Score Match Overview, Guide, Tips, And Cheats

score match game guide tips cheats First Touch Games Ltd., the creators of Score Hero game has recently added a new soccer game “Score Match” to their gaming list. Here’s all you need to know about the Score Match game; Overview, guide, tips, and cheats for Score Match game.

Score Match is a brand new soccer game for Android from the creators of Score Hero game. It features real-time multiplayer mode in which the only task that you have to complete is defeating the opponent. But it would not be easy because you are playing against real players from all over the world.

Score Match – Get Started

score match game guide tips cheats Genre; Sports, Online Multiplayer

Score Match game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to pass the ball to other players, how to score goals, tackle, steal the ball, cash management, about boxes, formation of the team, upgrading, and many more things. Once the tutorial ends, the player can manage all the things manually.

Score Match game features many types of matches; Junior, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, Deluxe, Premier, Supreme, Elite, Master, and Legend. It has no single player mode, so every time you play against real players. You start Score Match game from Junior level.

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Score Match – Matches Level

score match game guide tips cheats Cost of matches depends on the level you are going to play; Junior matches cost you 100 cash, Semi-Pro cost you 800 cash, and so on. So cash is one of the valuable resources in Score Match game.

To unlock new game matches, you need stars. You earn stars by defeating players in matches.

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Score Match – Gameplay

score match game guide tips cheats Tap on the play match button to start the game, you will play against real players from all over the world. After the selection of opponent, you can bid to take advantage; cost you gems. If both the players bid, then the player who spends high will get the advantage.

If you want to kick-off, then you should bid. You can ignore or tap on the “No Bid” option.

There is a fixed time duration of the matches; 2 minutes. The player who scores 2 goals first will get the victory or the player who has more points at the end of the match will get the victory.

If at the end of the match, both the player has equal points, then penalty shoot-out determines the victory.

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Score Match – Cash & Gems earning ways

Without cash, you can not play matches. If you have gems, then you can exchange them for cash. But if you have nothing, then you need to wait for free packages/boxes.

The free package opens after every three hours, these packages rewards you cash, gems, upgrading cards, and much more. Amount of cash from these free packages is enough to play junior matches. Don’t waste the cash, play carefully and earn the prize.

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Goal Package

You can claim this package once you complete the number of goals. After claiming the package, you need to wait for many hours to get benefit from this feature.

Arena Boxes

These boxes can be earned by getting victories in matches. You can open them instantly in exchange for gems or wait for few hours.

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So there are many ways in Score Match game to earn cash, but one of the best is getting back-to-back victories. Unlock new arenas to win more cash & stars.

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Score Match Game – Players

score match game guide tips cheats Head to formation section and there you can change the positions of players or the placement of players. Upgrading these players help you to improve the overall performance; speed, strength, skill, response, shoot, dribble, pass, and more.

So upgrading also benefits you. But how to upgrade players in Score Match game?

You need player cards to upgrade your players. These cards can be collected from free packages, goal packages, and from the arena boxes.

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You can also change the placement of players; the total number of players – 11, you can choose these formations; 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 5-3-2, and more.

Unlock More Features of Score Match Game

Log into Facebook and you can access to more features and earn more rewards too. Get a goal package, play across multiple devices, play for friends’ team, add friends to your team, and more are some features & rewards.

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Tips & Cheats for Score Match game

  • You can easily win all the matches in Score Match game if you pass the ball by targetting the player carefully, use tackle feature at right time, take advantage of free kick/penalty shootouts. Don’t let your opponent stealing the ball from you.
  • Using tackle feature at the right time help you to steal the ball from the opponent.
  • Score two goals to finish the match.
  • Tap on the player(target player) to pass ball easily
  • Always keep the ball with you
  • Keep away opponents
  • Don’t upgrade your players when you have not a rich amount of cash
  • When you are out of cash in Score Match game, open free packages, unlock boxes
  • Play Junior matches when you have not a rich amount of cash

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Closing words on Score Match game

Score Match is a great soccer game for Android. It has good graphics, highly addictive gameplay, featuring good commentary, challenging matches. If you love soccer games, then you should give it a try. Download Soccer Match game – here(Google Play Store). It drains my battery!!

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