Warriors of Waterdeep guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Warriors of Waterdeep game? Read on for Warriors of Waterdeep guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners

Ludia Inc., the publisher of top-class games has just released a brand new RPG, named as Warriors of Waterdeep on app stores. In the game, you will get control over the heroes and their skills and you will fight deadly monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons world. The game offers a number of modes such as exploration where you discover the secret & deadly rooms, battle mode – fight other players, and the challenge mode to earn loads of free rewards. On top of that, there are eight heroes to collect. You can equip them a variety of gears and discover new abilities. If you have just started playing it, then today’s Warriors of Waterdeep guide available with tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

Warriors of Waterdeep Guide: –

The Basics – Heroes & Party – Swap Heroes/Add/Remove Heroes

⇒As of now, Warriors of Waterdeep game features 8 heroes; Farideh, Halbenet, Naomlem, Raika, Saarvin, Shevarith, Tommus, and Calliope. All these heroes belong to a unique class/race and have different stats; attack, HP(Health), shield(AC – armor class), and explosion.Warriors of Waterdeep

⇒As you know that you can select up to four heroes for the combat. But, as you level up, the game will give you new heroes and you may want to try them in your team. To swap heroes, go to the heroes tab(at the bottom menu, tap the hero button) -> here you see all the heroes that you have collected so far -> to swap, tap+hold down over a hero icon(who is not in your team) and drag it over to one of your party heroes.

Hero Abilities

Warriors of Waterdeep⇒In the combat, you use the hero abilities to inflict damage, heal allies, to apply buffs, debuffs, etc. These abilities are determined by the equipment that your hero is using(the one you equipped to him/her). If you change the gear, your hero will get a new ability. So, if you want to discover new hero abilities, you will have to try out new gears.

⇒Ability Add-On Effect(d20 ability) -> You can check the hero abilities by visiting the heroes tab -> tap the hero -> tap the ability icon. It will show you brief info of its effect. Some of these abilities have an extra effect, which is triggered in the battle by luck. There would be one more icon over that ability, which has this d20 ability.

⇒If you want to know more about the character abilities, enter the battle -> tap and hold down the ability icon and you will get the details.

Combat Guide

Warriors of Waterdeep⇒Turn -> There are a number of things that you need to know while fighting the monsters in Warriors of Waterdeep game. Turn – Who will attack first; you or enemy? Well, this completely depends on luck. Whose turn is next? -> Above the enemy and hero’s head, pay attention to the hexagon shaped bar -> when it fills completely, the enemy/hero will get the turn. The white gauge fills as the battle progresses.

⇒Abilities -> At the bottom of the combat screen, all the abilities are displayed. You are free to use any at any time. But, it’s always advised to use the abilities at the right time; for example – use the healing ability when the allies are low on health. Some of the abilities inflict massive damage while some not. You will have to figure out the hero ability details to play carefully. In addition to that, enemies also do have the abilities – tap and hold down an enemy to check its stats & abilities.

Warriors of Waterdeep Guide – Hero Level Up & Gears

Go back to the heroes tab again -> at the bottom of a hero icon, you will see the amount of EXP required to reach the next level. For example; If it’s 1800/1875 – It means that you have 1800 EXP and you need 75 more to level up the hero.

How to get XP -> There are two ways to get XP in Warriors of Waterdeep; the first one is through battle victories – when you win the fights, heroes earn XP. The next one is by upgrading the gears – when you upgrade the heroes gears, they get XP.

How to upgrade the gears -> First, tap the hero in the heroes screen -> at the bottom of a gear icon, you can see the number of duplicate cards that you need to raise its level. You can get the gear cards through the chests – earn from the battles or buy from the shop.

So this is the Warriors of Waterdeep guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Warriors of Waterdeep tips, cheats & strategies!

Warriors of Waterdeep Tips & Tricks –

1.) Know Your Heroes’ Abilities

You should invest some time in reading the heroes’ abilities; how do they work, their effect, d20 ability, and the target. This helps you in considering the top best four characters in the party and also helps in the combat. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough information, then you will not be able to get the most out of the heroes abilities. So, it’s better to know the heroes abilities first before you enter the battle. Abilities such as revive, healing, massive damage, AoE damage helps a lot.

2.) Discover The New Abilities

As you progress through the game, you will get new gears. Make sure to try out them as you may discover a great ability. Try changing the gears every now and then, depending on the combat requirements. Sometimes, you get stuck in the battles. In this case, you should try different abilities.

3.) Choose The Right Skills, Target

Warriors of WaterdeepIn the combat, the arrow color above the enemy head indicates the advantage/disadvantage over the target. If your hero has an advantage on that monster type, you will see a green arrow. If there is a disadvantage, you will see a red arrow. And, if there is a yellow color arrow, it means no advantage as well as no disadvantage. In the advantage side, hero inflicts bonus damage. While In the disadvantage side, the attack would be less effective.

Also, use the right type of ability at the right time because the abilities have a cooldown. Use the powerful attack abilities on high-level monsters. Healing – When low on health. Apply buffs and debuffs if no other option. You can also skip the turn if you want -> at the bottom-left corner of the combat screen, tap the  ⇒ icon -> skip the turn. Sometimes, skipping the turn helps.

4.) Buy and Sell Cards

Go to the store and there you can buy/sell the cards. If you have useless gear cards, you can sell them for the gold coins. And, if you need some cards, you can buy from the store using the gold coins. The cards list change over time; so check every now and then. Also, note that you don’t need to waste gold coins on useless cards. Do shop if there is a worthy deal available.

5.) Complete The Quests

At the bottom menu, tap the scroll button -> here you can check all the missions. Complete these missions to get cards.

6.) Pass-Through Secret Rooms

Warriors of WaterdeepSometimes, rarely, you will come across a secret room while exploring the dungeon. And, most of the time, you have two choices; you should pick the secret room if you find as you can get a chest from there and it may contain worthy rare or legendary cards.

So these are some basic Warriors of Waterdeep tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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  1. What does it mean with “Restore” and/or “Clear” pops up? I gather “Clear” means a particular buff/debuff/or condition is no longer affecting the character. But what about “Restore”? I was thinking perhaps it reset the length of time a condition is active? Thus, recasting a buff or something?