Fusion Heroes Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Fusion Heroes is a brand new offline shooting game for Android by Tapinator, Inc. Check out our Fusion Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Fusion Heroes is now officially available worldwide and challenges you to build the best war robot and strike down the elite robots. Tapinator, Inc, the creators of popular simulation games has just released Fusion Heroes Globally. Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Fusion Heroes Guide and Fusion Heroes tips, cheats & strategy to defeat elite robots in hard missions.

Fusion Heroes Guide To Game Basics⇓

Before we head to the cheats, tips part, let’s learn the basics first. In Fusion Heroes game, you just have to complete the missions. And these missions are categorized on the basis of difficulty; very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard. But as you progress or level up, it would be very hard to clear even very easy mission. After completing a mission, the game will reward you gems or loot box. These loot boxes contain units or gears. We will learn about the tiers, loot box, units and gears in the guide part below.

Your main objective is to increase the strength of the robot by using the best weapon, missile, head, and the units. All you need to do is complete the easy missions first and gather gems. After it, use those gems to craft the powerful weapon. Then head to the medium, hard missions for free rewards. You can obtain each item for free by completing the missions. These mission gets changed after every certain amount of time. So make sure to play the easy ones as soon as possible. Let’s start the Fusion Heroes guide and then take a look at our Fusion Heroes tips, cheats & strategy.

Fusion Heroes

Fusion Heroes Weapon Guide⇓

Fusion Heroes game features a wide range of weapons; mini-guns, cannon, and beam weapons. All these weapons have different attributes; for example; if you choose beam weapons, then to get the maximum damage power from it, you will have to hold down(tap and hold the finger)for a few seconds. But on the other hand, weapons like the cannon, mini-gun deals maximum damage instantly by tapping on the screen. In short, if you choose beam weapons, then to get its best, you will have to tap & hold(it’s very time-consuming, but deals massive damage). We would recommend you to choose the cannon or mini-gun.

Fusion Heroes Missile Guide⇓

Your robot can fire a missile after a certain amount of time, in the battle, by tapping the missile icon, at the bottom-center of the screen. Missile attack deals a massive amount of damage to the enemy robot.

Fusion Heroes Head Guide⇓

Head or the upper part of the robot determines the Health Points/HP/Hit-Points. Once you lose all, the game will be over. So choose the best head as per the health points.

Fusion Heroes Units⇓

Units such as assassins, tanks, and soldiers can be used in the battle to attack enemies. Here’s the overview of units featured in Fusion Heroes game: –

  1. Assassin – Very High Damage Stats, Poor HP
  2. Soldier – Average Stats
  3. Tank – Best HP Stats, Poor Damage, Poor Speed

The rarity of the units: –  Common, Uncommon, Rare, Elite. Keep in mind that if you choose rare or elite units, you will activate buffs. For instance; Choosing a rare soldier deals more damage, charges the missile quickly.

How to get high-quality gears, weapons in Fusion Heroes.

There are only two ways to obtain the high-quality weapon, missile, head or units in Fusion heroes; either complete the hard missions or go to the inventory -> tap the craft button -> and on the next screen, you will get three options: –

  1. Prototype Unit Mark I – Tier 1-3
  2. Mark II – Tier 2-4
  3. Mark III – Tier 4-5

Tier 4-5 gears, units, weapons, and missiles are the best items you can get in the game. But it costs you 40 gems. Read the Fusion Heroes cheats, tips & strategy guide below to learn how to get these items easily.

Fusion Heroes Tips & Cheats⇓

#1.) Tap Wisely To Stun, For Critical Hit, To Stop

Fusion HeroesIn Fusion Heroes game, one of the main challenges in the game is managing the recoil; you will have to time your attack or tap the screen at the right time.

All you need to do is tap when the target pointer hits or meet the circles. There are three circles: –

  1. Yellow – It helps you to cast critical hit
  2. Red – It helps you to stun the robot. After being stunned, the enemy robot will not attack the robot for a few seconds
  3. Purple – Stops or reduces the incoming attacks

So make sure to tap wisely or time the attack.

#2.) Save Gems And Get A Higher Grade Weapon, Gear or Other Items

It’s very hard to complete the hard missions. And if you are playing with low-quality gears, then chances are you will end up with failure. One of the best ways to obtain free high-quality gear in Fusion Heroes game is completing the easy missions back-to-back and earn gems. Collect the gems and craft a tier 2-4(After it, 3-5) item. Once you have enough power, then go for the medium or hard missions.

#3.) Sell Useless Items For Gems

It would be better to sell low-quality gears, weapon or units that you are not using. By selling these items, you can earn a decent amount of gems. Gather or save gems and try to get tier 3-5 items to complete hard missions. Here’s the quick walkthrough: –

  1. Complete the easy missions for low-quality gears
  2. Sell these gears
  3. Earn Gems
  4. Use Gems to get tier 3-5 item free

#4.) Choose The Weapon Wisely

We would recommend you to choose the cannon as it’s very easy to handle, for quick attacks, and instant damage. If you have a rare or high-quality weapon, then use that one since rare or high-grade items enables the buffs that help you in the battle(passive skills). Compare the weapon stats and select the best one. Go to the inventory – tap the weapon -> after it, you will see the list of all the guns you have. Tap anyone to check the stats. Tap the equip button to use it.

#5.) Pay Attention To Units Management and Gears

There are two types of gear you can equip; missile and head. Read the gears guide above for more info. Here are some tips: – You can choose up to three units for the match; we would recommend you to choose 1 assassin or 2 tank units. Tank units will help you by absorbing the damage and assassin’s damage power will help you to deal more damage to the enemies. Also, pay attention to the rarity type; choose a high-quality item; rare or elite or higher(for passive buffs).

#6.) Quick Tips(Summary Of This Post): –

  • Tap when the target pointer hits the circle for advantage
  • Gather low-quality gears by completing the easy missions
  • Sell the low-quality gears for gems
  • Use gems to craft high-tier items
  • Watch the video ad to revive or for free gems
  • Equip rare or higher-grade items for buffs
  • Equip the weapon, missile, units wisely on the basis of stats and rarity

So these are some basic Fusion Heroes tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best action games for Android

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