Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon cheats: guide and tips for beginners covering the basics, progression, generating more money, etc. 

Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon

Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon

Published by Codigames, Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon is a mobile idle game where players will be managing their very own dinosaur park. You will be sending the expedition team to the unlocked territories where they will capture the dinosaurs. Once captured, you can put them in the enclosures and generate money. Use the money to improve enclosures, expand to more territories, unlock new areas, build gift shops/restaurants/restrooms for the visitors, and try to complete the collection of all dinosaurs and their fossils featured in the game.

Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon Tips To Increase Earnings

To increase the earnings or generate more revenue, you need to improve or focus on:

Enclosures & Dinosaur Rarity: Ensure that all the dinosaurs’ slots are filled. The more dinosaurs in the enclosure, the more income you generate from the visitors(viewpoint). Send the expedition team to catch the new specimens. Also, check out the worth/price tag of the dinosaur on their portrait(in the upper-left corner) or their grade. High-worth dinosaurs help you generate more revenue. For instance, In the Wild Plants territory, you can capture these three dinosaurs; 

  • Ankylosaurus – common
  • Triceratops – rare
  • Kentrosaurus – common

Rare or high grade dinosaurs generate more revenue, so better place them if you want to increase the earnings. 

Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon Grade of Dinos

Entry Area: Improve the ticket booths(ticket price, queue size, efficient ticket office) and build more ticket booths by researching. You can build more than five ticket booths. 

Add facilities for the visitors: restroom, restaurant, and gift shop are three facilities you build in all the park areas. These facilities are necessary for the visitors. Otherwise, they will get angry(you may see angry emojis or icons or symbols over their heads). Also, do not forget to improve these facilities. 

Viewpoints: Viewpoints allow the guests to observe the dinosaur from a distance. Each enclosure comes with a default viewpoint; you can expand the enclosure and build more viewpoints to generate more revenue or increase earnings. 

Boost income by watching the video ad; Tap the video player icon next to the shop icon button in the lower-left corner. It increases the earnings by +50%.

Guide To Dinosaur Diet In Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon

Dinosaurs in Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon eat three different types of diet; Herbivorous, Carnivorous, and Piscivorous. Some prefer an herbivorous diet, some prefer a carnivorous diet, while others prefer a piscivorous diet.Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon Cheats

In the top-right corner of their portrait, you can check the type of diet they prefer. Based on the diet they like, you need to change the trough type in the enclosure. Otherwise, they will starve to death, and you would not get any bones or ticket bonus. 

It’s always good to keep the dinosaurs of the same diet in the same enclosure. 

Also, ensure those enclosure habitat settings are set based on the dinosaurs placed there. 

Focus On Food Warehouse Upgrade

Food Warehouse is one of the main facilities in the Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon game. It produces and distributes food to all the enclosures. You should focus on its improvements; food production, max storage capacity, drone transport capacity, and quick delivery. 

You don’t want the dinosaurs in the enclosures to starve to death because you would not get the bones or ticket bonus if that happens. 

Guide To Exploration Team

Exploration Team: Exploration teams are responsible for capturing the dinosaurs. At the beginning of the game, you have only one exploration team. You can unlock more exploration teams through research; Tap the laboratory icon in the top-right corner -> explorers -> more parking research. 

Guide To Exploration Center

The expedition center is the place where exploration teams wait to capture dinosaurs. Tap this facility on the map -> improve the exploration teams and level up/upgrade their ranks. Upgrade the rank or level of exploration teams to unlock new improvements and increase the maximum scope for exploration. Improvements include scope, efficiency, and budget reduction. 

A fully upgraded exploration team can help you obtain giant and rare dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon.

Guide To Unlocking New Territories

Territories: tap the dinosaur icon button in the lower-right corner to navigate to the territories. You can unlock new territories through research(lab -> explorers -> “Further” research). 

You will need a certain amount of money and golden footprints to discover the unlocked territory. For instance, the third territory requires X6 fossils and 125K in-game money(at the time of writing this guide).

Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon Footprint

Capture Giant Dinosaurs To Get Golden Footprints

Improve your expedition or exploration team to catch or capture giant dinosaurs. Every time you hit a new record, you get free golden footprints, which you will need to discover new territories in the Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon. 

Dinosaur Life Expectancy In Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon

The dinosaurs in the enclosure will eventually die because of their life expectancy. Natural passing grants bones that you can see in the museum.

Fossils In Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon

In the museum, tap the dinosaur portrait -> tap the fossil option to check the fossil(collect bones to complete the fossil and gain knowledge of the dinosaur, improve the quality of catches and increase the price of tickets). You can also check the star level of the dinosaur there. 

Unlock New Areas

Tap the lab icon in the top-right corner -> park(show) -> research “Area II, III, IV” techs. Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon Park Areas

Upgrade The Money Vault

As you progress through the game, you will need more money saved in the money vault to research in the lab. So make sure that you upgrade the money vault level(research money vault and marketing – money vault tech in the lab). 

Watch The Video Ads To Getting Freebies

Now and then, you will receive ad offers that grant free money or more guests/visitors. If you don’t mind watching video ads, these ad offers can really help you progress fast. 

Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon Cheats

Currently, no cheats or hacks are available in Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon. Stay away from the hacks available on the web as they could lead you to an account ban. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Dinosaur Park Jurassic Tycoon tips, cheats, and guide for beginners. If you have got more tips, please share them in the comment section below. 

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  1. I’ve had this game for a bit now, and haven’t seen the majority of what you’ve mentioned on mobile.
    I haven’t been able to obtain the Marshland habitat, let alone even see a museum or fossils, etc.
    My Desert habitat is maxed out at level 3, despite it showing it can go higher to level 5.
    EVERYTHING is maxed and I cannot go further in th3 game.

  2. I still don’t understand how do you unlock the marshland habitat? I haven’t seen anything that you mentioned in this any where in this game. Either the game updated and changed somethings or we are talking about a complete different game entirely. I’m playing the mobile version.

  3. How do you unlock the marshland habitat?
    I’ve haven’t seen life expectancy, fossils, food types and a few other things you mentioned