The Royal Affairs Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

The Royal Affairs is a brand new royal court life simulation game for Android and iOS by Reality Squared Game Co., Ltd. Check out The Royal Affairs guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In The Royal Affairs game, the player plays as a lord of a town and builds a team of knights, train troops to defeat the enemy cities. In addition to these campaign battles, the game also features tournament mode, union battles, and events. Additionally, there are lots of things you need to take care of; consorts, knights, heirs, marriages, hostages, council, and much more. If you have just started playing it and looking for a guide or tips, then our today’s post will help you; The Royal Affairs guide and The Royal Affairs tips, cheats & strategies!

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The Royal Affairs Guide To Everything – Basics

⇒The game lets you progress through the campaign battles. That’s the way to unlock rich content like union battles, tournament(PvP). In the campaign battles, you progress through the chapters. And, In each chapter, you are challenged to defeat the enemy castle. Before you fight against the lord of an enemy castle, you will have to fight against the troops.

The Royal Affairs⇒In the battle, at the top of the screen, you can check the military power, the enemy’s military power, and the number of troops. You will win the battle if you have more troops than the enemy’s city. But, In every battle, you lose a small part of the army(troops).

⇒Military stat is one of the main focus points in these battles. If your military stat is high, you lose fewer troops. You can raise the military stat by upgrading knights. Click here to read the Knights guide.

⇒From these campaign battles, you can earn prestige points. You need these points to upgrade lord. At the top-left corner of the main screen, tap the lord avatar -> here you can see the influence points, military stats, and prestige points. You get a new title as you promote or upgrade lord. For example; Baron III to Viscount I -> Viscount II and the list goes on.The Royal Affairs

Getting Troops

As you know, In the battles, you must have more troops than the enemy for an easy win. You can get troops from the council. Tap the council -> realm manager -> manage to get the troops(third banner). Make sure to read our Knights guide for more details. To get the troops from the realm, you need grain.

In addition to the council, you can get troops from the troop levy edict item(coupons). You can get this item as a reward, achievement reward, from the mall(mall -> items -> spend gems -> confirm -> go to items tab -> tap the troop levy edict item -> use).

Complete the main quests to get troops for free.

Getting Gold

Gold can be obtained from the trade, mall, as a quest reward, from campaign battles. Go to the council -> real manager -> manage trade to get gold. From the mall -> items -> you can spend gems for the taxation edict item. Additionally, complete the main quests, campaign battles for free gold.

You need gold to level up Knights.

How To Raise Influence

  • Upgrade Knights
  • Upgrade Lord

At the top-left of the main screen or on the lord screen, you can see the influence points.

The Tower

In the tower, you can interact with hostages. Clear chapters in the campaign mode to acquire more hostages. Tap The Tower option on the main screen -> select a hostage -> tap on the character. You can get elixir, troops, gold, and much more from the hostages.

It will cost you reputation points. You get these points daily or earn from plot battles.


In The Royal Affairs game, the castle is one of the places where you can interact with loved ones and host the banquet. You can interact with the consorts, train heirs, host banquet, and let the heirs marry once they reach adulthood.

Read the consorts guide here.


In the tournament or PvP arena, you fight against other players. In this mode, you select the best knights for the fight and rank-up, earn rewards. The player can raise the PvP skills by leveling up.

Academy and Knight’s PvP Skill

The Royal AffairsAt the left side of the castle, you will find an academy building. Tap it and there you can send knights to study at the academy for 3h to get aptitude EXP and Skill EXP. At the top-right, tap the + icon next to the slots -> spend gems to unlock more slots. A new feature; Quick Study will get unlocked once you unlock 5 slots.

⇒You can use the Skill EXP to level up Knight’s PvP Skills. Go to the knights menu -> tap on a knight -> tap the red color button on the right side -> level up.

The Royal Affairs Council

Go to the council screen -> there are two characters; one manages the realm while another one manages affairs. Tap the realm manager -> here you can manage trade, troops, and grain production. Then, tap the Manage button to collect the resources or troops. Tap the character who manages affairs -> here you can manage the affairs; all you need to do is choose yes or no. Choose “Yes” for rewards such as gold, troops, grain. Choose “No” for prestige points. If you are out of attempts, you can use approval seal. And, to get the realm attempt, you can use the work order item. These items can be obtained from the quests, events, union, and the mall.

Town Visit

We have already discussed it in the last post. Click here to read about town visit and how to increase chances of interacting with a lady.

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If you have any other question, comment below. So that’s The Royal Affairs guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top The Royal Affairs tips, cheats & strategies!

The Royal Affairs Tips and Tricks: –

1.) Focus On The Military Stat

If you don’t want to lose a large number of troops in the campaign battles, it would be better to focus on the lord’s military stat. The higher the military stats, the fewer troops you lose. In the battle, you can check the military stats at the top or in the lord menu, at the bottom. You can increase the military stat by upgrading the lord, improving the knight’s military stat. As you progress, you will need a huge number of troops to get the victory. So it would be better to utilize troops efficiently from the beginning.

2.) Pay Homage Daily

In The Royal Affairs game, the gem is the premium currency that you can use to buy a bunch of items in the mall; such as name change card, troops, gold, scrolls, and more. To earn gems, make sure to pay homage daily. To do that, tap the ranking option on your screen -> server rankings -> at the bottom-right, tap the pay homage button. That menu consists of three tabs; influence, plot ranking, and intimacy ranking. Visit all these three tabs daily and pay homage three times a day.

3.) Earn 140 Activity Points Daily

You can earn gold, scrolls, and gems for free(Daily) by earning 140 activity points. Once you have 140 activity points, you will get a big chest(Contains gems, scrolls, gold, prestige/ancient crest). Go to the main screen, tap the quest button at the bottom of the screen -> complete these quests to earn points. Tap the chest to claim the reward.

4.) Participate In The Events

The Royal Affairs feature amazing events such as the parade, pirates, and ranking events. Participate in all these events and earn points(As much as you can). You can redeem these points for precious or rare items and get the ranking reward. For example; Ancient Scroll, Gold Coupon, Ingredients to host the party in the banquet hall, and more.

5.) Play, Raise And Upgrade

We would recommend you to focus on the campaign battles in the early phase of the game and keep upgrading the knights as you progress. Always keep in mind that knights’ stats matter a lot. Level up them -> promote -> upgrade their traits and rapport skills. Don’t forget to read our knights guide.

So this is The Royal Affairs guide for the beginners and some basic The Royal Affairs tips for the rookies!

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