Doorman Story Game Tips & Tricks: Guide, Cheats & Strategies

Doorman Story is a time-management game for Android & iOS by ADQUANTUM LTD. Read on for Doorman Story game tips & tricks, guide, cheats and strategy to complete levels

Doorman Story Game Guide TipsADQUANTUM, a well-known mobile game publisher recently released a challenging game called Doorman Story on Android & iOS platforms. In the game, the player progresses through the levels – each hotel in the game has a certain number of levels that you must complete to progress to another hotel. For example – you start from the west road hotel, which features maximum of 40 levels. After completing all the levels, you will move to a new hotel at; the golden coast, the forest lake, and the sakura leaf resort. If you are having trouble completing the levels, then you have come to the right page. In this post, we have shared Doorman Story game tips & tricks, cheats, and strategies with a beginner’s guide. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide. 

Doorman Story Game Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Guide: –

First things first – each level in this game gives you a unqiue goal to complete. If you fail to complete that goal, you will lose a heart or life – you have a maximum of five lives/hearts in the game. The hearts or lives replenish as time goes on. So there is no rush. The game has a premium currency called diamond – you should not use it recklessly; for example – buying coins in exchange for crystals. You will need these diamonds to make upgrades to the hotel so that you can beat the levels easily. Or, if the level is quite hard, you can use these crystals to buy the boosters. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Doorman Story game tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Managing The Two Hands

We recommend leaving one hand free and pick or prepare items on the other hand. That way you will have time to prepare for an unexpected order from the customer. For example – as soon as you start the level, pick or prepare the thing that takes time(prepare early) while leaving the other hand free; wait for the customer to give you an order and then go for it. 

The goal is to complete the orders quickly so that you can earn the maximum rewards. Some orders are quite obvious – you can prepare your worker guy for these orders in advance. For example – In the first hotel, most customers do order hot dogs – right after starting the level, you can prepare the hot dog in advance while leaving the other hand free for an unexpected order. 

We recommend keeping one hand busy all the time while on the other hand for the unexpected order that must be completed quickly. For example – you always know that customers would leave the room and you will need to clean it – so, you can always keep the cleaning tool in the hand and prepare in advance. 

Don’t Make The Worker Guy Confuse

If you order the worker guy to do a thing, which is not prepared, he would get confused and he would take some time to get back to the normal state and go for the next order or thing that you command. For example – if he doesn’t have soda in the hand – but, you send him to the customer who had ordered the soda, that would make him confused and you would not be able to give him the next command until he gets out of the confused state. So, don’t give wrong commands. 

Link Your Actions Wisely In Doorman Story

Doorman Story Game Guide TipsIn the Doorman Story game, you can link your moves or actions. All you need to do is tap on the things or customers as your next command or move. For example – after tapping the hot dog cart, the worker guy will start preparing for the hot dog – while he is preparing for the hot dog, you can plan the next move – based on the orders(for example – tap on the customer that needs hot dog). (1) prepare hot dog, (2) give it to the customer – now, you are free, (3) prepare another hot dog in advance (4) pick something.

But, you need to be careful and do it wisely – link your actions in such a way that you can complete the orders quickly. Prioritize the orders that were given first because the time runs too fast. 

Don’t Get Overwhelmed From Too Many Orders

Sometimes, In the Doorman Story game, multiple customers order different-different items at a time – in this situation, you need to be calm and avoid any wrong move or action that confuses the worker guy. It’s OK to complete some orders late – in a situation like this, you can’t complete the orders while they are in the green zone. Just don’t fail the order. All you need to do is link your moves in advance – based on the orders – focus on two orders at a time rather than focusing on all of them at a time. 

Double The Rewards By Watching Ads

In some of the levels; after completing them, you will get the chance to double the reward by watching the video ads. Don’t miss the opportunity. Coins in the Doorman Story game are required to make upgrades. 

Make The Upgrades In Doorman Story

As you continue to progress to the next levels, which are mostly hard, you will have a tough time completing the goals. If you keep failing on a level, then check out the hotel upgrades(main screen -> bottom-left corner). Spend gold coins and diamonds to get upgrades. You can increase the customers’ patience level, increase the appliances’ performance speed, rewards amount, etc. by making the upgrades. 

Make Use Of Boosters

If, after making all the upgrades, you are still failing, then use the booster. For example – the supper boot booster can increase the worker guy(Oliver) speed. Candy booster can restore the patience level of the customers. Save diamonds and use them to buy the boosters(only if needed). 

Getting Boosters For Free

You get gift packages containing the boosters after completing the certain levels in the game. Or, you can just use the diamonds. In the upper-right corner of the main screen, tap on the gift pack to check the level requirement. 

Get Free Coins And Diamonds In Doorman Story

Doorman Story Game Guide TipsAfter completing certain levels in the game, you will get the option to get free diamonds by watching the video ad. Main screen -> tap the TV in the upper-right corner -> watch the video ad and get free rewards). 

Gold coins – every few hours, you can claim the earnings from the hotels. Mains screen -> tap the globe in the bottom-left -> get the gold coins. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Doorman Story tips, tricks, and guide for beginners. Do you have more tips, cheats, strategies to share? Comment below. 

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