Divine Legends Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Divine Legends is a brand new tower-defense game with RPG elements by Bekko.com. Read on for Divine Legends guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Divine Legends Game GuideBekko.com, the publisher of Three Kingdoms: Overlord has just released a new TD game called Divine Legends. In this tower-defense game, you will have to discover and collect all the statues to make the museum worth visiting. Speaking of gameplay, you will deploy the units on the battlefield to protect God from the evil forces. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Divine Legends guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Divine Legends tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Divine Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

In Divine Legends, you will follow the story mode and clear the stages on the map. Each stage can be played in four difficulty modes; easy, normal, hard, and infernal. At the start, you have the option to play in easy mode. Other difficulty modes get unlocked as you clear the stages. For example; By clearing the 2-2 stage, you can unlock/play the normal stage mode. From the stages, you get the silver,  and chests. The chests contain unit cards, which you can use in the barrack to unlock/upgrade the units. Once you complete the 2-9 stage, you will be able to use the raid function in the past stages to get the rewards instantly. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Divine Legends game tips & tricks. 

Use The Counter Units For Monsters

Divine Legends Game GuideIn the battles, you will deploy the units on all sides of the battlefield to protect God from the evil monsters. But, which units are the best in Divine Legends game? Which units are good that you must include in the team? Well, it’s pretty simple to check. First of all, you have to know your enemy. On the exploration map, when you tap the stage and choose to battle, you can check the enemies that you will face in that stage. They are displayed in the top-left side of the battle preparation screen. 

Tap on any enemy -> on the next screen, a monster codex will open where you will get the details of all the monsters; their stats, strength, target units, etc. There would be a counter button – tap it to check the units, which are good against this particular type of enemy. Like this, you have to check all the enemies and bring counter units for all of them. For example – the Goblin Juggernaut counter unit is Wizard. 


Protect Your God At All Cost

The game’s over if the enemy manages to slay down God character. The whole point in the battle is defending the god at all cost and you have to try your best by building the massive defense of units. 

All you need to do is keep the god away from the monster – as far as you can. You can move the god characters on the battlefield. It costs you AP/Action-Points. For example; if you have 3 AP, the god character will be able to move by 3 steps. AP gradually recovers as you clear the waves of enemies. You can check AP in the top-left corner during the battle. Keep him as far as you can and deploy the units on the path that leads to him. 

Know Your Units In Divine Legends Game

There are over 20 units in Divine Legends game. Each unit plays differently. For example – Wizard inflicts single-target damage and can reduce the movement speed of the target. You can deploy her first on the path leading on the god character – to slow them down. And, right after that, the ranged-fighters to inflict massive damage. If the enemies are fast, Wizard can help you slow them down so that attackers can attack them easily. 

Another example; Herculean – he can stun the enemies. Archer is AoE. Go to the barracks building and tap on the unit. Check his/her stats; type of damage; single or AoE, cost of deploying, attack, target; all, air units, ground units, range; long or close, attack speed; lower is better. In the skill menu, tap the skill icon to read his/her ability. 

Getting familiar with the units in Divine Legends is important – without knowing them, you would not be able to build the strategy. For example; if you want to slow down the fast enemies, use Wizard or any other unit with the ability to slow them down or stun them for a few seconds. To slay down waves of enemies, deploy AoE units who can inflict attack on a large area of the group. 

Manage The Gold In Battles

At the start of the battle, the game gives you a small amount of gold. You can use gold to buy the units or upgrade them. After deploying, tap on the unit and tap the upgrade button. You can also sell the deployed units for gold, but you would not get the true value. It’s better to use the gold wisely; especially, at the start. Choose the best units based on enemy weakness/counterpoint and deploy them. 

Learn About The Museum

This is the area where you can keep an eye on the earnings. Visitors visit the museum and pay silver as a fee. You can use silver in making the unit or tech upgrades. In the bottom-right corner, on the museum screen, tap the tech button -> there you can spend the silver for a bunch of upgrades. For example; upgrading the leadership tech allows you to add one more unit for the battle. Time Magic tech unlocks 4x speed. Upgrade vault to store more silver while you are away. 

Upgrade The Units In Barrack

You can get the unit cards from the chests. These unit cards will be used in upgrading. Upgrade the unit unlocks new grade. For example; if you want to upgrade a unit to level 3 in the battle, you will have to unlock the grade-3 in the barrack, which unlocks when you reach his/her level 6. 

Learn About The God Characters

In the bottom-right corner of the exploration map screen, tap the Pantheon button to visit the god character’s collection menu. Go to the summon menu and there you can get the God chest to get/unlock new god character. All the god characters have unqiue skills that they unleash when the enemy is in their range. You can upgrade them with EXP tome books, acquire by playing the game/completing the quests/from the shop. At certain levels, their talent will get unlocked. All the god units have unqiue talents. 

With god cards, you can awaken the god character and unlock the passive skill. 

Complete The Quests & Challenges

In the upper-left corner, tap the (i) symbol book to check the main quests and daily quests. Focus on completing these quests for rewards like silver, crystals(you can get lots of crystals by completing the quests), amethyst, unit shards, and much more. 

So this would be all in this post on Divine Legends guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more Divine Legends tips to share, please comment below!

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