Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats: Guide, Tips & Walkthrough

Dragonscapes Adventure is a simulation game by Century Games Limited. Read on for Dragonscapes Adventure cheats, tips, guide & walkthrough 

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This article covers “how to play Dragonscapes Adventure game”, about the “dragons”, tips & tricks walkthrough to progress fast, energy, island, and other aspects of the game related to currencies, leveling, merging, and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Dragonscapes Adventure cheats, guide, and tips for beginners: –

Guide To Dragons In Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats Tips Guide

(1) “Dragons” are little creatures in Dragonscapes Adventure that give you “dragon power” and fruits from the trees. In the early game, you may not see their importance, but as you proceed further, you will get to know about it. 

(2) Dragon Power: – Dragon Power is influenced by the number of dragons that you have and their current level. What’s the use of Dragon Power? In Dragonscapes Adventure, dragon power is required to reach hidden areas while exploring the vast map + to unlock the house area and not to forget, the new deocrations. For example: to buy trees, plots, dragon home, etc. 

(3) How to get dragons? To get dragons, you need dragon eggs. All players get their first dragon egg; a grass dragon egg, for free, at the beginning of the game. In the bottom-right corner, tap the dragon book -> purchase the dragon egg with petals -> merge x3 eggs to create a baby dragon. For example; x3 grass dragon merge gives you x1 grass dragon whelp of level 1. You can further level them up by merging x3 of the same level. 

(4) Dragon Eggs: based on the dragon egg, you get the dragon. There are over x15 dragon eggs to discover in Dragonscapes. You can discover new dragon eggs by exploring new locations on the new maps. 

(5) Petals: to buy the dragon eggs from the dragon book, one needs petal. Lift the fog on the map and you may get free petals or log in daily to get free petals or purchase petals with purple gems. 

Are There Energy Cheats For Dragonscapes Adventure?

(1) Dragonscapes Adventure is undoubtedly the most beautiful mobile game – but it has a terrible energy system. To clear the fog, gather resources from the trees, stones/rocks, etc., one needs a lot of energy. 

(2) Tips to get free energy without cheats in Dragonscapes Adventure?

  • USE THE POT TO GET FREE ENERGY. You can find a cooking pot in many locations; i.e. Water Island on the map has one pot. Tap it -> with the help of a pot, you can make red fruit jam using red fruit, which is obtained by clearing the berry bushes. Cook this item and you can obtain x15 energy for free without any cheats! When you reach level 14 in the game, you can build a pot on the home island. 

Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats Tips Guide

  • LOOK FOR THE BAGS: If you explore the map, you will find a lot of chests, bags, and hidden treasure items scattered all over the map. Some of these chests or bags give you free energy. 

Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats Tips Guide

  • COMPLETE ORDERS: Some orders give you the chest containing gems, energy, and many other premium items. While on the home location, tap on the order board -> these specific orders are marked with a chest reward. 

Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats Tips Guide

  • LEVEL UP: When you level up in Dragonscapes Adventure, your energy is replenished immediately. 

Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats Tips Guide

(3) Unfortunately, there are no cheats or cheat codes for Dragonscapes Adventure to get energy for free immediately. But there are gift codes that you can use for freebies. You can check the codes here

(4) In Dragonscapes Adventure, x1 energy replenishes every 1:30 minutes. You will need to wait for hours until it reaches max. 

If you know more ways to get free energy, please share it with us in the comment below. 

Tips To Farm Gems For Free In Dragonscapes Adventure

  • (1) Completing the orders that give you chests can reward free gems. 
  • (2) Completing the collection can reward you with gems. 
  • (3) Daily logins. 
  • (4) Visit new map locations and complete the resource’s tasks there for free gems
  • (5) Look for the treasure bags and chests on new map locations
  • (5) From the pet dragon slots mini-game that unlocks at level 14
  • (6) Complete the achievements
  • (7) Ads offers

If you know more ways to farm free gems, please share it with us in the comment section below. 

Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats Tips Guide

Save Bombs In Dragonscapes Adventure

(1) “Bomb” is needed to remove a large number of objects from the area you are trying to enter into. And, it should be used only in this task; removing large objects. You rarely get free bombs in the game. 

(2) Visit new island locations, complete the resource tasks there to get free bombs. 

Or, you can buy with the gems. 

Tips For Progression In Dragonscapes Adventure

We would advise you to focus on the main home tasks, complete the orders, keep growing the crops, keep producing the items at farming facilities, etc. Go to the map -> visit new island locations and discover new dragons, tasks, and more freebies. 

Best Use Of Gems In Dragonscapes

Being one of the most precious currencies, the gem is hard to obtain by playing the game. We would advise you to use gems to buy more slots in the factory type facilities so that you can put more resources on production at a time. Tap on a factory -> tap the + button to buy more slots. 

Tips To Level Up Quickly

“Main tasks” and the “Order tasks” grant massive EXP. Focus on them to level up quickly. At certain levels, new facilities and resources are unlocked in the game. 

  • Snack Factory
  • Bakery
  • Smithy
  • Sugar Mill
  • Fruit Cart
  • Woodcutter
  • Honey Extractor
  • Pie Factory
  • Chocolate Cart
  • Leaf Factory
  • Smelter
  • Pot
  • Cooking Tools Factory
  • Soup Factory
  • Juice Factory
  • Loom
  • Jewelers
  • Sewing Factory
  • Cake Factory
  • Trinket Factory

So that’s all we got in this post on Dragonscapes Adventure cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Got more cheats, tips, or tricks? Share below!

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  1. I’ve just started playing and received a bomb. It gets stuck and I can’t move it to the position. Can anyone help?

  2. I’m on the Earth island and need to clear the last part of the fog, but there is a fence all the way around. How can I clear it?

  3. In the Constellation Chronicles you have to collect 8 different cards on each island. The one that you get is luck of the draw after having shuffled the cards. Is there any way that you can choose which card you want after having shuffled them?

  4. Actually, I’m frustrated by this game. I just started playing and most the tasks are pretty easy to complete but now it’s asking me to find a lighthouse and a fruit cart. I clicked on the clouds, chopped down trees and dug up rocks. Nothing seems to work. Please tell me how I’m supposed to complete these 2 tasks.


  5. I love playing this game. I just have one huge issue. I can’t save up enough coins to be able to purchase the larger equipment. Like the soup maker and the other things that you need. Can you please advise on how this is possible? Right now I have to somehow save up 6800 coins for one item and then 7800 another. Right now I need the juicer and I can’t remember what the other large item is. Right now I end up spending my coins purchasing more trees and dragon flowers and planting the different seeds for making baked goods and such. Right now it’s almost impossible for me to get over 3000 coins before I end up having to spend it on purchasing more items that I need in order for trees and seeds and dragon flowers and such. I’d also love to be able to have a way. Maybe if you offered an option for people to take surveys to be able to obtain coins and petals and gems.

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