Eternal Senia Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain is a brand new Idle game for mobile by Sanctum Games Co., Ltd. Check out Eternal Senia guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Sanctum Games’ latest Idle title Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain has just got a global launch and lets you embark on a wonderful journey in which you will team up with the companion and fight against the demons in lots of adventurer places. The Idle RPG, Eternal Senia, features a good storyline, lots of characters, their stories, scenes, and fun gameplay. If you are one of those who are falling on the elite stage or the boss is smashing you out of the combat ring, then today’s Eternal Senia guide and Eternal Senia tips, cheats & strategies will help you in clearing every single stage.

Eternal Senia Guide To Basics⇓

Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain1.) Basics -> There are three game modes available for the player; main quests, the domain of trials, and platinum trials. In the main quests, you will face monsters with increasing difficulty and earn cards/crystals. You can play the main quests mode in three difficulty modes; normal, hard, and nightmare. In the domain of trials mode, you will battle against the bosses and earn gears, weapon upgrade material, and companion cards. From the Platinum Trials, you can farm platinum trials tokens, which you can exchange in the marketplace for a high-grade weapon.

2.) The Main Character -> In Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain Game, you play as Senia. Increasing Senia’s level will unlock new features, skill runes, skills, and improve the HP/ATK stats. You can level up Senia by spending crystals. As the level increases, the leveling up cost will also increase.

3.) The Companion -> Companion helps Senia in the combat with their attack power and special skill. You can improve a companion by upgrading. Additional info is below.

4.) Crystal, Amethyst -> Crystals is required in leveling up Senia, gears. You can easily farm crystals by defeating the enemies in the main quests, the domain of trial modes. While Amethyst is the premium in-game item in Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain Game. You can earn it by watching the video ad, completing the party quest.

So this is the basic. Let’s learn step-by-step and after it, check out the top Eternal Senia tips to master the game!

Eternal Senia Guide – Skills, Skill Rune, Main Weapon, Side Weapon, Salvage

Senia attacks the enemy when you tap the battle screen. Additionally, you can use Senia’s skills to unleash massive damage to the enemies. To use the skill, you need mana points. Just above the menu widget, the blue bar shows the mana. Tap the battle screen to generate mana. After using the skill, the player will have to wait a few seconds until the skill gets charged again.

These four skills are: –

  1. Phantom Strike – You can activate it by swiping right(→) or by tapping the skill button
  2. Lightning Tear – You can activate it by swiping up(↑)
  3. Fairy Helper – Swipe left (←) to unleash
  4. Eternal Awakening – Draw a circle on the screen to activate(O)

Phantom Strike Skill -> This skill can break the enemy’s shield

Lightning Tear -> This skill inflicts damage over time with wind blades

Fairy Helper -> Summons a fairy who will heal Senia and restore 30% of the HP.

Eternal Awakening -> Inflicts massive damage

Skill Runes In Eternal Senia

Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The RainYou can equip up to one rune with each skill. Tap the Char. option from the menu bar -> tap the skill button -> there you can check the skill runes, just below the skill. All the skill runes impact differently. For example; if you equip Fairy Strike rune with Fairy Helper skill, then fairy will not heal you. Instead of healing, she will deal damage. So you have to equip the best skill rune for each skill. Level Up Senia to unlock more skill runes.

Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon, Raw Material⇓

  1. You can obtain gears from the Domain of Trials mode
  2. Level up weapon using crystals
  3. After reaching the maximum level, you will have to upgrade the weapon
  4. To upgrade the weapon, you need weapon upgrade material
  5. Weapon upgrade material can be obtained from the boss fights, Domain of Trials
  6. You can salvage weapon to get raw material(weapon upgrade material)

Salvage -> Tap the bag option from the menu bar -> go to Salvage tab -> select the weapon -> salvage. Keep in mind that it will destroy the weapon. But you’ll get the raw material.


Companions are dropped randomly in main quests mode, the domain of trials mode. If you repeat the zones in the main quest or boss fights in trails mode, you can get the highlighted companion cards.

Additionally, you can obtain companions by spending amethyst in the shop section. Tap the shop button from the menu bar -> limited edition or amethyst chest.

The drop rate: –

  • 5* Companion Card – 6%
  • 4* Companion Card – 35%
  • 3* Companion Card – 10%
  • 2* Companion Card – 49%

The odds could change in future updates. After choosing a banner -> tap the odds button to check the updated drop rates. You will see a complete list there.

Rank Up Companions In Eternal Senia

You need a certain number of cards to upgrade/rank-up a companion. Go to the companion menu -> just below the companion portrait, you can check the number of cards required. If you have, tap the companion icon -> hit the upgrade button. Rank up companions to unlock more talents.

Eternal Senia Companion Element⇓

All the companions in Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain Game belong to one of these elements: –

  1. Fire(Red)
  2. Wind(Green)
  3. Water(Blue)
  4. Light(Yellow)
  5. Dark(Purple)

You can check the type/element by visiting the companion’s profile page.

So this is the Eternal Senia guide for beginners. Let’s take a look at our top Eternal Senia tips, cheats & strategies!

Eternal Senia Tips & Tricks⇓

The Rock-Paper-Scissors Cheat Helps You In Elite Combats

In the last part of our guide, we have explained to you about the companion elements. Just like companions, all the enemies belong to one of these elements. In the battle, just above the enemy’s HP bar, you can check the enemy’s element. If you select the strong companion, then you will deal bonus damage. Here’s how: –

  • Fire element is strong against wind element
  • Wind element is strong against water element
  • Water element is strong against fire
  • Light and Dark elements are strong against each other

So if you select the best companion or strong companion, on the basis of the enemy’s element, you will deal bonus damage. For example; the enemy’s element is fire. And, as you know, Water element is strong against fire. So selecting a water type companion would be beneficial.

Accept The Challenges

You will often receive challenges as you play the game. At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the note type icon. From these challenges, you can obtain gears, gear material, and companion cards. You should complete these challenges as fast as you can because the challenges disappear after a certain amount of time.

Grab The Chest and 5X Reward

As you play the game, you may obtain a chest. You will see a chest icon at the top-left corner if Senia finds it. Tap the chest icon and claim the crystals. For the 5X reward, you will have to watch the video ad.

Make Changes In Skill Runes

As you know, the game allows you to equip only one skill rune with each skill. You have to choose the skill rune wisely because it can change the skill’s effect. For example; Sena’s Fairy Helper skill summons a fairy who restores her health by 30%. But the same skill, if allocated with Fairy Strike rune, summons the fairy but she will not heal you. Instead of the HP support, she will strike and deal damage. So this is the perfect example to show that a skill rune can change the skill’s performance. So it would be better to pay attention to the skill runes.

Make Use Of BP

BP is required to play the Domain of Trials mode. This is one of the best game modes to earn loads of amount of crystals from a single battle. Since BP is limited, you are restricted to play it unlimited. BP regenerates over time. But there is maximum capacity. After it, you will not gain any BP. So it’s better to use BP over time and earn material, crystal, companion cards.

Exchange The Tokens In Marketplace

You can exchange the tokens in the marketplace(earned from the chest, game modes) for the weapon, companion cards.

Watch The Video Ad For Free Reward

Tap the menu button -> there you will find an ad reward option. Tap it -> watch the video ad. You can earn Amethyst.

So these are the top Eternal Senia tips for beginners. You can share your tips with other players in the comment section below.

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