Merge Star Cheats, Tips, And Strategy To Unlock All Items

Merge Star Cheats TipsMerge Star is an awesome merging game for Android devices. Check out our Merge Star cheats, tips, and strategy to unlock all weapons & pets & locations

If you are a beginner, then I would recommend you to read the guide first, check here. In this post, we will talk about Merge Star cheats, tips, and strategy. The game features lots of weapons, pets, and locations. Your objective in this game is level-up your warrior, unlock new locations, and defeat all the boss in boss fights. Let’s start the Merge Star cheats, tips, and strategy without wasting time.

1.) Get 30 Diamonds For Free – Merge Star Cheats, Tips

Gem or diamond is one of the rare items in Merge Star game. However, you get diamonds or gems after unlocking a new weapon. Come to the point – get 30 diamonds for free. Go to the main screen – tap on the hammer icon -> at the top right of this section -> there is an eye button -> tap on it and go to settings. At the bottom of the screen, there are three icons; Facebook, Twitter, and a website. Just tap on these icons and claim your 30 diamonds.

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2.) The Right Time – Merge Star Cheats and Tips

Your warrior has some skills, can be activated from the hammer section. Your warrior gets the temporary boost after you activate a skill. But you can not use it unlimited. So it would be better to use the skills of warriors at the time of the boss fight.

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3.) Dodo Bird – Merge Star Cheats And Tips

While battling against enemies or managing all upgrades, keep an eye on Dodo bird. This bird comes after every few seconds and brings a treasure chest; you may get coins, diamonds, and temporary boost. So don’t miss this treasure chest and when you see it, just tap and claim your chest.

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4.) The Primary Upgrade – Merge Star Cheats Tips

There are two types of upgrades featured in Merge star game; related to crafting and related to your warrior. You have to keep upgrading to maintain crafting & merging and warrior’s power. Gather gold, spend on upgrades and boost your performance in the game. So what should be your primary upgrade? As your warrior needs the power to slay down the enemies, you should spend gold coins on those upgrades which boost up the attack power of your warrior and then look further for other other upgrades.

And also; don’t forget to spend on crafting upgrades. The reason is your weapon; your weapon is the base of warrior’s attack power. Craft more, merge and unlock powerful weapon, shield, and armors. Read all the upgrades and spend on the best ones first.

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5.) Miscellaneous tips and cheats for Merge Star game

  • Don’t waste your time, craft, merge and unlock more items as fast as you can
  • Keep upgrading the warrior and pet’s level
  • Watch the video ad for the temporary boost, coins, and gems
  • Spend your diamonds on useful upgrades because storing does not increase the numbers
  • Upgrade the bonus star craft, merge level to increase the chances of getting stars in inventory. Merging two stars = high-level weapon

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So these are some useful Merge Star cheats and tips for the beginner. The more you play and craft/ merge, the faster will be your progress. Also, see – Top new Android games today.

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