Elora’s Raid Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Elora’s Raid is a new Idle RPG for Android and iOS by EYOUGAME(USS) where the players build their army of powerful heroes to fight monsters and players in PvE and PvPElora's Raid

EYOUGAME(USS), the publisher of top-class MMORPGs, has just released a brand new Idle RPG called Elora’s Raid on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This game is similar to the Tales of Radiance, which is published by Reality Squared Games on mobile app stores. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Elora’s Raid guide covers all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Elora’s Raid tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Elora’s Raid Guide, Tips: –

It has a variety of game modes; you will start the journey from the stage mode where you travel through the map and clear the monsters and their bosses. These bosses and monsters drop gold, gears, XP, Voyage Clue, and many more items that you can use to make heroes stronger. On the fight screen, at the top-center, the game displays the team power. It is determined by the total strength of all the heroes in the team. So if you want to increase the team power, strengthen the heroes in the team. On the same screen, in the upper-right corner, tap the mini-map to check the current stage, head to the world map to check the current location.

As you progress through these stages, your team will face powerful monsters and their bosses. So make sure to keep improving the heroes by making upgrades. There are two types XP that you obtain from these fights; XP, Hero XP. XP is required to raise the current player level, while Hero XP is the item that you need to level up the heroes. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Elora’s Raid tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With The Hero System

There are four types of heroes in Elora’s Raid – Support, Tank, Fighters, and Mage. Support type heroes in Elora’s Raid help the friendly units with their healing, buff, shield skills. For example – Pisces is a support-type hero who has a healing skill that heals the ally and shield skill that protects the Mage-type heroes. Tank type heroes are hard to beat – thanks to their shield skills and high DEF stats, which increase their survivability in the fight. Fighters are good at inflicting damage to the monsters. Also, they possess skills that inflict CRIT, Bleed, Burn effects. And, at last, Mage-type heroes – these heroes have amazing DPS and CC skills. Go to the home tab of the game and tap the Library building/option to check the complete list of heroes featured in Elora’s Raid.

How do you get heroes? From the summoning portal, by collecting their shards by playing the game.

Balanced Team – Put the tank heroes in the front row and DPS or Supporters in the back row. A Healer is a must.

Learn About The Elements

Learning about the counter element system is extremely important – heroes and elements belong to one of the five elements – each element counters another element. Stronger element hero/enemy gets +25%DMG and +20% ACC. These five elements are Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark. Light and Dark elements are strong/weak against each other. Water is strong against the Fire, Fire against Wind, and Wind against Water. How do you take the elemental advantage in Elora’s Raid? All you need to do is deploy the hero with a strong element after seeing the enemy’s hero in the battle.

Also, you can get a bonus by activating the aura effect. In your team, if you deploy the five heroes belong to a certain element, you can get this bonus. On the team formation or hero selection screen, tap the Synergy button to check the requirements.

Complete The Relic Quests

Along with the heroes, you can equip one Relic on the team formation screen. Each relic has a unqiue skill that activates every 3 turns. So make sure to complete the relic quest, get the relic, and equip it for more bonus effects in the battle. Go to the relic tab -> there you will find some quests – complete them and get relics.

Join A Guild

You can not create a guild if you are not a VIP player – so it’s better to join a guild to access guild perks – guild boss fights, currency, etc. Donate in the guild to earn guild XP, guild contribution. You can spend it in the shop for hero shards. Also, guild skills impact on the total strength of the player. So there are many benefits of joining an active guild.

To leave the guild; tap the guild option -> view members -> leave the guild.

Learn All The Ways To Get Stronger

You can increase the total strength of the team by following these ways: –

  • Level up the heroes in the team using hero XP and gold
  • Equip high-quality gears to them
  • Raise their star level using enhancestone to improve base attributes or unlock a new skill
  • Equip Relics
  • Activate Guild Skills
  • Equip Runes

Recycle The Useless Heroes

Low-tier or low-grade heroes(3-stars) or the heroes that you are not using can be sacrificed in the ritual building in the home menu. Sacrificing them gives you gears, enhance stones, hero XP, and divinity points.

Play All The Game Modes

Trails, The Babel Tower, PvP Arena, and many more game modes give you valuable in-game currencies that you can use in the shop or develop heroes in Elora’s Raid.

Send Heroes On Voyage

The Voyage Clue that you get from Idle Rewards can be used to send heroes on Voyages. They will bring rewards like Gems, Shards.

Complete The To-Do Tasks

Go to the home screen -> tap the quest button in the bottom-right corner(tap the + button to expand the menu). Complete the To-Do tasks, Feats, Adv. Trail quest for rewards like relic stone(to level up relics in Elora’s Raid), relic glyph, etc.

So this would be all in this post on Elora’s Raid guide, tips & tricks for beginners.

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