Crypto Trillionaire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Crypto TrillionaireCrypto Trillionaire is a brand new incremental game for mobile by Tapinator, Inc. Check out Crypto Trillionaire guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Tapinator, Inc has just published a brand new incremental game on the app store that challenges the player to unlock all the crypto coins and become the trillionaire in no time. In the game, you will mine the coins with PCs and other techs to unlock new crypto coins. The actual gameplay is not like this though; mining machines work in idle mode. You just tap the big crypto coin button on the main screen to generate coins. After that, you can invest money in mining machines or save to unlock new crypto coin. If you have just started playing it or looking for a guide, decent tips, then our today’s Crypto Trillionaire guide and Crypto Trillionaire tips, cheats & strategies will help you!

Things You Need To Know In Crypto Trillionaire Game

⇒You can earn up to 25 gems(purple gems) for free daily by tapping the vehicles. The purple gem is the premium in-game currency that you can use to manage offline income generated through mining machines. Additionally, you can spend these gems in the boost. If you don’t want to spend real money into this game, then we would strongly recommend you to save these gems and invest in profitable miners. You can earn more gems(after the daily free limit) by watching the video ads.

⇒The Basics – Crypto Triilionaire Game

Your main objective in this game is to unlock all the crypto coins by raising the tap level and unlock all the miners. This goal sounds good, but it’s not easy. To accomplish this objective, you need loads of money. Let’s start with the coin production; there are two ways to earn coins in the game – miners and tapping.

⇒At the bottom-left corner, tap the miners option and there you can see all the mining machines which produce the coins automatically. Unlock and upgrade these mining machines and tools to earn money without tapping the screen. These mining machines work even if you are not online. But you will need to manage the offline function.

⇒Apart from these mining machines, you can generate coins by tapping the big crypto coin button on the main screen. It registers all of your taps; you can use two ore fingers to produce the coins fast. The income per tap depends on the “crypto coin” and tap level. For example; The price of a crypto coin(Nuka Coin) is $298 and you are on tap level 40(5 million/tap). So you will earn 5 million * 298 = 1 Billion~

Note – Also, consider the hype level and ad bonus.

⇒Crypto Coins

Crypto TrillionaireIn the above paragraph, we mentioned that the income per tap depends on the current tap level and the crypto coin. Go to the crypto-coin tab and there you can check the tap level, coins/per tap, the price of the crypto coin. You can unlock a new crypto coin by raising the tap level. Hit the level up button in the crypto tab to raise tap level. After a certain tap level, a new crypto coin will get unlocked and the income per tap will increase by a massive amount.

⇒Hype In Crypto Trillionaire Game

Crypto TrillionaireThe player can invest the coins in three things; miners, tap level, and the hype. Investing in the Hype source boosts the earnings by a certain %. Go to the hype tab and there you can check the Hype bonuses. The first three bonuses are; 15%(Write a book about crypto), +25%(launch Airbourne advertisement), +35%(give a talk about crypto).

After activating all the bonuses, you will unlock the prestige feature in Crypto Trillionaire game. Reach the goal and you will be able to prestige. Prestige function is in the form of business wind up. Selling the business will reward a massive hype bonus and unlock a new batch of Hype upgrades. You can try it fearlessly. After selling the business, you will start from scratch and reach the current progress in no time. Here are some things you need to know: –

  1. You will lose the current cash/coins, miners, cryptos, supercharges
  2. You will keep Hype bonus, trophy progress, and gems & boosts

So that’s all for now as Crypto Trillionaire guide. Let’s check out our top Crypto Trillionaire tips, cheats & strategies!

Crypto Trillionaire Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Manage The Offline Income

It is natural that one can not stay online in the game 24*7. If you want to earn the money even when you are not online, then you should manage the offline income. The mining machines and the tools can work offline. But there’s a catch. You will have to spend the gems.

Go to the miners menu -> manage offline income -> use the purple gems to integrate the offline function in the specific mining machine. But make sure to do it wisely. Mining machines or tools such as USB driver, PC, crypto cloud, and all the early techs do not generate a good income. So it would be better to save the gems and spend in high-techs which generate millions or billions per second. For example; tools onward supercomputer; Data Center, Mobile Miner X, Crypto Satellite, Bitminer CO., and more.

2.) Invest The Coins In Miners, HYPE, Crypto

Crypto Trillionaire game allows the player to invest the cash in three worlds; miners, HYPE, and crypto. Each investment is different and provides different bonuses. However, in the end, you will invest in all these things. But in the early game, it would be better to invest the coins strategically;

⇒Don’t upgrade a miner too much. Level 50 or 100 would be enough for the early techs. Unlock the new techs as fast as possible because every new tech generates more money per second than the previous one.

⇒Start investing in the crypto coins to increase the tap level and generate more income per tap. Unlock the new crypto coin as soon as possible because every new crypto coin will boost the income per tap by a massive boost. “SAVE -> SPEND -> GET MORE”.

⇒If the next milestone(in crypto level) is way too high, invest in the HYPE Bonus.

3.) Sell Your Business To Progress Further

Crypto TrillionaireThere are lots of crypto coins featured in the Crypto Trillionaire game. To unlock all, you need a huge amount of cash. A stage will come where you feel the progress rate is so slow. Once you hit that stage, sell your business and get the HYPE Bonus. HYPE-Bonus massively boosts the income and unlock a new batch of hype upgrades. This will help you in progressing further into the game. Read the HYPE Bonus guide above for more details.

4.) Activate The Ad-Booster

At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the crypto-coin button and watch the video ad. This ad-booster will increase the crypto-coin amount and you will earn more money per tap. For example; the default value of a crypto coin is $200. Activating the ad-booster will increase it to $400.

5.) Claim The Freebies For More Rewards

On the top-left side of the screen, you will often see the ad offers; wheel – spin the wheel to get the reward. Message – reply to the message to get a free reward. Daily Casino. Accept these offers to progress fast.

6.) Complete The Quests

At the bottom-left corner, above the miners button you can check the current quest. Complete the quest to get the reward. Tap the quest to preview the reward.

7.) Tap The Vehicles

In the first part of this Crypto Trillionaire guide, we mentioned that you can earn 25 gems for free by tapping the vehicles. You will often see the vehicles on the screen; keep tapping these vehicles to earn gems, tap boosters, free cash, and much more.

So these are the top Crypto Trillionaire tips for the beginners. If you know more tips, make sure to comment below to share with other fellow trillionaires.

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