Car Wash Empire Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Car Wash EmpireCar Wash Empire is an Idle stratgey game for iOS by Ksenia Aprelkova. Check out our Car Wash Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In the Car Wash Empire game, you will be managing the car wash business where you provide the car wash services to the customers who visit from time to time. Your goal is to grow the Car Wash Empire business and make millions of dollars. With these Car Wash Empire game cheats, tips & tricks, you will become rich in no time. Also, if you are new to the game, our Car Wash Empire guide will help you understand the basic concept of the game. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Car Wash Empire Guide: –

The goal is to provide the best service to the customers and make more money. From time to time, the customers visit your center for the car wash service and pay you a handsome amount of money. At the start of the game, the popularity is low, space is small, and there are plenty of things to take care of to achieve the target. So you will have to focus on the upgrades and adding more facilities. You earn, invest, grow, and make more money.

Cars Guide: –

Look around on the left side of the game screen and there will find the car shop. There are classic cars, rare cars, epic cars, and legendary cars. As you increase the popularity level, classic cars get unlocked. For other cars, you will have to spend money. Why do you need to buy cars? Well, more new cars mean more customers. And, more customers mean more money. Also, rare, epic, and the legendary car gives more money.

Car Wash Service Upgrades: –

Car Wash EmpireTap the car wash service center to open the upgrades; increase the wash speed, price, and size to make more money quickly.

  • Wash Speed – High Wash Speed means that the car wash service will be fast and you will be able to handle more customers in less time
  • Price – Increase the price to make more money
  • Size – Expand the car wash service center to give service to multiple cars at a time or to grow/expand it so that more cars can enjoy the services at a time

Driveway Upgrades: –

Tap the Boom Barrier on the road to open the driveway upgrades; includes line capacity, traffic frequency, and popularity.

  • Line Capacity – Upgrade it to increase the car capacity for the queue
  • Traffic Frequency – Have more traffic
  • Popularity – Level up the popularity to unlock new cars

Facilities In Car Wash Empire: –

  • In front of the car wash center, you can buy the facilities such as shopping mall, TYRE Shop to earn extra income
  • You can upgrade these facilities to earn extra income

So this would be all in this Car Wash Empire guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Car Wash Empire tips & tricks.

Car Was Empire Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

  • Tap to speed-up the game activities
  • Make VIP Profits from VIP Customers
  • Keep upgrading the car wash center and driveway
  • Buy and upgrade the facilities for extra income
  • Buy new stations to progress further
  • Level up to unlock new stuff
  • Watch the video ads for temporary boosts

Tap To Speed-Up The Game Activities

You can increase the speed of game activities such as car wash service, car speed, shopping speed, etc. by tapping. For example – tap the car wash center to increase wash speed. Tap the car to increase its speed.

Make VIP Profits

Next to the Car Shop, there is a VIP plot where you often see the VIP customer waiting for you to accept the offer. Watch the video ads and make bulk money.

Keep Upgrading

Make sure to upgrade all the things so that you can grow fast; wash speed, popularity, price, etc. Check the guide above for upgrade details.

Earn From Extra Facilities

As mentioned above, you can earn extra income from facilities like a shopping mall, TYRE Shop. So make sure to build and upgrade them.

Buy New Stations

Car Wash EmpireIn the bottom-left corner, tap the station option to open the stations menu. There you can buy the station once you reach certain milestones; level 28, 52, 69. You can switch between any station anytime. And, you follow the same strategies in the new stations.

Level Up

For new stations, you must level up. In the upper-right corner, keep an eye on that level up button. And, make sure to collect the double reward – because the ad will appear even if you choose to collect the basic reward.

Watch The Video Ads

From time to time, you often get video ad offers – you watch the video ad and get a temporary boost; speed, income, etc. Also, there is an ad booster in the upper-left corner that you should keep on for more money.

So these are the top Car Wash Empire tips, tricks & cheats for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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