V4 Warlord Class Build: Skills & Overview

Warlord is one of the six classes in V4 global. Take a look at V4 Warlord build; get familiar with the skills and other info before picking Warlord as the main class

V4 Warlord ClassV4 Warlord Class Overview: –

As a Warlord, you will have a giant hammer and gauntlet to fight the foes in the quests and all sorts of game modes. Warlord is capable of inflicting heavy strike that causes decent damage to the enemies.

  • Type – Melee, Attacker
  • Close-combat

Like all the classes, Warlord in V4 possesses active skills(chainable skills, unqiue skills) and passive skills. Let’s take a look at all the skills. (Extras; V4 Best Class Guide). 

Warlord Active Skills –

Equippable Skills: –

Neutralize – with this skill, you can invade a single target x2 times. Level up this skill to increase attack damage and get additional effects; increases attack against boss monsters, increases fixed CRIT Hit rate. 

Spiral Strike – with this skill, Warlord attacks a single enemy x3 times. Additional effects; chances to inflict bleed and inflict DMG, increases Crit Hit. 

Earth Raze – Warlord smashes a target x3 times and causes damage. Additional effects; reduces skill cooldown, inflict damage in a ranged area, and reduces skill attack. 

Crash – Warlord charges forward and attacks with the hammer on a single target x2 times. Additional effects – inflict DMG in a ranged area and decrease skill attack. Decrease skill cooldown. 

Quake Strike – Repeatedly strikes the enemy; x4 times. Additional effects; increases skill attack, charges toward targets within 8m to strike.

Sandstorm Volley – Leaps into the air and strikes down the enemy; x6 times. Additional effects; inflict damage in the ranged area and decrease skill attack. Decrease the number of attacks to x5 and increase skill attack. Increases defense. 

Bloodthirst – Uses the gauntlet and hammer to pummel the enemy. Additional effects; increases the skills’ CRIT Hit Rate. Increases skill attack. Chances to inflict knockdown (low chances in PvP). 

Iron Bash – hits the enemy with the gauntlet and inflicts damage. Additional effects – decrease skill CD, increases skill ATK, chances to inflict bleed. 

Earth Ravager – spins and strikes the enemy. Additional effects; lowers the target’s attack, increase the skills’ CRIT Hit rate, dash towards the targets within 8m to attack. 

Rising Winds – accumulates the strength and strikes the enemy. Chances to inflict knockdown. Additional effects; lowers the target’s accuracy, increases the attack against boss monsters, decrease the skill CD. 

Universal Ruin – puts all the energy in the hammer and strike the ground to form an explosion. AE(additional effects); increases the attack against boss monsters, decreases skill CD, decreases the target’s attack. 

 Steel Vortex – Warlord throws hammer on the enemy; inflicts damage. AE; inflict damage in a ranged area and decrease skill attack. Decrease skill CD. Increases skill ATK. 

Barrage Strike – strikes the hammer on the ground and then strikes the enemy. Inflicts knockback – chances to activate during a PvP fight. AE; increases the skill’s fixed CRIT Hit Rate. Reduces the enemy’s defense. Probability of inflicting bleed effect. 

Shattering Spin – thrust forward while spinning the hammer; attacks a single enemy x4 turns; chances to recover the HP. AE; inflict DMG in a ranged area and decrease the ability attack. Increase the ability’s CRIT Hit Rate. Increase skill ATK. 

Boulder Bash – quickly leaps into the air and use the gauntlet to strike the ground with a massive strength force; chances to inflict knockback. AE; decrease the target’s accuracy. chances to create a barrier increases CRIT Hit Rate. 

V4 Warlord Class Chainable Skills: –

Wild Winds – attacks an enemy x8 times; AE – reduces the enemy’s defense, increases status effect resistance. Inflict DMG in a ranged area and decrease the skill attack. 

Steel Quake – strikes your surroundings and attack a single target x4 times. AE; enhances CRIT Hit, decrease the number of attacks, and increase skill attack. 

Fiery Ascent – hits the target upward while jumping – then strikes again on your way down. AE; increases the DEF, skills’ fixed CRIT HIT R., chances to recover HP. 

Bloodbath – unleashes massive strikes in a ranged area. AE; enhances the skill attack, status effect resistance, and has a chance to recover the max HP. 

V4 Warlord Unique Skills: –

Outburst; leaps into the air and strike down with massive force(aTTACKS A SINGLE TARGET, ACQUIRE rAGE, INCREASES crit HIT, INCREASES ATTACK BOOST RATE); it activates when the vigor is full. AE; inflict damage in a ranged area and decrease the skill attack, chances to recover the HP, chances to inflict cooldown. 

Warlord Build & Best Skills: – 

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So that’s all in this post on V4 Warlord class build, skills, and overview. 

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