Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Zombieland: Double TapperZombieland: Double Tapper is a brand new Idle RPG for Android and iOS by Sony Pictures Television. Check out our Zombieland: Double Tapper guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Zombieland: Double Tapper, the player builds the team of heroes who fight the zombies in wastelands of America. You can tap the zombies to inflict damage, use the heroes’ skill to use special powers – and, the heroes assigned in the squad attacks the zombies automatically. In each location, you will fight the hordes of zombies & their boss. As you conquer their base or complete all the waves, you will get the rewards and the new location will get unlocked. Let’s learn about all the aspects in this Zombieland: Double Tapper guide and Zombieland: Double Tapper tips, cheats & strategies!

Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide

The Basics

Zombieland: Double TapperYou start the journey from Burlington where you deploy the three heroes – and, after completing or clearing all the waves in that location, the game rewards (10) Charlotte Shard. On the map screen, you can check the locations where zombies are disturbing the peace. In each location or mission, you must meet specific conditions. For example – In New York, you need (3) heroes(any quality/grade). While in Pittsburgh, you nee (3) heroes of rare quality. Tap on a location on the map to check the conditions.

After that, tap the select team button – on the next screen, you can assign the heroes; tank-type heroes in the front line, while damage/healer type heroes on the backline slots. Once you are all set, tap the begin mission button.

Keep in mind that the game does not allow you to change the team once you have started the mission – so pick the heroes wisely. Let’s learn the combat & stage mechanics.

Zombieland: Double Tapper Stage & Combat Basics

To win a round or clear the stage, you must kill all the zombies before they finish your squad. And as mentioned above, heroes in the squad attacks automatically – you can equip melee or primary or range/damage type weapons to the heroes so that they can deal damage.

To increase firepower, tap the zombies. When you tap the zombies, a zombie hand icon appears on the bottom-left screen – and when you tap that icon, it states a message – tap damage: tapping deals 25% of lowest hero primary damage. Let’s learn more about the tap damage in the Zombieland: Double Tapper game.

Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide To Tap Damage

The tap damage is determined by the primary damage stats of the lowest hero in the squad. First, you need to identify the lowest hero. Tap the hero icon at the bottom-center of the battlefield screen -> now check the primary damage stats. The hero with the lowest primary damage stats is your target. Here’s an example – suppose, we have three heroes in the squad: –

  • Wichita – 8.08K Primary DMG
  • Flushing – 19.6M Primary DMG
  • Houston – 309K Primary DMG

In the above table, Wichita is the weakest hero. And, her primary damage stats will determine the tap damage. For example – primary damage is 8.08K. So 25% of 8.08K(8080) would be 2020(2.02K). And, the tap damage would be 2020(2.02K).

So if you want to increase the tap damage, you will have to upgrade the weapon in the primary slot equipped by the hero or upgrade the hero using coins.

Waves & Boss

At the top-center of the screen, you can check the location name, stage progress, wave’s HP(red bar). At the end of the stage, you fight the boss. If you fail to get the victory, the game will send you back the previous stage/wave. So you must defeat the boss to progress.

How Many Stages At Each Location?

To complete a location, you will have to conquer a certain number of stages. At the top-left corner of the battle screen, tap the bag option -> there you can see the mission rewards that you get every stage. Above the cash in and claim all button, it displays the max stage reward. That would be the maximum stage level. For example – the New York location features 50 stages.

Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide To Cash In

Zombieland: Double TapperThe Cash-In function works like a prestige system. Using it, you can claim wisdom nuggets. Wisdom Nugget is the valuable in-game currency in Zombieland: Double Tapper which is used in upgrading/finding Zombieland Rules. There is a catch – you will return to the base stage if you use this feature. For example – if you are on stage 31 – and, then use you use this prestige function, the squad will return to stage 1, heroes’ upgrade will reset, and so will gold. The only benefit you get using this feature is the Wisdom Nugget.

Using Cash In function – tap the bag on the upper-left side of the combat screen -> cash in(reach stage 10) -> confirm.

Heroes Guide

ZombielandThere are three types of heroes in Zombieland: Double Tapper – Tank, Damage, and Support. Tank-class heroes excel in the front row because of their toughness and high HP stats – along with the matched skills. And, damage-class heroes excel in the backline – dealing damage on the zombies. While the support-class heroes have supporting skills – healing, buffs, etc.

Hero Grades

  • Common(Blue background)
  • Rare(Purple Background)
  • Epic(Yellow Background)

How To Get Heroes?

Go to the map screen -> tap the summon option on the upper-right corner -> hero summon or featured hero summon -> spend the sim cards. Sim cards can be obtained from the stage reward or boss reward or when you complete the location.

Weapons Guide

There are three types of weapons; primary, power, and melee. The hero automatically uses these weapons; for example – when fighting against the zombies in close-range, they use melee weapons.

Weapon Grade: –

  • Common Weapon(Blue Background)
  • Rare Weapon(Purple Background)
  • Epic Weapon(Yellow Background)

How To Get Weapons?

Head to the map -> summon -> weapon summon. You need keys to summon/obtain weapons. You can get keys by completing the weekly quests. Or: –

  • Complete the event quests
  • Daily Quests
  • Weekly Quests
  • Location Completion reward

So this would be all in this Zombieland: Double Tapper guide for beginners. Now, let’s have a look at the tips & tricks part.

Zombieland: Double Tapper Tips To Get Stronger: –

Upgrade The Heroes

As you kill the zombies, you get the gold coins. Use the gold coins for the hero upgrade. When you upgrade the hero, primary/melee/power damage gets increased. So they will be able to kill more zombies quickly.

Upgrade & Evolve Weapons

You need scraps to upgrade a weapon. For example – for primary weapons, you will need primary weapon scrap. You can get scrap from the stage missions or defeating the boss or scrapping the weapon. Go to the map -> weapons -> scrap -> select the weapon that you want to sacrifice for scrap material. And, hit the scrap button.

To evolve, you need blueprints; silver, gold, bronze, common. Upgrade to the max to evolve.

Increase The Tap Damage

In the guide part, we have shared detailed info on increasing the tap damage. So make sure to read it and increase the tap damage so that you can also contribute a decent DPS when fighting the zombies.

Equip & Upgrade Trinket

There are three types of Trinkets; protection, combat, and special. Depending on the trinket type, the hero gets buff. For example – protection trinket activates effects such as shield, dodge, heal, regeneration, etc. Tap the trinket to get the details. To upgrade the trinket, you need tin foil.

You can obtain Tin Foil from stage missions or events/quests.

Unlock & Upgrade Skills

As you upgrade the heroes, the game gives skill points. These skill points can be used for upgrading the hero skills. In the combat screen, at the bottom-center, tap the hero -> skills -> select a skill -> read the details -> spend the skill points.

Find & Improve Zombieland Rules

Zombieland Rules provide passive buffs to the squad. For example – Cardio rule/card increases the health of all heroes. Go to the map screen -> rules -> use Wisdom Nugget to find or improve these rules.

So these are the top basic ways to get stronger in the game.

Zombieland: Double Tapper Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Bird To Get The Gold

ZombielandNow and then, a bird appears on the screen during the fight. Tap the bird to get free coins. Or sometimes, you get the power-up/booster by watching a video ad.

2.) Compete In Daily Challenges

On the map, you will find the daily challenges; daily supply hunt, daily small change, etc. From these challenges, you can earn valuable rewards such as blueprint, Wisdom Nugget, etc.

3.) Complete The Event Quests

Sim Cards, Blueprints, Keys, Hero Shards and other valuable rewards can be obtained by completing the event quests, daily quests, and weekly quests. So make sure to complete them.

4.) Evolve Heroes

Z coins and Hero shards are required for evolution. For example – to evolve Wichita, you need (50) shards and 500 Z coins. Summon to get the hero shards.

5.) Use The Skills At The Right Time

When fighting against the boss!

So this would be all in this post – Zombieland guide and Zombieland tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

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