Idle Stickman Cheats, Tips & Guide To Progress Fast

Idle StickmanStarted playing Idle Stickman game? Let’s have a look at our Idle Stickman cheats, tips, guide & strategies to progress fast

Idle Stickman is a pretty fun game for Android and iOS by Zplay, the publisher behind popular games like Will Hero, Idle Press, and more. They are back with a new game called Idle Stickman where you build the army of stickman and shoot down the enemies and earn money. You use the money to build more gates and level up. In this post, we have shared Idle Stickman guide and Idle Stickman cheats, tips & strategies to progress fast.

Idle Stickman Guide

Your objective in the game is to unlock all the Stickman. There are more than 50 Stickman to unlock – each stickman uses a different weapon to crush the enemies. And, there is no stop point! Enemies will come over and over again. And, your stickman will shoot ’em down over and over again. So what’s your job?

All you have to do is level up the floors to make stickman stronger. As the game progresses or battle continues between the stickman army and their enemies – you will earn EXP. At the top-center of the game, you can check the level bar. Hit the level up button once you are ready to level up. What’s the benefit to level up?

By raising the level, you can unlock/build new floors and stickman. For example – To unlock floor/gate number 6, you need to reach level 20. More floors and stickman means more money. Use the money to make floor/stickman upgrades. This would be all in this Idle Stickman guide part. Now let’s head to the tips, cheats & strategies part!

Idle Stickman Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Tap To Increase Attack Speed & Level Up Fast

Tapping the floor will increase the attack speed of the Stickman fighting on that floor. And, as the attack speed increases, he will be able to crush more enemies in less time. And, that’s lead to tons of EXP production in no time. We would recommend tapping the highest floor because you will make more money and EXP from it as compared to low-level floors.

2.) Upgrade The Floors/Gates

Well, the game is not as challenging as you think – at least at the initial level. But as you progress or reach high-level floors, the boss will become more powerful. All the Stickman joins the boss battle – and, to defeat the boss, you must keep upgrading the army.

At the bottom-right corner of each floor, tap the upgrade button -> spend the idle cash to upgrade Stickman. When you upgrade the Stickman, his attack strength will increase. Also, the amount of reward/earnings per enemy kill. So there are lots of benefits of upgrading stickman.

3.) Prestige Once You Reach The Max Upgrade Level

Idle StickmanOnce you reach the higher level at a floor, you will have to prestige – if you do, then that floor’s level will reset. But, as a prestige reward, you will make more money per attack. So there is no disadvantage of doing prestige. Don’t hesitate – just do it! Just below the stats, you can check the perks of doing prestige – you will earn x times more per attack.

4.) Fight The Boss – Defeat The Boss

Every certain few minutes, a boss appears. At the top-left corner of the game screen, you can check the timings of boss battle – once you are ready, challenge the boss. In the boss battle, all the Stickman unlocked by you will participate. And, if you win the battle, the game gives you a big chest – which contains a huge amount of money, free boosters.

If you are stuck on a boss stage, try to unlock new Stickman and upgrade the existing ones. Keep saving money and upgrade the best stickman first – at a higher level. Higher floor/level/gate Stickmen have more strength than the lower level Stickman.

5.) Grab The Airdrop Chest In Idle Stickman

Idle StickmanNow and then, just like the boss, a chest appears on your screen. Tap it to claim a free reward – a huge amount of money, free boosters.

6.) Level Up And Unlock New Stickman ASAP

Don’t stick to a particular floor – focus on unlocking new floors and getting new Stickmen. As we stated above, higher level/floor Stickmen have more strength – and, if you want to crush the boss in no time – you will need these higher-floor level stickmen in the army.

As soon as the level up upgrade gets available, you better do it. There would be no advantage to stick on a particular level. Keep leveling up and keep expanding the Stickman army in Idle Stickman game.

7.) Try The Boosters

There are two types of boosters – the 2X 5 minute booster at the top-left corner boosts the earnings for five minutes. And, 2X 5 minute booster at the top-right corner boosts the attack speed/strength of Stickmen. If you are low on cash, try the first one. And, if you want to crush more enemies fast or level up fast, try the second booster.

So these are some basic Idle Stickman tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast. If you have more tips to share, please comment below.

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  1. Ian on gate 202 and I can only see one person in the world that is a higher level than me there level I gate 211

  2. I have noticed once I prestige a floor over 30 or so I make negative money and then eventually 0. Is it supposed to happen or did I screw up some where.