Farmville 3 Exotic Animals List & Guide

Wondering about Farmville 3 Exotic Animals? Read on for Farmville 3 Exotic Animals List & Guide; how to get exotic animals, train them, and more. 

Farmville 3 Exotic Animals

Farmville 3 Exotic Animals⇓

Farmville 3 Exotic Animals are different from normal animals. Normal animals can be obtained by completing the deliveries or orders, but not the exotic animals. Let’s learn how to get Exotic Animals in Farmville 3.

How To Get Exotic Animals in Farmville 3

First, you need to reach level 9 in the game as only after this stage, exotic animal home is unlocked – exotic animal home is a facility specially made for exotic animals. Exotic animals stay in this facility. Read these tips to know how to level up fast in this game. 

Once you have reached level 9 in the game, you will be able to construct this facility. Tap on the hammer icon button in the lower-left corner and head to the “paw” tab at the top -> there you will find the exotic animal home. Build it -> up to 3 exotic animals can stay in one exotic animal home. 

After that, build another facility called “Ranger Station”(hammer icon in the lower-left corner -> head to production building tab -> select ranger station). Once built, tap it -> compass -> this will unlock the exploration. By this stage, you will get your first exotic animal. 

Complete Exotic Animal Quests And Chapters To Unlock Merchant, Win Keys⇓

After building the ranger station, you will be able to send the exotic animal to the exploration or on the exotic animal quest. Complete the quests and chapters to unlock the merchant function and also earn keys, which you can use to unlock the chests, obtained from the farm areas when clearing the weed. 

To send the animals on exploration, you will need animal energy. The energy replenishes over time. It will be restored immediately when you level up. Other than keys, you can also earn extra special rewards. 

Complete Chapter Quests On The Map To Unlock More Exotic Animals⇓

Players can unlock more exotic animals by progressing through the chapters or exotic animal quests on the map; Ranger Station -> Compass -> Map. 

Buying Exotic Animals⇓

Head to the merchant or shop menu of the game by tapping the coin or gem icon in the upper-left. Head to the exotic chests tab; there you will be able to buy the chests with gems or by watching the video ads. The bronze chest can give you 1-2 star exotic animals while the silver gives 1-3 star exotic animals, and at last the epic chests, which costs a lot, but gives high grade 3-5 star exotic animals. 

How To Get Exotic Tokens?

County Fair, Chest Events, and Boat give you exotic tokens. You can also get exotic tokens using gems. 

Train Exotic Animals To Make Them Stronger⇓

Farmville 3 Exotic Animals can be trained with elixirs(obtain from deliveries, animal quests, or selling owned exotic animals). It’s important to train exotic animals if you don’t want the animal quests getting fail because of low power. You can level these animals with elixirs and once at max, evolve them using evolving material items. 

Tap the exotic animal -> info -> select exotic animal -> tap the exotic animal -> train. 

How To Get Evolution Materials In Farmville 3?

You can obtain Evolution Materials from exotic animal quests and Sky Race. Evolution Materials are required to evolve Farmville 3 Exotic Animals. 

Farmville 3 Exotic Animals List⇓

  • Skunk – Exotic Animal
  • Hog Badger – Exotic Animal
  • Badger – Exotic Animal
  • Bog Turtle – Exotic Animal
  • Pearl Turtle – Exotic Animal
  • Obsidian Turtle – Exotic Animal
  • Raccoon – Exotic Animal
  • Jackalope – Exotic Animal
  • Red Fox – Exotic Animal

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