A3! Actor Training Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

A3! Actor Training Game is an anime-style game for Android by CYBIRD. Let’s have a look at our A3! Actor Training Game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

A3! Actor Training GameIn A3! Actor Training Game, you will be playing as a director  – and managing/training the actors by practicing, doing shows, events, etc. As you rank up in the game, you unlock new stories; main story, backstage story, min-chat, events, etc. There are over (20) characters/actors/anime cards in A3! Actor Training Game that you can collect and play with.

It’s not an action or strategy kind of game – the goals are to unlock/read the main story, collect all the characters, train them, put them on the shows to earn coins, complete the missions, quests, events, and there are plenty of things. If you have just started playing the A3! Actor Training Game, then you are on the right page. This A3! Actor Training Game guide will teach you all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of A3! Actor Training Game tips, cheats & strategies to help you progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

A3! Actor Training Game Guide: –

⇒How To Get Characters: –

You can obtain or get the characters/actors/cards by spending the gems. In the footer menu, head to the tryouts tab and there you pull the characters using free gems or premium gems or premium tokens. Free gems can be obtained by completing the missions or other game activities. That’s not a big deal because gems are easy to earn.

⇒Characters/Actors/Tryouts Guide: –

Characters come in rarities; N, R, SR, and SSR. SSR/SR are the top-tier characters, while N stands for norma, R stands for Rare. Higher the rarity, the higher the stats of a character.

Also, all the A3! Actor Training Game character belongs to one of these three attributes: –

  • Comedy(Co)
  • Action(Ac)
  • Drama(Dr)

Depending on the mission or requirement, you can adjust the team based on these attributes. For more details, head to the team guide below.

Additionally, all the A3! Actor Training Game characters belong to one of these troupes: –

  • Spring – Sakuya, Masumi, Tsuzuru, Itaru, Citron, Iku, Arata, Eiji
  • Summer – Tenma, Yuki, Muku, Misumi, Kazunari, Minki, Akito, Takuya
  • Autumn – Banri, Juza, Taichi, Omi, Sakyo, Ichiro, Kengo, Julian
  • Winters – Tsumugi, Tasuku, Hisoka, Homare, Azuma, Yuichi, Tsubasa, Keita
  • Others – Isuke, Tetsuro, Ken, Kamekichi

Depending on the mission requirement, you will have to adjust the team. For example – if the mission says you need (2) summer actors, then you will have to add (2) characters belong to Summer Troupe in the team.

Head to the menu of the game -> roaster -> tap his/her portrait to check his/her abilities, troupe, card attributes.

Card Troupe: –

Card Attributes Symbol: –

The rarity of Cards: –

A3! Actor Training Game Cards Guide: –

  • Level Up the card with 1 on 1 Practices mode, plays, regular practices
  • Attribute level of the card increases as the card’s level increases
  • Affection level unlocks the backstage story. Affection level increases as you keep using that card in plays, practice
  • Bloom the card to increase the max level

A3! Actor Training Game Team Editing Guide: –

In the actors tab at the footer menu, you can edit the team. Head to the actors tab -> edit team. There you can create or edit the team for practice, shows, and faves. In the editing menu, on the upper-right side, you can switch between practice, show, and faves team. Tap on any character and then choose a character that you want to replace with the current one. Or if there is an empty slot, tap it and add the actor.

When you tap the character icon to replace him/her or empty slot, a new screen named select actors pops out. In the upper-right corner of that menu, tap the affection/all button -> then head to the filter tab -> there you can sort the hero by attribute or troupe.

1 On 1 Practice In Actors Menu: –

  • Select the character that you want to level up – and, on the next screen, select the characters that you want to sacrifice for leveling up the selected actor/card
  • Note – heroes used in 1 on 1 Practice will disappear(not the actor that you want to level up)

Training: –

  • By training the characters/cards/actors, you can raise the stats and skills
  • Head to the training menu
  • Select the character
  • You need training material to train the character
  • Training materials can be obtained from shows, practice, mini-games

Bloom: –

  • Bloom cards to raise the max level
  • You need duplicate cards of the characters to bloom
  • For example – To bloom Omi Fushimi, you need Omi Fushimi cards(pull from the tryouts menu)

So this would be all in this A3! Actor Training Game guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top A3! Actor Training Game tips, cheats & strategies.

A3! Actor Training Game Tips & Tricks: –

  • Complete the newbie quests
  • Rank Up by practicing
  • Earn coins from the shows
  • Check the mission details to earn three-stars
  • Train and upgrade the actors
  • Play the mini-game for coins and training material

Complete The Newbie Quests: –

If you have just started playing the game, then we would recommend you to complete the newbie quests for an SR card. Head to the home screen and there you will find the newbie quest banner. Tap it to check the newbie quests and complete them asap for an S-grade card. After that, regular quests will get unlocked that you can complete and earn rewards.

Practice: –

Head to the Plays tab in the footer menu -> do the main practice, shows, daily practice to grant EXP to the team members or to earn player EXP for ranking up, and to earn material items.

Earn Coins From The Shows: –

In the main practice mode screen, tap the show button -> perform the shows with the actors to earn loads of amount of coins.

Check The Mission Details: –

A3! Actor Training GameIn the practice mode missions, at each stage, you can earn up to three stars/crowns. And, to earn all the three crowns, you must complete each mission. So before you start the practice, check the mission details by tapping the details button.

Train The Characters: –

Level them up, bloom the cards, train them.

Play The Mini-Game For Material And Currency: –

Head to the earn cash tab in the footer menu -> Go. Tap as many hearts as you can to earn the maximum reward.

So these are some basic A3! Actor Training Game tips & tricks for the beginners. If you need more help, head to the menu -> help -> check the game wiki.

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