Dating Restaurant Idle Game Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for (Idle cafeteria)Dating Restaurant Idle Game cheats: guide & tips for beginners. 

Dating Restaurant Idle Game(Idle Cafeteria)

Dating Restaurant Idle Game(Idle Cafeteria)

Published by Longames, Dating Restaurant Idle Game(Idle Cafeteria) is a mobile game with a cafeteria theme. In the game, you will be running a restaurant; serve the customers whether they are on blind dates or regular dates.

Unlike other idle games, which generally get boring, Dating Restaurant Idle Game(Idle Cafeteria) is very engaging.

You have plenty of things to do; keep the customers happy, make their blind dates successful, complete the customer collection, illustrations of love, build facilities, unlock all the locations, and collect all the stars.

This post covers the basics, tips, and strategies for beginners. 

Guide & Tips To Make Customers’ Date Successful

Most of the customers that visit the restaurant in the early game will be on blind dates. To make their dates successful, you can do plenty of things; 

1.) Decorate the dining area; tap on the dining area to check the blind date success rate. You can increase the blind date success rate by decorating the dining area; you can build more tables, upgrade the tables, or place flowers/cleaning tools/wall lamps. 

2.) Don’t make them angry; you don’t want the customers to wait for a long time in the waiting area. Make sure that you have enough tables in the dining area. They should not have to wait long to go through reception, then sideboards, booths/burger table/candy booth/salad buffet, etc. 

Don’t worry if the date fails; keep decorating the dining area and speed up the process at reception, buffets/burger tables/candy booths/sideboards. 

If the blind date goes successful, you will see happy emojis over their head. Dating Restaurant Idle Game Cafeteria

Dating Restaurant Idle Game Tips To Make More Money

The best way to pump up the earnings in the Dating Restaurant Idle Game is by building and upgrading the booths. For instance, burger table, candy booth, salad buffet, seafood booth, sushi table, etc. 

Upgrading these booths increase the earnings. To ensure these booths are working properly, increase the capacity/reform, make upgrades to food quantity, and raise/train the staff as they are responsible for restocking the booths. 

If there is no food at the booths, the customers might get angry and the restaurant ratings may fall. So employ more workers, give them a raise, and train them using gems.

Dating Restaurant Idle Game Guide To Progression

In the early game, we recommend focusing on the missions. In the lower-left corner, tap the quest board icon -> check the quest -> go -> complete it, and get the rewards.

Build and upgrade the facilities. Decorate the dining area to increase the blind date success rate. Upgrade the booths to increase earnings. Build all the facilities; tap the icon in the lower-left corner(fork/bread/spoon) -> there you can check all the facilities, such as the sushi table, chocolate booths, juice machine, dessert machine, pizza machine, etc. 

Employ And Raise The Staff

Dining area; recruit cleaner. Cleaners are responsible for cleaning the tables after customers have finished their meal. If the table is not clean, the customers will not sit there. 

Bar; recruit bartender. They make drinks. 

Booth area; the staff here is responsible for restocking the food. The more customers you have, the faster these booths will run out of food. You will need to employ more people; give them a raise, and train them. 

Kitchen; recruit chef/cook, kitchen helper, chief cook, etc. 

Just like that, each specific facility in the restaurant has a specific type of staff. Please give them a raise and train them to get things done quickly. 

Dating Restaurant Idle Game Guide To Currencies

Cash; earn by serving food, drinks, or other items at vending machines, completing the missions, spinning the wheel, etc. Use the cash to upgrade the facilities.

Chef Skills(Chef hat); earn this currency by upgrading the kitchen facilities or giving the chefs a raise. 

Gems; obtain gems for free by spinning the wheel and completing the quests. You will need gems to train staff or buy premium decorations. Or upgrade the illustrations of love. 

How To Get Stars In Dating Restaurant Idle Game(Idle Cafeteria)

You will need stars to unlock new facilities/private rooms, locations, and upgrades. To get stars in the Dating Restaurant Idle Game, you need to reform the booths or upgrade the restaurant decorations. 

Reform booth; tap on a booth i.e., Burger Table. Tap reform to increase capacity. You will get a fragment of star for each reform or upgrades made to decorations. 

Guide To Unlock New Customers

How do you unlock new customers in this game? Well, you need to meet certain conditions. Tap the character icon in the lower-left corner(next to the quest icon) -> tap on a locked customer to check unlocking conditions. 

Guide To Unlock New Illustrations of Love

Illustrations of Love grants buff once obtained. For instance, increase in total income, offline income, bar income, etc. Tap the character icon in the lower-left corner(next to the quest icon) -> go to the illustrations of love tab -> tap on a locked illustration, -> read the conditions that you must meet to get it. For instance, mood point requirements and specific customer requirements. Dating Restaurant Idle Game Cafeteria

How To Increase The Mood In Dating Restaurant Idle Game

Give the receptionist a raise(receptionist greets customers). Upgrade/Build the sideboards. Upgrade/Decorate the dining area. Don’t make the customers wait for long; employ staff, give them a raise, and train them. If they have to wait for long, their mood will drop(you will see a heart break symbol over their head).

Keep An Eye On The Ad Offers

Watch the video ads whenever a special customer i.e. Financial Magnate visit. Spin the wheel. And, there are many ad offers to claim for freebies. 

Dating Restaurant Idle Game Cheats Or Hack

Currnelty, no Dating Restaurant Idle Game cheats are available. Stay away from the hacks, it may lead your account to a permanent ban. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Dating Restaurant Idle Game cheats, guide and tips for beginners. 

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