ExoMiner Guide: Science Points, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

“ExoMiner” is a new Idle Miner Adventure game by Eldring. Read on for “ExoMiner guide” available with tips, cheats & strategies.

ExoMiner Guide Tips Cheats Strategies

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ExoMiner Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this guide, you will learn how to play the “ExoMiner game”, about rank, tips on progression, and other aspects such as researches, production, selling resources, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: ExoMiner guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – 

Guide To In-Game Currencies In ExoMiner⇓

The three in-game currencies in the ExoMiner game are bucks, relics, and the science points. Bucks: players can earn bucks or in-game cash by selling the ores, alloys, and items. Use the bucks to buy upgrades for deposits or make researches. Relics: relic is the rare and premium currency in the game; you get it for free from the shop; daily. Also, by raising the rank, you can earn relics. Exominer Science Points; you can get science points from the crates or the shop and use them in upgrading the astronauts.

ExoMiner Science Points⇓

⇒In ExoMiner, Science Points are needed to upgrade the astronauts. Players can upgrade the astronauts once they’ve acquired their duplicate shards/cards from the crates. Progress a bit in the game and you will get to buy the crates containing astronauts; duplicate cards/shards will be used in the upgrades and it would cost you Science Points. That’s what Science Points do; help you in making upgrades to the characters. 

Astronauts In ExoMiner Game⇓

Astronauts are the characters or cards in the game that you can place on deposit and gain bonuses. Each character/astronaut in the game grants specific bonuses. For instance, Yuri increases the mining rate, Christer increases the cargo size as well as the mining rate, Sally increases the ship speed. 

Tap on a deposit where you want to place an astronaut. After that, on the top-left, tap on the + slot -> choose an Astronaut. 

Guide To Deposits⇓

Resource deposits are the source of ores such as copper, tin, bismuth, cobalt, and more. Tapping on the deposit will show you the list of resources that you can mine there. 

At each deposit, you will find three upgrades; mining rate, ship speed, and cargo. Increase the mining rate to mine more quantity, ship speed to dispatch the resources quickly, and the cargo upgrade; to dispatch more resources per round. 

Unlocking New Deposits⇓

To unlock new deposits, you will need to complete the “explorer researches”: –

  • Explorer 1: Extend Vision to 3 more deposits
  • Explorer 2: x10 Cobalt Bar + 500 Bismuth, Extend Vision to 3 more deposits
  • Explorer 3: x10 Cobalt Bar + 500 Bismuth, Extend Vision to 3 more deposits
  • Explorer 4: x5 Ball Bearing, x20 Cerussite Bar, +3 Deposits
  • Explorer 5: x3 Circuit, x10 Einherjer Bar
  • Explorer 6: x3 Laser Optic, x25 Manganese Alloy
  • Explorer 7: x3 Solar Panel, x20 Kryptonite Alloy
  • Explorer 8: x3 Laser Blaster, x10 Coreium Allow
  • Explorer 9: x3 advanced sensors, 10 cerythium alloy
  • Explorer 10: x3 surface scanner, x10 etherium alloy
  • Explorer 11: x3 Planet Explorer, x10 Cosmium Alloy
  • Explorer 12: x3 Planet Dust Collector, x10 Galaxium Alloy

Resources Guide For Beginners⇓

Ores such as copper ore, tin ore, cobalt, bismuth, and more are mined from the deposits. 

Alloys: you can “smelt” ores into alloys(copper bar, tin bar, cobalt bar, etc.) after completing the smelter research that allows you to refine ores into more valuable materials. Go to the production tab in the bottom menu -> smelt -> unlock new slots with bucks, select the ores that you want to refine. 

Items: with alloys, you can craft the items. You will need to complete the crafter research first. To craft the items, navigate to the production tab in the bottom menu -> go to sub-tab; craft -> unlock new crafting slots with bucks, select a slot and then select an item that you want to craft. For instance, “cables”, “make fuses”, make heat sensors, etc. 

Making More Bucks⇓

We would advise you not to sell the ores as ores prices are very low. You can refine the ores and get alloys and then use the alloys to craft the items. Items are sold at higher prices. Go to the Resources tab in the menu -> items -> select an item -> sell. 

Progression Guide For Newbies⇓

  • Upgrade the deposits gradually and improve mining rate, ship speed, cargo limit
  • Complete researches to extend vision to new deposits, get bonuses like increase in crafting or smelting speed
  • Complete the quests, rank up, and get relics
  • If there is a video ad offer, grab it; watch the video ad for free relics or crates
  • Open crates to get astronauts; assign them to the deposits
  • Increase idle time by watching the video ad(bottom menu -> boosts)
  • Mine, smelt, craft, and sell!

ExoMiner Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

ExoMiner does not support cheats or cheat code input.

So this would be all in this post on “ExoMiner guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners”. Got more tips? Comment below!

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