Cowboy! Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Tricks

Cowboy! is a brand new casual arcade mobile game by Lion Studios. Let’s have a look at our Cowboy! Game guide, tips, cheats & tricks

Lion Studios, the well-known publisher, behind many successful games such as Cash Inc, Hooked Inc, and more, has just expanded their awesome game gallery with a brand new casual game called Cowboy! Come to the latest release, Cowboy!, it’s such a fun game where your job is to collect all the animals. You will throw the lasso and catch the beasts. There is a wide range of animals, mammals, reptiles, and you need to catch them all. In today’s post, we will guide you to every basic aspect of the Lion Studios’ latest release – let’s get started – Cowboy! Guide and Cowboy! Game tips, cheats & tricks!

Cowboy! Guide – The Basics – Lasso & Upgrades

Cowboy!Well, it merely takes a second to understand the game as it’s concept is pretty simple. But, there are loads of things that you may don’t know and these things may help you in progressing fast. Let’s come to the basics – All you do is tap the screen to throw the lasso and swipe the finger to catch the beasts. Now, you may have lots of questions about the animals – how to discover new animals, rare animals, mythic animals, and more. We will cover all these in this part!

Cowboy! Catch, Make Money, Upgrade Lasso Length & Beasts

The straight answer to discover new beasts in Cowboy! game is to upgrade the lasso length. As you upgrade the lasso length, you will be able to reach long-distance areas where you can find the new rare beasts. Here is the distance information: –

(Cowboy World) –

The cowboy world has eight locations and each location, there are five beasts to discover. (8*5=total 40 animals in this world). You can access these eight locations by increasing the length of the lasso.

  1. Cowboy Town – This is where you start the journey – Yeehaw! – Goats, Bulls, Cows, Horse, Alpaca
  2. Sunny Forest – Increase the length of the lasso to 680M to reach this location. It ends at 1320 M
  3. Red Rock Tycoon – Lasso Length; 1320M – 1960M
  4. Western Wilderness – Lasso Length; 1960M – 2600M
  5. Silver Plateau – 2600M – 3280M
  6. Sweetwater Swamp – 3280 – 3920M
  7. Phantom Trail – 3920 M- 4560M
  8. Ancient Oasis – 4560M – 5200M

(Outlaw World) –

Once you complete the journey of Cowboy World location in Cowboy!, you will be able to visit the new world, called Outlaw World. There you will find more new beasts in eight locations.

  1. Gold Coast – This is where the journey starts in Outlaw World.
  2. Seaside Town – Lasso Length; 680M – 1320M
  3. Cowboy City – 1320M-1960M
  4. Dark Forest – 1960M-2600M
  5. Megalith Wilderness – 2600M-3280M
  6. Cold Plains – 3280M – 3920M
  7. Star ROAD – 3920m-4560m
  8. The Void – 4560M – 5200M

There are also some mythical animals out there that you may find randomly in one of these locations. So keep an eye on them if you want to complete the animals’ collection.

Collect The Medals To Ride Animals

Cowboy!You can ride every animal in Cowboy! Game. All you need to do is earn the gold medal. To earn these medals; bronze/silver/gold, you need to collect that particular creature a certain number of times. For example; If you catch panda 60 times, you can ride it. At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the bull beast button -> here you can see all the beasts that you have collected so far -> tap on any animal -> here you will see the medals. Earn the bronze medal and it will increase the rare version appearance of that particular beast. Earn the silver medal and you will get the 2X value of that beast every time you catch. And, the gold medal lets you ride. You can dismount or mount an animal anytime.

Cowboy! – Star Token and The Steeds

There is a lucky draw option on the right side of the screen and there you can spend star token for a random steed. You can ride these steeds just like animals. You get the one-star token free by watching the video ad. Or other ways are – complete the quests, buy using real money.

Tap the saddle icon on the left side of the screen -> there you can see all the steads. Tap the ride button to ride that specific beast.

Complete The Wanted Missions

Cowboy!On the right side of the screen, tap the wanted message icon -> complete all these goals to earn star token and gold coins.

Keep An Eye On The Short Glimpse Of The Beast Horde – There Are Many Diamonds

After you release the lasso to catch the animal, the game will show you the horde – you have to quickly filter the rare and special beasts in this short show and try to keep their positions in the mind so that at the time of trapping them it would not be difficult for you to catch these rare and special beasts.

These special(the golden ones) and rare ones make you the most money.

Upgrade The Lasso Size, Length, And Offline Earnings

The three upgrades that you have to do are; offline earnings – If you are not playing the game, you still make money and claim the earnings after you come online. If you want to make more money while being offline, you should spend gold coins on offline earning upgrades. The two lasso upgrades; lasso size and lasso length. We have already discussed the lasso length upgrade in the guide part above.

Lasso Size – If you want to rope more creatures at a time, then you should spend gold coins in raising this upgrade. In short, to catch more creature at a time, focus on lasso size upgrade. And, to discover new beasts fast, focus on lasso length upgrade. We would recommend balance these upgrades – no rush, take your time, and you will have all the animals in a few days.

Wait for the new update to the game and they may add new animals, locations, and other functions. Thanks for reading this article! How many beasts have you collected so far? Share in the comment below! So that would be all our Cowboy! guide and Cowboy! game tips for the beginners.

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