Black Desert Mobile Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats!

This is a beginner-friendly Black Desert Mobile guide that teaches you all the fundamentals of the game, along with some useful tips, tricks & cheatsBlack Desert Mobile Guide

If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. We have shared this beginner-friendly Black Desert Mobile guide for the players that helps them understand the core of the game like how to get stronger, progress, and much more. Also, we have shared a bunch of Black Desert Mobile tips & tricks to progress fast. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Black Desert Mobile Guide⇓

Your goal in BDM is to make the character stronger by raising the stats; his/her HP so that he/she can survive for long on the battlefield, his/her DPS so that you can inflict more damage on the enemies or crush them quickly to progress to the next quests. Also, the skills because they help you a lot; for DPS, it could be an AoE attack skill – for a balanced class like Valkyrie, it could be a healing skill. When you start the game, you pick the Family Name(account name) and the character. There are five characters/classes in the global version; we have shared a separate guide on classes that you can see here: – Black Desert Mobile Classes – Guide to choosing the best class. Once you are finished with the character creation, the real hunt starts in BDM! Let’s learn everything in detail.

Have Multiple Characters If You Are F2P

The first tip we would give to the players is to have multiple characters or play with multiple characters in BDM. The reason is some of the things or in-game currencies are shared all across family members. Remember the family name that you picked when you started the game? You create a family -> then characters. Three free character slots are given to the player for free. So you can create three characters or play with all these three characters. Benefit – Sharing! Some of the in-game items or currencies are shared all across the family members – for example – if you earn silver as a Ranger and then switch to another family member or character; you will see the same figure in that account. Also, if you want to raise the Contribution level fast, you must do this. We have shared a complete guide on contribution here: –

Get Familiar With Combat Tactics

At the bottom-center of the game interface, you can check the HP and MP Bar. HP – Red. MP – Greenish. On the left side of these bars, there is an auto-battle mode button that you can turn on-off based on your preference. If you like to play the battles manually, better turn it off. Turn it on and then see the magic in the battle! If you want to progress fast; better turn it on because the character will navigate to the enemies fast and you don’t need to switch or tap the skill buttons.

To unleash the skills, you need MP(Mana Points). Each skill works differently – so better read the skill details. For example – if you are playing as a DPS unit, equip the skills that inflict massive AoE or single target damage. You can check the classes’ skills in this BDM Class guide.

Raising the character’s stats will improve his/her combat performance: –

  • Max HP – More survivability
  • CRIT Chances
  • Attack Speed
  • Move Speed
  • Defense

You can raise these stats by equipping high-grade gears. Also, by activating the bonus effects, Gear Resoancne effects, and Accessory Resonance effects.

  • Bonus Effects are activated when you reach a certain CP
  • Gear Resoancne are activated based on all the gears’ level
  • Accessory Resoancne effects are activated based on all accessories’ enhancement level
  1. Bonus Effects improve character’s ATK, Defense, HP, Evasion, and Branch Damage
  2. Gear Resonance Effects improve character’s  ATK, DEF
  3. Accessory Resonance Effects improve Branch Damage/ATK/DEF
  • Branch Damage/Effect – Increases skill damage, chances of extra damage, skill crit chances, and number of targets

Above the HP/MP bar, there are three small icons on the left side, tap one of these icons to get more info on these effects.

Upgrade The Skills Using Skill Books

At the top-right side of the screen, tap the attack-type icon near the camp/bag icon – this will take you to the Skills menu where you can set up the skills to skill slots. Tap on a skill that you want to upgrade -> then tap the skill book to increase skill level. It will cost you silver. Also, enhancing skills give you branch damage. Read the branch damage/effect info in the above point.

Increase Your Knowledge In Black Desert Mobile

The player can get more benefits by increasing the knowledge; Topography, Academics, Ecology, Adventure, Character, etc. For example – to gather Wild Grass in the world, you need Knowledge: Northern Plantation, which you can acquire by completing the main Quest “Calpheon Northern Plantation”. Go to the menu -> Knowledge -> select the Knowledge by category -> tap the learn more button to expand it -> go to Unattained tab to check the Knowledge that you can gain in BDM World. Tap the tip world to learn how to acquire it.

Manage The Pets And Horses

There are two ways to acquire the pets in BDM: – from the pearl shop or market. If the market is empty, then you are left with one option; Pearl Shop. At the top-center of the screen, tap the (C) button -> remove the banner by tapping the cross icon at the top-right -> appearance -> pets -> there you can buy pets using pearls. Pearl is the premium in-game currency in Black Desert Mobile that you can obtain with real money(top-ups). Pets help you collecting the loot or with their skills.

Horse or Mount helps you in navigating through the map or with their bond effects. You can check the Horse Bond skill/effect in the stable, which is in the camp. Below the mini-map or chat box in the top-left, tap the horse icon to call the horse – don’t mount the horse -> tap bond button to get the benefit.

Raise The Family CP And Character CP

The Family CP is affected by: –

  • Black Spirit – Raise the Black Spirit level by absorbing dark energy
  • Passive Skill
  • Knowledge

The Character CP(Base) is affected by: –

  • Character Stats
  • Skill Level
  • Equipment; Outfit, Gear, Accessory, Relic, Crystals, Lightstone
  • Bonus Effects

Total CP – Family CP+Character CP.

Go to the menu -> Black Spirit -> there you can enhance gears, equip Lightstone, crystals, and level up the black spirit.

Grow Your Camp In BDM

You can build lots of facilities in the camp; for example – Trading Post to exchange resources, Blacksmith to craft equipment, and many more. The main building is the town hall, upgrade it to increase the number of workers – workers help you gather the resources that you need to craft potions, equipment, construct buildings, make upgrades.

Finish The Daily Tasks For Black Pearls

Black Pears can be obtained by completing daily tasks. Head to the menu -> tasks -> complete the tasks to earn rewards like black pearls, silver, enhancement material, etc. You can use the Black Pearls in the Pearl shop for a bunch of items like accessories, fragments, potions, chests, seeds, and much more.

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So this would be all in this Black Desert Mobile guide for beginners. In-depth guides on BDM will be posted soon on our site. Also, the Black Desert Mobile Updates!

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