Crossing Void Global – How To Get Gacha Vouchers For Free

Crossing Void Global Gacha VouchersRead on and find out all the ways to obtain gacha vouchers for free in Crossing Void Global game. Crossing Void Global Gacha Voucher is used to summon units

In normal and event banner gacha, you either need gacha vouchers or Maigo to summon the characters. You can obtain these gacha vouchers from the missions(complete main story missions), from the events, welfare missions, in exchnage for expedition coins, and there are many more ways which we are going to discuss below. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content: – Crossing Void Global – How to get gacha vouchers for free.

Crossing Void Global – Gacha Vouchers: –

Complete The Welfare Missions

Crossing Void Global Gacha VouchersAs a newbie, the game lets you pick an S-grade character of your choice when you complete all the welfare missions. And, there is a total of six-phase missions that you need to complete. At each phase, you will get one gacha voucher for free.

Head to the home screen of the game – and, at the bottom-left corner, tap the cat face. This will take you to the welfare mission menu where you can check the main quest as well as the side quest. Complete the main quest to acquire Crossing Void Global gacha voucher for free. Also, don’t forget to complete all the main missions asap for a free S-Grade character. What character should you choose? We have listed the best top tier Crossing Void characters in our latest guide that you can check by following this link: –

Get Free Gacha Vouchers In Crossing Void Global From The Challenges

  • The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is the challenge mode in which you challenge the enemies – and, complete the objectives. From this game mode, you can earn free gacha vouchers to summon characters. There are four stages in this mode; each stage has (15) floors. As you complete a stage, you will enter phase II – stage 2. From phase II, III, IV, you can earn free gacha vouchers.

Get Free Gacha Vouchers From Events

On the top-left side, tap the event gift box option. This will take you to the event screen. From there, head to the rookie perks tab and claim free gacha vouchers by logging in daily. After that, head to the next tab, which is the Rookie Project – complete those missions to get free gacha vouchers. And, at last, navigate to the Daily Sign-in tab and sign in daily. We got (2) gacha vouchers by logging into the game for 3 days.

Complete The Main Story Missions

You can check the main story missions in the mission menu; Void Notice I, Void Notice II, III, etc. Complete them for more free gacha vouchers.

From The Crossing Void Exchnage Codes

Exchnage Codes or Gift Codes can be redeemed in the settings under the exchnage tab. Check out this post for free Crossing Void Exchange Codes or Gift Codes: –

Exchnage The Expedition Coins In Shop

Expedition Coins can be earned from the Void Expedition Challenge Mode. You can redeem these coins in the shop -> expedition, for gacha vouchers.

So this would be all in this post about Crossing Void Gacha Vouchers. Do you know more ways to obtain them? Comment below! Also, don’t forget to check our coverage: –

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