Trade Tycoon Billionaire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Trade Tycoon BillionaireTrade Tycoon Billionaire is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS by Rhyzen Games. Check out our Trade Tycoon Billionaire guide, tips, cheats & strategy to earn millions

Trade Tycoon Billionaire is a new Idle game for mobile devices with trading elements. Unlike other Idle games, this one comes with a great trading mode. Usually, in most of the Idle games, we just upgrade the resources, hire the managers, and reset the game progress for perks. In Trade Tycoon Billionaire, you earn most of the income by trading. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Trade Tycoon Billionaire guide and Trade Tycoon Billionaire tips, cheats & strategy.

Get Started – The Basic Trade Tycoon Billionaire

Before we dive into the cheats, strategy part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In Trade Tycoon Billionaire game, your main objective is to earn the profit and unlock all the cities for trading. You start the game by producing fidget spinner in fidget spinner factory. Make the profit and unlock new factories; hoverboard, drone, MP3, Droid, Camera, and many more. To earn more money, you can trade; all you need to do is tap the trade icon, select a city, choose a product, buy it at a low price, and sell to another city at the high price. As you progress or trade, you can unlock new cities and trade new products. There is a research& development department is also available where you can invest some money and unlock new trading items. You can even upgrade the items to sell at a high price. But trading is not easy. You have to find out the cities; to buy specific products at a cheap price and the cities; to sell products at a high price. Level-up and earn free diamonds! Let’s start the Trade Tycoon Billionaire guide and after it, check out our Trade Tycoon Billionaire tips, cheats & strategy!

Trade Tycoon Billionaire guide

Trade Tycoon BillionaireIn this part, we will learn about the factories, boosters, trading, managers, assistants, and much more.

  • Factories

You first factory produces fidget spinner and you earn a very little amount from this factory. To earn more money, save bucks and buy new factories. The highest-profitable factory is droid factory; you make more money from this factory. It costs you 32M bucks. You can increase the amount of profit and reduce the production time by upgrading. Read our Trade Tycoon tips, cheats & strategy guide below to upgrade wisely.

  • Managers

To collect bucks from factories, you have to tap on their icons. You can automate this activity by hiring managers. There is a specific manager for each factory. The player can also increase the efficiency(of a specific factory) by hiring the managers. To hire a manager, go to the shop ->manager – hire.

  • Assistants

Assistants provide you tips to trade like a pro! By hiring professional assistants, you will be able to know where to sell a specific product at a high price and the name of the city where you can buy a specific product at a cheap price. You can find out manually too, but it will take a long time.

  • Trading

Trading is one of the main tasks in Trade Tycoon Billionaire game. Your objective is to make the profit. All you need to do is visit a city and buy a product at a low price. After it, visit another city where you can sell that product at a high price and sell it. Trading costs you hearts(to move from a country to another). For instance, you buy agriculture products from Los Angeles at a low price and then sell all the products in Toronto at a high price. The price of a product varies on the basis of the city. You have to find out two cities for a specific product;

  • City 1 ->To buy at a cheap price
  • City 2 ->To sell at a high price

Keep trading the goods and unlock new cities.

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  • R&D

On the main screen, swipe left to head to the R&D. Here you can spend bucks to unlock new trading items. You can even upgrade the items to sell at a high price. For instance, in Trade Tycoon Billionaire game, some items’ price(i.e. sugar) is very low and you will earn a little amount of profit. You can upgrade those items in R&D and make more money. For instance; buy sugar($600). Upgrade it to increase its price($10,000) and sell at a high price. For instance, without upgrading, you can sell it at $1,000. Your profit = $400. And if you sell the upgraded item, you will make more money: $10,000 item @ $14,000. Your profit – $4,000.

So, it’s a great way to increase the profit.

  • Boosts

You can buy booster upgrades to increase the discount and profit of a particular type of product. In my case, it lasts long for few hours. So, I would not recommend you to buy boosters.

So, this is the basic Trade Tycoon Billionaire guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Trade Tycoon Billionaire tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast.

Trade Tycoon Billionaire tips, cheats & strategy

#1.) Tap The Icon To Produce Fast

Trade Tycoon BillionaireIt’s a common tip; if you tap the factory’s icon, then it will make the production process fast. So, it would better to tap on the factory icon to produce a product quickly and earn more money.

And it would be great if you tap that factory’s icon from which you are making most of the money.

#2.) Don’t buy or upgrade too much

You should not upgrade old factories too much because the amount of money you make from these factories is very low as compared to other factories like VR Glass, Droid, and MP3. So, don’t waste your money and time in upgrading old factories(fidget spinner, hoverboard, drone) too much and try to unlock new buildings as fast as you can.

#3.) Reach The Milestone Levels To Activate The Boost

If you upgrade the factories to milestone levels; 4, 20, 30, and so on, a special booster activates; double the income, reduce the time, and more.

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#4.) Activate the 2X Boost

At the bottom-left corner, tap the TV icon and watch the video ad to double the income. This boost lasts long for 4-hours. You can expand the time duration by watching multiple video ads.

#5.) Buy at low and sell at high

To make instant money, trading would be a great choice. Just tap the trade button and go to a city. Tap the sale option and buy items. Once done, go to another city where you can sell that product at a high price. For instance, you can sell agriculture products at a high price in Toronto. Sell textiles product at the high price in Mexico.

Sell gemstones at a high price in San Francisco. Go to each city and check the prices of products; agriculture, textiles, elixirs, elements, weapons, monsters, and more.

Identify the cities where you can buy a specific product at a low price and sell to another city at a high price. And one of the best ways to identify is appointing an assistant. Go to the shop – assistant – hire a professional.

6.) Increase The Inventory Size

In Trade Tycoon Billionaire game, you can not buy an unlimited number of items at a time. Your inventory’s slots are limited. So, to trade more goods at a time, it would be better to upgrade the inventory. Tap trade option -> go to a city -> at the bottom-left, tap the bag icon and upgrade it to get more slots. After it, you can buy & sell more products at a time.

7.) Unlock New Items

Well, most of the trading items are locked at the beginning of the game. To unlock these profitable items, spend some money in R&D. Check the R&D guide above.

8.) Upgrade the items to make more money

Trade Tycoon BillionaireIn R&D, you can upgrade the items and earn more profit. Check out the R&D guide above for more info. To upgrade an item, you must buy it from a city. Then go to the home screen -> R&D -> item upgrade -> spend money and upgrade it. Then sell it at a high price to earn more money. For example; sugar’s price is very low and you earn a very little amount of money. Upgrade it to increase the profit.

9.) Hire Managers

To automate the collection and increase the efficiency, don’t forget to hire the managers.

So, these are some simple Trade Tycoon Billionaire tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best Idle games for Android

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