Family Town Cheats: Tips For Beginners

Read on for Family Town cheats & tips for beginners covering the basic strategies, gameplay walkthrough, etc. 

Family Town Match-3 Makeover

Family Town: Match-3 Makeover

Published by Playfolk, well-known for Family Hotel, Emily’s Dreams, and more popular games, Family Town is a match-3 makeover mobile game that combines the classic match-3 gameplay with the makeover and character story. You will play the match-3 puzzle games to earn coins and gems. Use those coins and gems to complete the quests and progress through the character’s story, starting with Chole and Chole’s room.

You will fix the character’s home, pick the clothes and do the makeup. 

Family Town Cheats: Tips For Beginners

The game is easy to play and understand, but players must know a few things if they are f2p. By F2P players, we mean free-to-play players who don’t spend real money on the game or spend a little to support the developers. 

Save Gems, Power-Ups In Family Town: Match-3 Makeover

We recommend saving gems and not using power-ups in the early levels as they are easy to complete and usually are completed without the help of extra lives/gems or power-ups.

But later stages are not that easy to finish. You will need power-ups to complete the later stages. Since power-ups and gems are hard to obtain, it’s better to start saving them from the beginning. 

You can get free power-ups by completing the chapter quests or collecting the season medals. 

Create Special Object Tiles To Complete Levels In Family Town: Match-3 Makeover

Matching three same color tiles is the minimum requirement, but it’s always a good idea to look at or target four or more same color tiles so that you can get special tiles that can help you clear levels quickly. For instance, matching four same color tiles in a row/column gives you special objects that clear a complete row or column. 

Matching X2/X2 same color tiles gives you a flying bomb object. Match more than X4 or X5 same color tiles to create rainbow candy bombs or cracker boxes. Family Town- Match-3 Makeover Cheats

Progress Through The Chapter Quests

In the lower-left corner of the game’s home screen, tap the to-do quest icon to open the chapter quest menu; you will see the list of quests you need to complete to finish the story. Usually, these quests include repairing the character’s home, doing the makeup, and choosing the best clothes for your character. You will need the gold coins to do these quests, which you can earn by completing the match-3 puzzle stages. 

How To Change The Furniture/Decoration Items In The Home

To change the furniture/decoration items in the home, you need to tap on it and hold it for a few seconds, and you will get the option of changing that item. 

Family Town- Match-3 Makeover Cheats

Family Town Cheats To Replenish Heart/Life/Lives Quickly

We don’t recommend using this Family Town cheat, but here it is; as you know that it takes half an hour to get a free heart or life in the game; if you don’t want to wait, here’s what you can do; first, close the game, turn off the internet connection, and change the time; set it ahead 30 minutes. 

Caution; if you turn on the internet connection and play the game, you will have to wait for the amount of time you skipped by using the time lapse cheat

Don’t Waste Time On Family Town Hacks

You will find a lot of websites on the web claiming to provide unlimited gems and coins hack for Family Town, we recommend staying away from these websites as they could lead you to the account ban. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Family Town cheats and tips guide for beginners. 

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