Eternity Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Eternity LegendsEternity Legends is a brand new Role Playing game for mobile by DIVMOB. Check out our Eternity Legends guide, tips, cheats & strategies

DIVMOB, the creators behind Semi Heroes Idle RPG has just released a brand new RPG named Eternity Legends. Eternity Legends game comes with a variety of game modes; online multiplayer, adventure(single player), Idle game mode(automatic), boss mode, and more. In the battle, you can control up to one hero(Assigned as the leader). As a leader of the team, it’s up to you to defeat the enemies in PvE and opponents in arena/PvP mode. If you are having trouble in winning the battles against high-level enemies in hard or elite mode or in understanding┬áthe game’s mechanics, then our Eternity Legends guide and Eternity Legends tips, cheats & strategies will help you. Let’s get started!


Before you head to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Eternity Legends game, the player builds a team of heroes(one leader, three supporters+1 in PvP/ARENA) and battle against enemies for the treasury items, gears, potions, tickets, and much more. Your objective is to make them stronger by upgrading, ranking up, tier up, and equipping the best gears. Eternity Legends game features over 15 heroes. All the heroes have unique active and passive skills.

Additionally, the game features over 50 unique gears. You use low-quality gears(usually, 1*-2* gears are treated as low-quality) in upgrading the high-quality gears(3* or higher).

You start the game from adventure mode. Adventure mode has seven sub-modes; normal, elite, Idle, heroes hunt, super boss, Stargate, skyscraper. And hard mode gets unlocked once you clear the 100 levels in campaign mode.

In the campaign mode(acts, stages), you battle against hordes of enemies and earn gears, fragments, potions, gold, and much more. You get rich rewards from the elite mode; hero fragments, high-rank gears, and much more.

From Stargate mode, you can earn crafting material(required in crafting high-rank gears, heroes). From the Skyscraper mode, super boss mode, you can obtain heroes, gems, gacha tickets, gold, and much more. Among all these modes, the Idle campaign is fully automatic. From this mode, the player earns hero fragments and more rewards. Let’s learn step-by-step: –


Mainly, there are two ways to get heroes in Eternity Legends; gem-code, Stella-code or using summon. However, you can also obtain some heroes by playing the game or using summon pieces(you can craft heroes). You get these summon pieces from the Stargate mode.

Codes – Gem-Code, Stella-Code. In the gem-code method, you use gems to obtain heroes. And in the Stella-code mode, you use Stella keys. Gem is easy to obtain while Stella is the premium in-game currency. But keep in mind that there is no guarantee that from these chests(you open using gems) you will get a hero. You could get a gear or material. Go to the star-code menu, under the method name, you can check after how many attempts you will get a hero.Eternity Legends

Summon -> In Eternity Legends game, the player can acquire heroes by gathering the hero fragments. These hero fragments can be obtained from adventure mode, from arena shop, guild shop. On the main screen of the game, on the right side, tap the menu button(Arrow) -> summon -> there you can check the list of heroes and fragments required to summon.


There are three types of heroes in Eternity Legends; offensive, defensive, and support. And the game gives you free three heroes after the tutorial; Achilles(Offensive), Hercules(Defensive), Hermes(Support). As of now, there are only two support heroes; Hermes and Freya. Both these heroes can heal the leader in the battle.

In your team, you can add up to four heroes and assign one included hero at the leader spot. And in the battle, you can control the leader only. Rest heroes can be summoned in the battle over time and they use their skills automatically. So you have to build the best team; choose the offensive or defensive type hero as a leader and at least one supporter.


By default, your hero earns EXP when you defeat the enemies in the battle. Or you can level up hero using the potions. Go to the heroes menu -> tap the hero -> level up -> use potion.

After reaching the maximum level, the hero will not gain EXP. To increase its maximum level, the player has to increase its rank. Go to the rank-up tab -> rank up. To rank up, you need hero fragments. Tap the + button to check the source.

Additionally, at certain maximum levels, you will be able to increase the tier level also. Play the elite mode to earn tier up materials for the hero.

Skills – Skills’ power mater a lot as using the skill is the only way to defeat the enemies or bosses in hard levels. Go to the hero profile menu -> skills -> there you can level up skills in exchange for gold. Make sure to level up all the heroes’ skill(included in the team).


Starting is easy! But as you progress through the game, elite monsters, the powerful super boss will be your opponents. And with a poor gear set, you can not defeat them as they have High HP stats, skills, damage power, and can kill your team in one-three hits.

To clear these stages, you should have better rank gears. And there are many ways to obtain gears; elite campaign mode, geo-code, super boss, Skyscraper, and crafting. Among all these, crafting is the best one.

All you have to do is gather the resources required to craft the specific rank gear. That’s it. You get high-grade material from the super boss mode, arena mode, and Stargate mode. Tap the menu button -> craft -> select a gear -> tap the material to check the exact source.


You can craft heroes as well as gears. But to craft, you need a set amount of resources; play these modes to earn; arena(earn arena coins and spend in the shop), guild war shop(contribute in the guild activities to earn points), Stargate, Super Boss.


To know the exact location of hero fragments or gears, tap the left side menu button(on the main screen, on the left side, tap the arrow icon) -> tap the notebook icon -> there you can check the list of items heroes, gears. Tap the hero, go to the source -> there you can check the exact location. In the gear menu, you can check the gear sets. And in the others menu, you can know about the items; gold stones(sell it to earn gold -> inventory -> gold stone -> sell). Potions – to level up a hero. Hero Tier Up material, gears rank-up material, Stargate material list, super boss material list, arena materials, summon stone pieces, auto-pass ticket, gacha ticket, sub-code ticket, and more.

So that’s all as Eternity Legends guide. Now, let’s check out our top Eternity Legends tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Eternity Legends Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Learn The Mana and Skill Management

Eternity LegendsDefeating the hordes of enemies is an easy task and you can do it by unleashing the basic skills only. But when fighting against the boss, blind moves would not work. Since skills are important and the true source of damage, you will have to use them wisely, at the right time.

To use the skill, you need mana points. You can check the mana points you have at the top-left. And these points regenerates over time. Additionally, you can not use a skill back-to-back. You have to wait a bit until its cooldown. So we would recommend you to save mana points and unleash the skills only when necessary.

Skill Management – Summon Hermes when you are low on HP as this hero can heal you in the battle. Don’t forget to upgrade the heroes’ skills.

2.) Dodging Can Save You In The Battle

Normal enemies’ attack would not impact your HP a lot as compared to the Boss’s attack. So when fighting against the boss, keep an eye on the boss’s movement. Before the boss cast its skill and deal damage, change your direction or move from the attack range as quickly as possible. Usually, bosses do not attack back-to-back(like your basic skills) and use special skills only after every few seconds. So you always have some time to move to the safe zone.

3.) Get Free Rewards From The Club

You can earn gold, auto-clear ticket(you use these tickets on completed levels to get the reward instantly), and many juicy rewards from the club hunts. All you have to do is select the desired rewards and wait for a few time. You can reduce the time by sending the heroes. Tap the right-side menu -> club -> select the hunt-> start. You can upgrade the club using gold and gems. Upgrading will let you start multiple hunts.

4.) Stargate Opens Daily For Certain Rewards

From the Stargate mode, you can obtain summon pieces, crafting material. Depending on the day, you get the reward. So don’t miss it and play daily. For example; On Monday, you can obtain purple summon pieces, On Tuesday, yellow summon pieces. Similarly, certain crafting material can be acquired on┬ácertain days only. Never miss the chance!

5.) Repeating Is Your Main Job In Eternity Legends

Staring with an example: You can upgrade gears using low-quality gears. And these gears are obtained from the adventure mode stages. Only one-time clearing rewards you one or two gears at a time. But it would not be enough for the gear upgrade. So you have to repeat the levels to earn more material for upgrading.

Similarly, for the EXP, rank-up material, fragments, you have to repeat the stages. You can use the auto-clear ticket to clear the complete stage(3*).

6.) Don’t Forget To Claim The Free Gems

On the main screen of the game, at the top, tap the gem icon -> there you can claim free gems daily. Additionally, for more gems, complete the daily missions, challenges, achievements. Tap the left-side menu -> tap the scroll icon -> there you can check the missions.

7.) Check-In In The Guild For Rewards

If you have joined a guild, then participate in the guild activities and earn guild shop currency. You can spend these points in the shop for rewards.

8.) Set Up The Defense Team For Arena

In the arena mode, the player fights against other player’s team for the arena coins and rank. Depending on the rank, you earn rewards. You can add up to five heroes in the arena team. Heroes added in the squad will fight against other players(even when you are offline). Tap the online button -> under the team tab, you can change the heroes or add more.

And at last, don’t forget to power-up the heroes. Read all the ways of powering-up in Eternity Legends guide part above. So that’s all for now as Eternity Legends tips, cheats & strategy guide. Also, see – Top best new Android games of this week

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