Defender Z Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Defender Z is a brand new action game for mobile by DriodHen. Check out our Defender Z guide, tips, cheats & strategies to clear zones and dominate the arena

DroidHen’s latest game Defender Z challenges the player to survive in deadly zombie zones, complete emergency missions, and dominate in the PvP arena mode. The game features loads of arsenal items that the player selects, customize or upgrade with loads of material items. In the PvP arena mode, you will compete against another player for the ranking points and diamonds. In the missions mode, you will face deadly zombies waves, elite stages, and emergency missions. If you have just started playing it, then our today’s Defender Z guide and Defender Z tips, cheats & strategies will help you!

Defender Z – Get Started; Zones, Emergency Missions

Defender ZZones Guide(Basics)-> At the beginning of the game, you can access the missions mode. In this mode, you fight against zombies or their boss for gold coins and material items(i.e. copper block). At the top-left corner of the mission screen, you can check the zone progress. All you need to do is tap the zone number to scan the encounter area. As you clear more and more areas in the zone, you will progress. The bar under the zone number fills as you clear these encounter areas. Once it reaches the maximum point, you will be challenged by the elite boss to progress to the next zone.

Emergency Missions Guide -> Emergency missions are different from normal zone missions. In the mission menu, tap the search button to scan the whole zone and discover the emergency encountered area. To search or scan, you need energy. Energy refills gradually. Or you can use the battery or blue crystals. From these missions, you can earn blue crystals, research material, and much more.

We would strongly recommend you to check the tips and tricks below and master these zone missions and emergency missions.

Defender Z – Arena and Combat Modes

Arena mode is one of the game modes in Defender Z Game. In this mode, two players fight against the zombies. The player who survives longer gets the victory. As a victory reward, the player earns ranking points and crystals. The ranking points determine the player’s position in the weekly cup. Depending on the position, you earn crystals, universal parts, titanium alloy. Go to the arena mode menu -> tap the (i) icon beside the weekly cup portrait to get the reward details. You can exchange titanium alloy to exchange fragments(used to unlock/enhance the accessory).

Combat Mode -> In the combat mode, you have two sub-models(As of know); survive and boss rush. You can enter these modes a limited number of times a day. From the survive mode, you can earn gold, copper block. From the boss rush mode, you can earn gold, universal parts.

Defender Z – Production

In the production menu, you can mine precious resources. For example; wheat, copper ore. You can synthesis wheat for bread. Bread is required to mine resources in the production menu. Also, you need workers. These workers need bread. At the top of the production menu, you can check the workers numbers. Another example; You can synthesis copper ore to get the copper block.

Defender Z – Store

All the items you get from the zone missions, emergency missions, production menu, from the shop goes in the store. At the bottom-right of the game’s main screen, tap the store option -> here you can see material items, accessory, and cubes. You can sell, synthesis, decompose items from here.

Defender Z – Battles Guide

Defender Z⇒Before you start the fight, you can make some changes like switching guns, turrets. To change the arsenal items, tap them on the equipment menu before you begin the fight.

Defender Z⇒All the arsenal items have a unique secondary weapon. For example; Falcon-I gun’s secondary weapon or skill is Defender-I, which blocks the zombies for a few seconds. Bastion-I has grenade as a secondary weapon. Viper-I, the turret comes with tornado skill/weapon. Go to the arsenal -> select the gun or turret -> head to the secondary tab -> here you can get more details.

Primary and Secondary Researches

Defender ZIn the primary tab, you mainly have four types of researches; the stats, AP, cube, and skin. Go to the arsenal -> select the gun -> tap the research button -> here you can upgrade/enhance/evolve the gun. Items such as copper block, X-files, nanometer are used in upgrading/enhancing/evolving.

Tap the armor-pierce(AP)-> here you change the AP quality(B, A, S, SS). You can unlock high-quality AP with a certain amount of fragments(Can be obtained from the exchange shop – Shop -> Exchange(last tab). Tap the research button upgrade/enhance AP stats.

Tab the cube slot to get cube details. You can unlock it once you have enough cube fragments. Tap the skin slot to get details about the skin or view more options.

In the secondary tab, you can upgrade or enhance the secondary weapon stats. You can use the secondary weapon in the battle(a limited number of times).

In addition to these weapons, you can attack the zombies by calling air support. To call air support, you need a bomb. You can get bomb item from the shop, weekly mission reward, achievements.

How To Earn Crystals In Defender Z Game?

Crystal is the premium and rare in-game currency in Defender Z, which you can use in the shop for precious items such as bomb, material, gold, battery, fragments. How to earn crystals? Complete the achievements, weekly missions, participate in the arena mode. These are the top 3 ways to earn crystals in Defender Z game.

So this is the Defender Z guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Defender Z tips, cheats & strategies!

Defender Z Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Save Crystals For Bombs

The zone gets harder and harder as you progress. Especially, the elite stage where you fight against the zombie bosses. You can not win these stages without calling the air support, which bombs the zombies. You can get bombs from the achievements and weekly missions. But it would not be enough. So we would strongly recommend you to save crystals and spend on bombs. Also, make sure to call air support only in harder stages.

2.) Don’t Buy Bomb Item From Normal Shop

If you go to the shop and compare the prices of items in the normal shop tab and the gift(discounted tab), you will find a huge price difference. You can get more items and bombs by paying fewer crystals as compared to the normal shop price. For example; In the normal shop, the price of a bomb item is 50 crystals. In the discounted or gift tab, go for the gift packs. They are relatively cheaper. But you can purchase these packs only once. In the early phase, it would be better to go for these packs.

3.) Complete The Weekly Missions

On the top-right side of the screen, tap the gift box and head to the weekly mission tab. Complete these missions to get free material items, crystals, bombs, and much more.

4.) Mine Items, Synthesize

Always keep the workers busy in the production menu. Mined items can be synthesized for material items. Head to the store -> tap the item -> synthesize.

5.) Participate In PvP, Call Air Support, Use Secondary Weapon

⇒You can use the secondary weapon a limited number of times. It would be better to use in tough circumstances.

⇒Call air support if things are out of control. Since bomb is the rare item, use this in elite stages.

⇒Play the emergency missions to earn materials, gold, gems.

⇒Participate in the PvP arena to earn gems, gold, alloy, universal parts.

So these are the top Defender Z tips for the beginners. If you have more tips, comment below!

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