a time; as a partner. You can add up to three heroes to summon in the battle, but only one hero will help you. On the right side of the screen, press the hero icon -> tap the +  button to add a hero. You can summon him/her anytime. Hero’s power also impacts the player/master’s CAP. So it is important to increase their power. And one of the best ways is leveling up. If you complete the quests, events, you will acquire adventure EXP. You can use it in leveling up heroes.

Go to the menu(tap the character avatar at the top-left) -> heroes. There you can see the list of heroes featured in Crown Four Kingdoms. Tap any unlocked hero -> interact -> drag the item to the hero to grant him/her EXP. Additionally, if you caress or stroke or touch the hero, this action will also grant him/her intimacy EXP to increase intimacy level(pay attention to heart). You can do it a certain number of times. Pay attention to the hand icon. Leveling up hero’s intimacy unlocks new buff; increases the number of rewards when you connect with him/her.

If you have equipped heroes to all the three slots or now, you want to replace, then head to the hero menu -> hero -> PT -> replace.


Evolving Heroes in Crown Four Kingdoms is same as other gacha games. You need the hero’s shards to evolve. On the hero profile screen, at the bottom, you can check how many shards are required to evolve. You can obtain shards by connecting(hero profile page -> interact -> connecting -> OK. You can also select the time.). And you can also obtain from the trial instance, as a reward, loot wheel(tap the vault icon/option on the main screen, at the top-left).

Devote Resources In The Town

That’s pretty unique feature in Crown Four Kingdoms game. If you upgrade the buildings in the town, you will increase the character’s CAP. There are many buildings in the town; Mine, Shrine, Market, Harbor, Academy, Obelisk, Barracks, Castle, and Arena. As you progress, you will unlock these buildings.

The player can upgrade these buildings by devoting the resources. There is a unique resource item for a specific building. For example; To upgrade the barracks, you need token. These tokens can be acquired from the special instance mode. If you tap the building -> acquire > the game will send you to that mode where you can obtain it. If you have, then tap the devote button to confirm. Don’t spend gem!

You can devote a certain quantity of resources in a day. Keep devoting and upgrading the town buildings to increase rank and CAP. Tap the rank info to get buff details.


As you devote the resources, you will also increase the lord rank points. On the main screen, at the top right, tap the kingdom -> rank -> you start from the Private and then progress by upgrading lord. To devote, tap the Kingdom info option -> Medianne(daily workship) -> spend coins. Or on the same screen, at the top right, tap devote button -> spend coins.

By increasing the lord level, you will also increase the salary amount(from the rank menu, you can collect the salary).


You can upgrade active skills of a hero in Crown Four Kingdoms by spending gold coins. Go to the menu(tap the character avatar -> talent -> skill) -> select a skill -> upgrade.


When you level up the master, the game grants you talent/potential points. Spend these potential points in unlocking talents. If you tap the talent icon, the game will show you its effect.


The costume is not only for decoration. It also grants you special buff. So you must equip and upgrade the best costumes. You can obtain costumes from the quests, events. Head to the menu(character avatar at the top-left) -> collection -> costume -> there you can check all the costumes. Tap on anyone to see the benefit. Hit the equip button to equip.

To upgrade the costume, you need costume scroll. Costume scroll can be obtained by recycling useless costumes or from the events, quests, game modes; raid mode. Head to the fortify menu -> costume -> select a costume to upgrade -> select the material(on the same screen, at the bottom, tap the arrow icon(>) to add material; costume scroll -> fortify.


In most of the quests, you travel a lot. Reduce the traveling time by riding a mount. You get first mount for free when you start the game. Simply tap the saddle seat icon at the bottom of the game’s screen(near chat). To level up a mount, you need mount energy. You may obtain it from the events or in the shop, you always have the option to purchase any item in exchange for the gem.


The title is another way to increase the CAP of a character in Crown Four Kingdoms game. Head to the menu again -> title -> tap any unlocked title -> equip it by tapping the green color + button. Complete the quests to unlock new titles.


Equipped wing’s power also impacts the CAP. You can use wings scroll to upgrade the wings. Head to the menu -> core -> wings -> core fortify -> tap the arrow button to choose material quantity -> confirm.


In Crown Four Kingdoms, you can acquire high-quality gears from the instance mode; the story mode or by defeating the high-rank boss. In equipment, items are; weapon, armor, ring, necklace, waist, hand/glove, trophies, feet/shoe/boot, ring, and M-Stone.

Tap the inventory option on the top-right side of the game screen -> there you can check all the gears you have. Tap on any item to equip or use. Make sure to equip best M-stones. Tap on the equipped gear -> Inlay -> select the M-stone. You can evolve M-Stone in the evolving menu. Menu -> fortify -> evolve -> M-Stone -> select the stone to upgrade -> select the material(you want to sacrifice to upgrade).

Play the trial instance mode to obtain M-Stones.

So these all are ways to increase master’s CAP. If you know any other, let us know in the comments below.


Crown Four Kingdoms features a number of heroes; damage type, critical hits, HP type, EVA type, DEF type. To unlock a hero, you need to acquire a certain number of shards. Tap on any locked hero -> at the bottom, you can check the number of shards required to unlock. You can obtain the shards from trial instance mode, from hero gacha, loot wheel, events, as a reward.

Additionally, you will need shards(for the same character, duplicate) to evolve. For duplicate shards, connecting is the best way. Head to the hero profile -> interact -> connect. You will also receive adventure EXP, required to increase the hero level.


Kingdom War is another great feature in Crown Four Kingdoms. From this mode, you can earn resources required to level up the castle in the town. Head to the war info menu -> tap the ? mark icon for the rules. When you start the game, it will ask you to choose a kingdom; Republic Of Sandre, Hechkam Kingdom, Sunblaze Empire, Emerald Federation. The top guilds’ leaders(Archon) from each Kingdom can declare the war. Tap the kingdom button -> Kingdom Info -> there you can check all the top officers; Archon, Queen, Bishop, and more. You can also check the fund at the top-left. Fund increases as the players devote.

So that’s all for now as Crown Four Kingdoms guide. It is enough for a beginner to understand the basic concept of Crown Four Kingdoms. Let’s take a look at quick tips as a summary of this post:

Crown Four Kingdoms Tips: –

1.) Claim The Free Hero Gacha

In the shop, head to the Hero Gacha tab and claim free Hero Gacha to obtain free hero shards daily.

2.) Participate In The Arena For Arena Coins

You can spend arena coins, earned by defeating other players in the PvP match, In the shop for hero costumes.

3.) Complete The Daily Event

At the top, tap the daily option and check out all the daily missions. Complete them all for precious rewards.

4.) Play The Instance Mode

Head to the instance menu and there you will find all the sub-modes; can be played a certain number of times daily. From these modes, you can obtain almost all the items featured in Crown Four Kingdoms.

5.) Craft Potions In The Obelisk

Head to the town menu and there you will find this build; tap the acquire button to head to the alchemy menu -> there you can craft potions. There are a number of potions to craft; health potion – to increase health, instant strike potion – to increase the critical hit rates, and more. Long press the potion icon to check details. Select a potion -> manual -> play the mini-game -> get the potion or tap the assign button -> choose a hero to craft potion automatically. You can use these potions for temporary buffs or boosts; head to the inventory -> material-> tap the potion -> use.

Keep completing the quests, events, and you are good to go. That’s all for now as Crown Four Kingdoms tips. If you have more, then share in the comments below.

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