Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Guide – Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG is a brand new mobile game available on Android & iOS. Read on for Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Lucid Adventure Idle RPGThere are two Lucid Adventure games released recently; one is published by Com2Us. And, the 2nd one is published by Superplanet. This post is based on the Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG, which is published by Com2 Us. Both the game features the same heroes or characters list – their tier-rank might be different. We will cover Superplanet’s published game soon. Let’s check out the Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG guide for beginners. Also, we have shared a bunch of Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG tips, cheats & strategies.

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Guide, Tips: –

You will start the journey from the campaign mode and clear the stages. As you raise the team level, you will unlock new game modes; PvP, Nightmare Tower, guild function, etc. Your goal is to build the team of best characters or heroes to slay down powerful monsters in the fights. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG tips & tricks: –

Learn How To Increase The Team Level In Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG

Since most of the in-game content; whether it’s a guild function, PvP mode, or some characters, you must increase the team level. But the game does not provide any info on the team level. Here’s how to level up the team: –

  • Every 101 Stage, you gain 1 Team Level

After clear you 101 stages in the game, use the return function and return. For example – to reach level 2, complete the 100 stages and use the return function in the game. Lucid Adventure Idle RPG

Return To Gain EXP, Team Level

On the left-center of the game, tap the menu button -> return -> this is the prestige function that takes you back to stage 1. But you get character EXP. It can be used to level up the characters. Also, if you return after a 100-stage milestone mark, you will gain a +1 team level.

  • 101 Stage – Team Level 2
  • 201 Stage – Team Level 3
  • 301 Stage – Team Level 4
  • 401 Stage – Team Level 5
  • 501 Stage – Team Level 6

Power Up The Characters

As you clear the stages in Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG, more powerful monsters will come in your way. And, you have to keep getting stronger if you don’t want to be defeated by these evil guys. And, one of the best ways to get stronger is by powering up the team characters. When you kill the monsters, they drop the gold coins. Use these gold coins to power up the characters. All you need to do is tap their avatars in the bottom-center of the game screen.

Level Up The Characters

Using the return function of the game, you can acquire character EXP. Tap the manage party in the bottom-right corner -> this will take you to the character screen where you can check the complete list of all the characters. Tap on the character that you want to level up -> hit the level up button. It will cost a certain amount of character EXP and the cost increases each level.

This will improve the characters’ stats like ATK, HP, DMG, etc.

Gear-Up The Characters

All the characters in Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG can equip weapons to gain additional stats. You can get these weapons by playing the game or go to the shop -> weapon -> there you can spend red gems to get the weapons.

Head to the party menu -> choose a character -> go to the weapon tab -> there you can equip the weapon + power up the weapon using weapon power-up stones.

Join An Active Guide

Once your team level reaches 3, you can join a guild. Guild enables group chat, free rewards like ores, weapon. So make sure to join an active guild to get these perks.

Check Out The In-Game Currencies

  • Gems – Earn by completing the daily quests or achievements. Use in buying items from the shop or for character enhancement
  • Weapon Power-Up Stone – Use it to level up the weapons
  • Glory Coins – Play PvP to get Glory Coins. You can use it to buy high-tier weapons or weapon power-up stones
  • Subjugation Coin – You can use to buy prizes. It can be earned from Subjugation Round Participation
  • Mission Token – Use it to buy treasures
  • Red Transcendence Seal – To transcendence Character & Power-Up Skills. Acquire from Abandoned Mine Wave 80~
  • Blue Transcendence Seal – Same as above
  • Transcendence Stone – Acquire it from Subjugation Round
  • Wings – To enter the Origin
  • PvP Ticket – To Enter PvP
  • Nightmare Trace – Roll Reward
  • Mining Kit – Enter Teto’s Castle Abandoned Mine
  • Holy Water – Purification of Legendary Boxes. Acquire from guild search
  • Mission Order
  • Transcendental Bribe – Get it from event shop
  • Premium Dessert – Event Shop
  • Dragon Snack – To move to Heart Heater’s Azit
  • Lonares Tear – To revive the character in the mine

Get Free Rewards In Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG

Tap the left-side menu button -> check out events for free rewards. Complete the daily quests, achievements to get gems. Head to the Ad shop to get free rewards by watching the video ads.

More tips – tap the character avatar in the top-left to check characters list, team info, challenging missions. You can shop for more characters from the shop.

So this would be all in this post on Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG guide, tips & cheats for beginners.

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