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The Ants Underground is a popular MMORTS by Seven City. Read on for The Ants Underground Kingdom guide & tips for beginners.The Ants Underground Kingdom

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The Ants Underground Kingdom Guide, Tips | Beginner’s Guide⇓

In this post, you will learn how to play The Ants Underground Kingdom, about special ants, tips on increasing the power, a walkthrough to progress in the game, and other things like resources, alliance, ant population, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: The Ants Underground Kingdom guide & tips for beginners: –

Guide To The Ants Underground Kingdom Basics⇓

-> In The Ants Underground Kingdom, your goal is to get stronger, build and upgrade the base, and participate/dominate in all sorts of game modes; PvE, PvP, Alliance, and try to reach the top rankings. Your total power is displayed at the top of the screen and it can be increased by building and upgrading the facilities/buildings on the base, hatching ant troops, getting or developing special ants, upgrading queen, and through evolution

-> At first, you have to focus on the PvE, not PvP. Focus on the main tasks, upgrade queen, build facilities and start upgrading, hatch ant troops, get special ants, expand the base, join the alliance, and once you have got strength, you can start participating in PvP, alliance battles, and events. In PvP, you raid on another player’s base to loot lots of resources. 

-> Once you reach the level 7 queen, you will need to choose a class. We have posted The Ants Underground Kingdom class guide here to help you pick the best class. 

-> At Queen level 8, you will lose the nest shield that’s activated by default for newbies. Once the shield is removed, other players will be able to invade your nest and can loot the resources. Make sure to hatch the ant troops, increase power, research/evolve to increase nest defense. 

Now, let’s check out the progression walkthrough: –

Focus On The Basic Things To Progress⇓

(1) TASKS: Follow the main tasks in the beginning. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the tasks menu; there you will see the main tasks and daily tasks. Main Tasks not only give you rewards but also help you to progress in the right way. 

(2) Join an alliance: There are so many benefits of joining an alliance; if you join an alliance in The Ants Underground Kingdom, alliance members can help you by reducing the construction time, assisting resources, and also you get access to daily tasks, alliance store, alliance rewards, etc. 

(3) Keep Hatching Ant Troop: You can hatch ant troops in Guardian Barrack, Shooter Barrack, Carrier Barrack. You will need ant troops to fight in PvE, PvP, Rally Battles, Event Battles, Alliance Battles. These barrack buildings are of combat type. Tap on the build option in the lower-right corner -> combat -> there you will find the barrack buildings, rally centers, healing pool to heal injured ant troops. 

If you upgrade the barrack buildings, you will be able to hatch more troops at a time and also unlock a new tier of the same type of troop. Higher-tier ant troops possess more stats and can do well in the battles. 

(4) EVOLVE: Evolution Fungi and Troop camp are the two facilities where you conduct researchers and unlock new passive bonuses. For example; rapid production, march capacity, ATK, DEF, and more. Evolution Fungi is a development-type building. Go to the build option -> Develop -> evolution fungi. 

(5) The fifth progression tip here is to take all the buildings to the level where your queen is. DON’T UPGRADE THE QUEEN if other facilities or buildings are not on the level where your queen is.

For instance, if the queen level is 12, make sure that other facilities or buildings are also on the same level before you start the level 13 queen upgrade.

That’s because there are so many facilities in the game and you don’t want to left out some buildings. If you keep all the buildings at the same level, you will achieve max growth. It’s just an organizing tip. 

Guide To Ant Population⇓

To build some facilities in the anthill or produce more honeydew, you will need to meet a certain ant population. For instance, Aphid is the facility where aphids provide a constant supply of Honeydew. To upgrade the aphid facility, you will need to have the mentioned ant population. For example; level 10 aphid will require a 6.5 K Ant Population. 

In the top-left corner, you can see the current ant population. If you tap the population number in the top-left, the game will show you the status; either the population is declining or on growth or has reached max limit. 

Keep Supplying The Resources If You Don’t Want Population To Decline

The ant population will decline if you don’t supply enough resources to the ants. Feeding Ground is the facility at your base or anthill where you can supply resources like meat or water and maintain the ant population. If the supply is enough, the ant population will grow and reach its max capacity. 

How To Increase Max Ant Population

To increase the ant population in The Ants Underground Kingdom, you will need to build or upgrade the worker ant nest facility at your base or anthill. Worker Ant Nest is an ant population type building. Tap the build button option in the lower-right corner -> ant population -> worker ant nest -> build. Once that’s done, start upgrading it. 

The Ants Underground Kingdom Resources Guide⇓

Resources in this game are Meat, Water, Plants, Wet Soil, Fungus, Sand, and Honeydew. These resources are required to build facilities, upgrade facilities, queen, hatch troops, evolve, and supply to aphid to maintain ant population. 

Players can produce these resources at the base, gather outside the nest, or invade other players’ nest. 

MEAT: Woodhouse Colony produces meat, it’s stored in the meat storeroom. Upgrade the Woodhouse colony to produce more meat, upgrade the meat storeroom to store more meat. 

Water: The spring facility in the nest produces water, it’s stored in the water storeroom. Upgrade the spring facility to produce more water, upgrade the water storeroom to store more water. 

Plants: The Plant Flora facility in the nest produces Plants, it’s stored in the Plant storeroom. Upgrade the Plant Flora facility to produce more water, upgrade the Plant storeroom to store more Plants. 

Wet Soil: The Wet Soil Pile facility in the nest produces Wet Soil, it’s stored in the Wet Soil storeroom. Upgrade the Wet Soil Pile facility to produce more Wet Soil, upgrade the Wet Soil storeroom to store more Wet Soil. 

Sand: The Sand Pile facility in the nest produces Sand, it’s stored in the Sand storeroom. Upgrade the Sand Pile facility to produce more Sand, upgrade the Sand storeroom to store more sand. 

Fungus: Breed Leaf Cutting ants to fetch fungi. It’s stored in Fungus Storeroom. You will need to keep supplying the resources to leafcutter facility to fetch fungus.

Honeydew: Aphid Facility produces honeydew. Upgrade to fetch more. 

Guide To Worker Ants Or Builder Ants⇓

The Ants Underground Kingdom

Worker or Builder Ants would be needed to build facilities. In the top-left corner, below the ant population number, tap the wrench/hammer icon to see how many worker ants or builder ants that you have. You can have x4 builder or worker ants by level 13. All you need to do is build normal Ant Habitats. You can get more by building supreme builder ant habitat, but it’s not free. You will need to buy an IAPs pack. 

The more worker ants you have, the more facilities you can build or upgrade at a time. 

Guide To Special Ants In The Ants Underground Kingdom⇓

The Ants Underground Kingdom

Special Ants can be stationed in the nest on the buildings or sent to march outside the nest for PvP, Rally, Gathering, PvE battles.

There are two types of special ants in The Ants Underground Kingdom; war type and develop type. War type special ants excel in invading enemies or in battles. But development-type special ants are not good in combat, but these development-type special are good in gathering resources outside the nest or provide special bonuses when you station them. 

At the bottom of the screen, tap on the special ant option. Tap on the ant to open its profile; each ant has unique skills and best in something; like leading guardian ant troops or shooter troops or carrier troops or in gathering or providing bonuses when you station them. The Ants Underground Kingdom

In the top-left of the ant profile, you will see the traits of the ant; just tap on any trait listed there to see details. Also, tap on the skill icons to get familiar with the strengths of all the ants. 

Green ants are common ones, blue ants are rare, purple ants are epic, and orange ants are of legendary grade. 

You can get special ants from the special nest. Tap on the special nest facility in the nest base -> choose a banner; normal hatch, advanced hatch, and supreme hatch. You may get items too. 

In the top-right corner on the same screen, tap the (i) icon to see the drop rates: –

Supreme Hatch only features ants while advanced/normal features items too. Supreme Hatch has better drop rates for orange, purple, and blue ants. Advanced hatch and normal hatch banner – has high drop rate for items than the fragments of special ants.The Ants Underground Kingdom 

Guide To Formation Load, Troop Capacity⇓

The Ants Underground Kingdom

Tap the X2 Swords icon in the top-left to open the formation screen. There you can assign one special ant and ant troops. The number of ant troops that you can assign in a formation slot depends on the special ant. So if you want to send more ant troops on a march, you need to upgrade the level of Special ants or their skill if it affects the troop cap. 

The more troops in a march, the more troop load. High troop load means you can gather more resources outside the nest. Tap on the nest icon in the lower-right corner -> tap on the search icon button in the lower-left -> you can send march to fight Ladybug, Locust, Snail, Orb Weaver, Termite Hill, and Lizard. Or send the march to gather resources from Woodclouse Colony, Bush, Wet Soil Pipe, Sand Pile, and also diamonds. 

Although, diamond resource tiles are rare. The Ants Underground Kingdom

Assign Special Ants Wisely In The Ants Underground Kingdom⇓

Make sure to check out the special ants’ skills in the profiles and based on their skill strengths, you should let them lead the march. For instance, if a particular special ant is good at gathering meat, assign it as a leader in the march formation. Some special ants are good in invading enemy nests, leading specific ant troops, while some in gathering specific resources So make sure to get familiar with their skill/ability. 

Participate In The Events⇓

You can earn quality rewards by participating in the events. On the top-right side, tap on the event option to check out the ongoing events. Complete event goals to earn points and receive rewards. 

Scout Before You Invade An Enemy Nest⇓

In The Ants Underground Kingdom, you can invade the enemy nest which is without the shield. Just go outside the nest or on the map and look for an enemy nest -> scout. Scouting is necessary to get the enemy power info; do not invade the enemy if your power is low.

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So this would be all in this post on The Ants Underground Kingdom guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below.

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  1. Any tips on how to unlock the T-10 Soldier Ants? I know it can be done. Fairy announced at least two players who did so in game.

    • If you have been playing less than 3 days, you can use a random teleport to migrate zones. Just make sure all your troops are in the hill, you drop your alliance, and your hill is between levels 5 and 14. If you do not meet all these requirements, then you need to purchase migration tokens from your alliance store. If your R4s/R5 do not stock this item, then join an alliance who does.

  2. How do you enhance your troop ants? I was told to that getting “boost” in your evo will enhance your ants but I have done this and nothing has changed?

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