Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide

Don’t know how to change name, civilization or create a new character, about reset in RoC? Check out Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide

In the last post, we shared a detailed guide along with some tips & tricks on the RoK game(you can read that guide here). In this post, we are going to share the Rise Of Kingdoms account management guide that helps you in changing the Kingdom or country you opted for when you started the game, and much more; change name, icon, create a new character, reset, etc. So, let’s get started.

Your First Action – How To Change Kingdom or Country?

For the first time, before entering the city, the player has to select the civilization or a country. And it would be free for the first time. But after it, suppose you reach the level 20+ and wants to change the country or civilization, then it will cost you 10,000 gems. First of all, let’s learn about the civilizations: –

You will get a special buff, depending on the country selection. For example; if you choose China, then you will get a +2% defense buff for troops, +10% production speed, +2% building speed. Rise Of Kingdoms game allows you to select one country out of eight available. Here’s the list: –

  • Rome
  • Germany
  • Britain
  • France
  • Spain
  • China
  • Japan

If you want to change the civilization or country, then here’s how you can do it: –

Go to the city(main screen of the game), at the top-left corner, tap the avatar. On the next screen, you can change the character’s avatar(governor’s avatar), name, and civilization. Rise Of Civilizations Account Management

To change the civilization, tap the current country name and on the next screen, select the country you want to choose. As stated above, it costs you 10,000 gems(it’s a huge amount).

Don’t have 10,000 gems or don’t want to spend?

Here’s the free method to change the civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms: –

You don’t need to reset the game or link a new account as the game provides the free Kingdom facility. Go to the account management screen(tap the avatar icon, at the top-right side of the screen) -> choose settings -> character management -> create a new character -> choose a server/Kingdom -> confirm. After it, the game will start from the beginning. If you want to go back or load the old progress, go back to the character management screen and choose that character. Keep in mind that you can create maximum of 2 characters in each kingdom/server.

When you create a new character, the game will begin with the country selection. This time choose wisely by reading or comparing all the buffs. We would recommend you to choose China. However, the choice is yours. Also, see: –

So this is the short post on Rise Of Kingdoms account management guide that helps you in changing the current country or civilization without resetting the game progress.

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25 thoughts on “Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide”

  1. Both face book and Google account show linked , but couldn’t log In, of course when tried to switch account just loading up new castle

  2. Ok i have played on my android tablet a long time and it is linked to my google account.. But my tablet is old and because there are no real high end android tablets i switch to an ipad air 2019.. Now there i can only choose for facebook or gamecenter.. But appearently i already have made (some time in the past) a facebook roc account.. so when i link or switch i get a very old roc account which i dont want..
    I want to get my progression from google account to an ios device so i have to use a facebook linked account BUT I CANT because there is already a ROC profile on that facebook account and i cannot delete it! WHY is that not possible? How can i delete this facebook ROC account!?

  3. Make deleting accounts on RoC possible! I am trying to delete an account to start a new account but it’s not possible!! MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

  4. I have 2 characters logged into a google id but i want to link the second character to an another google id. Is that possible?

  5. Need help
    I format my phone (android )
    But I forget to bind or link my acc
    Cant acces in my acc on new game installed after formated device.all new program installed
    Is there any chance to retrieve my old acc?
    Dont know which server I played .and ID dont know
    But I know point.my nick.alliance.leader.how man ressources I had.army.everything
    Help me please

  6. This game is nice but have lots of “bugs” not to call it other thing.
    You can’t play on multidevices (IOS/android)
    You can’t remove a test castle…
    In my opinion they lose alot because of these.

    • I was playing and now i made a new account an the old one was link to Facebook and while i was playing the new account it told me to bundt the account and i said yes now my accound is away and still have the old one but in the new account my dogter can se my castle still so how do i get my nuwe account back

  7. Why can’t delete an account. You will loose all the city’s stuff and … that’s it. Why is it impossible to delete it. Don’t tell me that “you can’t”. I know I can’t. Make it possible. You are the programmers. If you don’t want to do it, just give us a reasonable answer. Thank you.

  8. Question. I am playing roc on my mobile phone on The main email nad have to civs. Now i want to start New game with new mail. I have created new mail nad added in to my Phone but after i want to log in in The roc The game saying that google play od not linked, but in The Google play A am signed with new mail. Can anyone give me advice what can i do?

  9. My friend sign into his rise of civilization account but my account was not link when he switch to his.
    How can I get into my account that is not link?