Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by DH-Games. Check out our Dungeon Rush: Rebirth guide, tips, cheats & stratgey

DH-Games has just released the sequel to popular Idle RPG named Dungeon Rush. Dungeon Rush: Rebirth comes with improved graphics, many characters, a wide range of game modes, and simple interference. If you have not played the game like this before, then you may encounter some problems in understanding the game’s environment. But as you progress, you will be used to it. In today’s post, we have covered everything you need to know as a beginner: Dungeon Rush: Rebirth guide and Dungeon¬†Rush: Rebirth tips, cheats & strategies.

Get Started – The Basics – Dungeon Rush: Rebirth

Dungeon Rush RebirthBefore we dive into the cheats, tips & stratgey guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Dungeon Rush: Rebirth, the player builds a team of strong heroes to defeat the monsters in a variety of game modes. You will farm items in the campaign or auto-battle mode to power-up heroes, fight against other players’ team for the rankings, and clear the hard levels in brutal battles(Tower Of Oblivion, Brave Trial). The battle system is automatic. Your heroes in the battle fights, use skills, unleash buffs automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

Your job is managing the team of heroes; manage the gold, items, upgrading, farming, and building the strong team. A proper hero guide would be enough as it covers the core part of the game. But we have added in-depth details to the guide.

Dungeon Rush RebirthYou start the game from the auto-battle mode. All you have to do is tap the portal just above the campaign mode option. On the next screen, you will enter the auto-battle screen. On the left side, you can check the list of battle events. Complete all the events to clear a particular stage. From these battle events, you earn hero soul, gold, and many more items.

Since it is an Idle game, your main hero(you choose the hero when you start the game; Archer, Warrior, Mage, and more) works 24*7 and defeat the monsters. On the right side of the screen, you can claim the rewards earned by that hero in the battle when you are playing other modes or offline.

At the bottom of the auto-battle screen, you can customize the team, choose the stage, check the loot, access the heroes menu, inventory. By clearing the stages, battle events, you also earn EXP. As you gain more, your level will increase and you will unlock new features or game modes; arena, black market, tavern, tower, and more. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the character’s avatar icon. There you can check the level progress and the amount of EXP required to reach the next level. And just below it, tap the character portrait to change the character.

Let’s check out the Dungeon Rush: Rebirth guide and read our top Dungeon Rush: Rebirth tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Guide

  • Altar Guide

The altar is the facility where you can decompose the heroes(low-rank heroes). If you have so many heroes in the collection, then it would be better to decompose them. Especially, low-grade heroes are useless. Upgrading them would be a waste. Go to the altar and select the useless heroes -> Decompose. By decomposing the heroes, you can obtain gold, soul clint(you can buy hero shards using this item in the black market).

Before you tap the decompose button, you can check the loot by tapping the search icon on that screen(top right). Make sure to select the heroes first.

  • Brave Trial Mode

In the brave trial mode, you battle against enemies. What’s so unique? You will battle continuously – back-to-back. But unlike other modes, the HP(health of the heroes) would not be recovered. From this mode, you can earn precious rewards to power-up heroes.

  • Tower Of Obivilion

Nowadays, many games come with this type of mode. In this mode, you go to each floor of the tower and defeat the guards. The tower has many floors and each floor, you will battle powerful enemies for juicy rewards. Rewards: S-Tier hero shard, equipment, and more.

  • Arena

The arena is also a common game mode, can be found in any gacha game. In this mode, the player battle against the team of other players’ team for arena tokens. The arena mode has three sub-modes; Blood arena, Team arena(coming soon), crystal arena. In the blood arena, you can earn diamonds. In crystal arena, you battle against other players for the rank and arena tokens. To use tokens, go to arena screen, at the top-right corner, tap the bag icon -> there you can spend arena tokens for runes, hero shards.

  • Tavern

In this facility, you can check the hero’s quests. Completing these quests reward you a number of items.

  • Market Place

The marketplace in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth has three shops. On the main screen, tap the marketplace option-> on the next screen, on the left side, you can switch between three shops; black market – spend gems for items, Hero Market – Spend Soul Clint(decompose the heroes to obtain) to get items. The third is Expedition market where you can spend expedition tokens for the chests. From this chest, you can obtain high-tier equipment.

So that’s the Dungeon Rush: Rebirth game modes guide for the beginners. From different game mode, you earn unique items, the in-game currency. So make sure to play all the game modes daily.

Let’s start the Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Heroes Guide.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Heroes Guide

The core of the Dungeon Rush: Rebirth game is heroes. The player with powerful heroes can easily win the matches. There is no such strategy involved in the auto-battles except the fraction which we will discuss in the tips part below. And there are many ways to increase the power of heroes. Let’s learn about everything.

Quality Of Heroes

You should not upgrade or develop low-quality heroes as with the team of low-tier heroes, you can not fight in long run. The battle will become harder as you progress through the game. So you should always upgrade the high-quality heroes. The quality of the heroes in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth can be checked on the basis of hero’s grade. Here’s the list: –

  1. D-Grade
  2. C-Grade
  3. B-Grade
  4. A-Grade
  5. S-Grade
  6. SS-Grade

D-Grade/C-Grade/B-Grade heroes are useless. A-Grade heroes are average. S-Grade and SS Grade are the best ones in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth.

You can check the grade of a hero on its icon(bottom-right corner) in the heroes menu of the game.

How To Obtain Heroes?

There are two ways to obtain heroes in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth game – Summon or gather shards. On the main screen, head to the summon circle and use gems or scrolls to summon heroes. And another way is by collecting the shards. You can obtain the hero’s shards from the auto-battle mode, in the marketplace for in-game currency, and tower mode. After gaining enough, you will be able to summon it. On the main screen, at the bottom menu, tap the bag option -> head to the shards menu -> there you can check the number of shards you have collected so far.

And on the main screen, bottom-right corner, tap the gallery option to see the list of heroes featured in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth game.

How To Increase The Power Of Heroes?

There are a number of ways to increase the power of heroes: –

  1. Level Up Heroes
  2. Upgrade their skills
  3. Equip the better equipment
  4. Upgrade the equipment
  5. Evolve the hero to next tier

Leveling Up – Use gold, hero soul. Earn from the auto-battle mode, secret kingdoms mode, completing the quests.

Upgrading the skills – Use gold and gems.

Evolving – It increases the hero’s tier; from A grade to S, S to SS. Go to the hero menu -> tap the hero -> evolve -> select the material heroes(use other heroes to evolve selected hero). But keep in mind that you are developing one hero and sacrificing the material heroes.

Getting The Equipment

Obtaining gears in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is not a difficult task. But obtaining a better equipment is. You can obtain the equipment from game modes; tower mode, quests, black market, promised land, and by completing the challenges.

Upgrading The Equipment

To upgrade the equipment in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth requires scrap metal. You can obtain scrap metal by dismantling useless equipment. Tap the bag option on the main screen of the game -> head to the equip tab -> tap the equipment -> dismantle.

Prior to it, go to the hero menu -> hero – one tap equip -> this will remove the useless equipment from the hero and equip the best ones. You can also evolve the equipment through advancing if you have same tier gears available.

So that’s the Dungeon Rush: Rebirth guide for the beginners. Now, let’s read our top Dungeon Rush: Rebirth tips, cheats & strategies.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Got Stuck? Repeat The Stages In Auto-Battle

Auto-battle is one of the best game modes to farm liquid in-game currency in the game. If you got stuck at any stage, then step back and repeat the stages -> earn more items -> invest earned items in powering up the heroes. Go to the auto-battle mode screen -> you can play it in three modes; easy, hard, nightmare. Hard stages grant precious items. At the bottom, tap the stage option -> select the stage -> repeat. Repeat hard mode stages to earn hero soul, equipment, gold in rich quality.

2.) Use The Fraction Strategy To Get Advantage

Dungeon Rush RebirthIn Dungeon Rush: Rebirth, all the heroes belong to one of the six fractions. Similarly, all the enemies. These fractions are: –

  1. Shield(Blue)
  2. Gloom(Greenish-Blue)
  3. Forest(Green)
  4. Chaos(Red)
  5. Judgment (Yellow)
  6. Destruction(Purple)

You can check the hero’s fraction on their icons(at the bottom-left corner of the hero’s icon. And for enemies – on the left side of the enemy’s HP bar). How to take advantage?

  1. Shield type heroes are strong against Gloom
  2. Gloom>Forest
  3. Forest>Chaos
  4. Chaos>Shield
  5. Judgment and Destruction – No Bonus

By picking the strong fraction heroes you can take advantage. For example; in the battle, most of the enemies are from forest fraction. If you choose Gloom fraction heroes, your heroes will deal more damage.

3.) Complete The Challenges And Quests

Completing the challenges is one of the ways to obtain precious items such as summoning scroll, diamonds, runes, gold, chests, and more.

Additionally, completing the quest also grant you valuable rewards. Make sure to complete them as soon as possible.

4.) Check Your Luck In Promised Land

You can earn hero shards, gold, summoning scroll, and many precious items for free from promised land. There you can spin the wheel for free every certain amount of time.

5.) Join The Guild And Get Valuable Rewards From Guild Store

Players can join the guild at player level 30. Participate in the guild facilities to earn guild coins. You can spend these guild coins in the guild store for hero shards, equipment, artifact shards, and many more valuable items.

So these are our top Dungeon Rush: Rebirth tips, cheats & strategies. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android

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