Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Dream League Soccer 2020(DLS 20) is the latest mobile game for Android and iOS by First Touch Games Ltd. Read on for DLS 20 guide, tips, cheats & strategiesDream League Soccer 2020

First Touch Games Ltd., the publisher behind Score! Match game has just published the Dream League Soccer 2020 on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you will build own Soccer team and compete in a lot of game modes; online multiplayer with real players, My Career Mode with A.I. Also, it features the local multiplayer mode. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Dream League Soccer 2020 guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Dream League Soccer tips, cheats & strategies. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.Dream League Soccer 2020

Dream League Soccer 2020 Guide, Tips: –

At the start of the game, you will pick a manager and the captain of your dream team. On your screen, you will see many captains with different stats. On each profile, you can check the stats of the character – SPE(Speed), ACC(acceleration), STA(Stamina), TAC(Tackling), SHO(Shooting), STR(Strength), CON(Ball Control), PAS(Passing? Distribution). Pick the character with high stats and continue to the game. After that, the tutorial will start that guides you throughout the game. You can change the manager, kit, players, etc. later in the game(team management menu -> tap the spanner button on top-left). Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Dream League Soccer 2020 tips & tricks: –

Learn The Basics & Controls

In Dream League Soccer 2020, you use the control stick on the bottom-left corner to move the character. Point it in the direction where you want to move the character. The character in DLS 20 Sprints automatically when appropriate. On the top-left corner of the game, you can check the match status – your dream team score vs opponent’s dream team score.

Passing The Ball: –

For low shots on goal or to pass the ball, use the low kick button – which is button B. Tap the button B if you want to pass the ball to nearby ally – use the analog/control stick switch to the direction immediately after getting the ball so that you can continue running and the player does not stop at a point.

Hard Kick: – 

For long shots or to pass the ball to the character who is far away from you, use button A. Switch the direction on the analog stick where you want to pass the ball and tap the A Button. It’s useful when all the players are far from you – although, accuracy is not that good. You should always prefer scoring the goal from a close distance.

Chip Shots In DLS 20: –

Use the button C for chip shots, long passes, and crosses.

Skill Shots: –

Swipe Left/Right for skill shots – when the ball is in possession. And, double-tap when the ball is in the air.

That’s the control basics when the ball is in possession. If you lose the grip on the ball, you will have to try your best to get the ball back. As soon as you lose the grip on the ball, it’s time for the defending approach and steal the ball back: –

Dispose the opponent: –

When nearby the opponent who is with the ball, use the B button and attempt to take lead.

Tackling in DLS 20: –

When the ball is not possession, you can try the tackling technique – but be careful as it might lead to the free-kick opportunity for the opponent. Move near to the opponent with the ball and tap the A button to tackle.

Changing Controlled Players during the match: –

In Dream League Soccer 2020, you can control only one character at a time. When the ball is on the opposite side, use the C button to switch to the character who is near to the opponent with the ball.

Stamina & Subtitles/Subs

As the match goes on, the players will get tired. The bar color above their heads shows the stamina status – green means they are not tired, yellow means they are OK, and red means they are tired. You can bring the subs in and release the on-field player for rest. Tap the pause button in the top-left corner -> team management -> there you can swap the subs/on-field players anytime during the match.

Watch The Video Ad To Double The Reward

After the match, you can grab the double reward; coins, by watching a short video ad.

Heal The Players

After the match, visit the team management menu from the career section -> there you can check all the players’ status. Check all the players and see if they need healing or not to recover or get to the true potential. You will need coins to heal the players in Dream League Soccer 2020.

Train The Players In DLS 20

You can train the players and raise their technical, fitness, goalkeeping stats – ball control, distribution, shooting, tackling, strength, stamina, speed, acceleration, etc.

Head to the team management menu -> tap the coaches button in the bottom-right corner -> select the training type and spend the in-game currency; coins or gems.

Choose The Formation And Roles

In the team management menu, you can change the formation by tapping the formation button in the bottom-left corner -> choose the one that suits you; attacking or defensive. Tap the roles button at the bottom-center in the team management menu -> there you can select the captain and characters for random events; free kick, penalty, left-corner, right-corner.

Earn Gems For Free

Complete the achievements or participate in the events to earn gems. Go to My Club menu -> there you can check the achievements to complete for gems. Head to the home screen of the Dream League Soccer 2020 -> events -> participate or complete event missions for gems.

Improve Stadium And Facilities

Navigate to My Club menu -> stadium & facilities -> there you can upgrade training center, medical facility, accommodation facility, stadium, and commercial building. Different facilities provide different perks. Tap on a facility to check the upgrade effect.

Practice To Become A Pro Player

The first thing is to master the controls – head to the home screen -> exhibition -> play this mode to improve controlling skills. Master the ball passing, shooting goals from a distance, tackling or stealing from the opponents, etc. by playing this mode.

So this would be all in this post on Dream League Soccer 2020 guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more DLS 20 tips, tricks, cheats to share, comment below.

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