Merge Tactics Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense is a new mobile game by LoadComplete. Read on for Merge Tactics cheats, coupon codes, guide, tips & tricks

Merge Tactics Cheats Tips Guide

Merge Tactics Cheats, Guide, Tips & Strategies

In this article, you will learn “how to play the Merge Tactics game”, tips & tricks for defending the kingdom in battles, about progression, blocks or units, and other things such as town buildings, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the main content: Merge Tactics cheats, guide, tips & tricks: –

Getting Started With The Main Basics Of Merge Tactics

Merge Tactics Cheats Tips Guide

(1) First things first – some players have been looking for the coupon codes. Tap the menu button in the top-right corner -> settings icon -> coupon -> enter the coupon code and get the rewards. Are there any Merge Tactics coupon codes available? Well, as of now, no coupon codes are available. You can follow the LoadComplete(the developers of the game) on Facebook as they may announce codes on their FB page or you can ping them for a coupon code. The link to devs’ FB page is:

(2) Now let’s talk about the basics of the game. Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense is one of the best merge games that we have played on mobile. Unlike other merge games, which are mostly casual, Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense is a strategy based merge game where you strategically place the units on the combat board to protect the kingdom from the enemies. 

(3) Merge Tactics game features three main game modes; the battle mode challenges you to conquer over 10 battle arenas. From the challenge mode, you will earn the honor badges that you can use to upgrade the commander. And the endless mode to earn in-game currencies. 

(4) Currencies: gold coins and gems are the two main things here. With gold coins, you make building upgrades in the town and also make upgrades to the blocks or units. With gems, you can buy the chests that contain blocks/units and BP. Honor badges: obtain from the challenges and use to make upgrades to the commander. Earn gems, coins by completing the battles, sending units on transport quests, and main quests. Or from the chests. 

(5) Upgrade the blocks or units to earn EXP and increase the account level. 

Build The Best Deck/Party/Team

Merge Tactics Cheats Tips Guide

(1) In the battles, you have a commander and x4 blocks/units to fight the enemies. Make sure to get familiar with the commander skills as well as blocks/units skills to build the best party/deck/team.

(2) Commanders have active skills and passive skills. The first commander that you get in the Merge Tactics game is Henry with the ability to generate silver coins. With passive skill, Henry increases the chances of getting artifacts. 

(3) As of now, there are x5 commanders in the game. The three best commanders in Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense – in our opinion, are Seacole(restores the HP of all friendly blocks), Barbaros(AoE DMG), and Henry(generates silver coins). 

Merge Tactics Cheats Tips Guide

(4) When it comes to picking the x4 blocks in the deck/party/team, we recommend going with x1 tank, x2 archers, x1 mage/x1support.x1 tank to lead from the front tiles, x2 archers and support/mage in the back for offense/support. 

Merge Tactics Guide To Blocks/Units

(1) There are four types of units/blocks in the Merge Tactics game; Ranged, Support, Melee(Tank), and Magic(Mage). Navigate to the block menu -> tap on the unit/block -> info -> there you can check the unit type. Ranged type blocks or units can attack from a distance. But they have low HP and DEF. Melee type blocks or units have high HP and soak great damage. Support type units or blocks can empower other units with their supportive skills. And, mage type blocks or units have CC skills like freezing the enemies or stun the enemies. 

(2) Blocks or Units are available in multiple tiers: common tier, rare tier, special tier, and legendary tier. 

(3) You can get the blocks or units from the loot chests. 

(4) You will need BP and gold coins to upgrade the blocks or units.

(5) In Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense, units have unique skills. Make sure to check their skills and then you can build a great team/deck/party for the battles. 

Tips & Guide For Battles In Merge Tactics

(1) To win the battles in the Merge Tactics game, you will have to clear all the waves of enemies. 

(2) Strategy: use the units wisely. Place the melee/tank blocks in the front tiles as they can absorb more damage than any other units. Deploy the archers in the back row; they possess great DMG but low HP. To get the most out of their abilities, you should cover them with the melee tank units. Use the mage units to control the enemies(for example, the shaman can weaken the enemies, Ice wizard can freeze the enemies). If you have a support unit, you can use them at the right time to support other blocks(they don’t have great DMG and HP, but their skills can be game-changer). 

Also, use the commander skills wisely. For example, Seacole’s skill can regenerate the HP of allies. 

(3) Upgrade the blocks/units and commanders to get stronger. If you are using the right strategy, you should try upgrading the units/commanders. 

(4) Equip the equipment to the commander and make the commander stronger. In the shop, you can buy the equipment boxes containing the equipment. 

Guide To Town Buildings In Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense

Navigate to the town menu -> the main building their castle. Upgrading it increases the level cap of other town buildings. Wizard Tower: increases the Magic block stats. Monastery – it increases the support block/unit stats. Guard Post – increases the ranged block/unit stats. Barracks – increases the melee block/unit stats. Supply Base – improves the silver supply base. Relief Station – increases the recovery rate for units. 

Goddess Statue – increases the goddess blessing bonus. Tax Office – gives you gold coins every hour. Gem Mine – gives you gems every hour. Inn – increases the gem/gold yield rate from the tax office and gem mine. Stable – gives coachmen. 

Get The Free Items In Merge Tactics

(1) Go to the town screen -> sometimes, units give free coins. Tap the gold coin icon when it appears over their head. 

(2) On the town screen, on the top-left corner, sometimes, you get free gift to claim by watching the video ad. 

(3) Navigate to town screen -> tap the quest icon in the top-right. You can earn loot chests and gems by completing the quests. 

(4) Go to the shop -> watch the video ads for freebies. 

(5) Transport the units to get the loot chests containing BP, Blocks, Gold coins, and other rewards.

Merge Tactics Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Merge Tactics Kingdom Defense does not support cheats or cheat codes. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Merge Tactics cheats, guide, and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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