Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising is a brand new MMORPG by Cloud Games Limited. Check out Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising is the latest MMORPG title from Cloud Games Limited. It lets you play as an Assassin, Berserker or Gunner class. Like other MMORPGs, in this one, you will do the same things; auto-quests, pets, wings, upgrades, gear enhancing, power-up, arena ranking push, and all. And, it also features a VIP system which gives a boost to the player who spends money. In today’s Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising guide and Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising tips, cheats & strategies, we will help you to play for free for a long time and with a decent progress boost.

Things To Know In Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Game: –Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising

1.) Choosing The Class -> The very first you have to do after logging is creating the character. The game allows you to opt one out of three featured classes; assassin, berserker, and gunner. Assassin’s speed is way too high than other class and helps her in dodging the enemy attacks. But she can not attack from a range like Gunner class. Gunner’s attack stats are pretty good as compared to Assassin and Berserker + she can attack from a range. Berserker’s survival rate is better than others, means he is good at absorbing damage and attacking. So what’s the best class in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising game? We would recommend you to choose Assassin as her speed skill, attack, and survivability rate is good. The choice is yours; go with a character that suits you.

2.) Titles -> Titles impact the attributes of the character. When you start the game for the first time, you don’t have any title. You will have to acquire it by completing certain conditions. At the top-left corner, tap the character icon -> go to the title tab. The first 6 titles are premium ones. Ignore them and scroll down to see the free titles. You can acquire these free titles by reaching a certain milestone. For example; to acquire army assault titles, you must have 6 pets.

3.) Appearance Also Impacts -> In Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising game, the appearance(costumes/outfits) of the character also matters. These costume can increase the attack, defense, HP, HP regeneration speed, mobility stats. Tap the character icon at the top-left of the screen -> there is a wardrobe button -> tap it -> there you can see all the items for that character class. Just below its name, you can check the source. Most of these items are premium and highlighted first in the column. Scroll down to check the free costumes. Free costumes or outfits can be obtained from the time limited events.

4.) Reclaim Earnings By Coins -> At the top-right corner, just below the mini-map -> tap daily quests option. That menu has three sub-sections; daily gameplay, timed event, and reclaim earnings. Go to the reclaim earnings section. It is set to gem mode by default and lets you claim earnings by spending gems. But you can change it. At the bottom of that screen, check the circle next to reclaim by coins. Now you will be able to claim the rewards again by spending coins instead of wasting gems.

5.) You Can Earn Free Gems -> If you are wondering how to get free gems in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising, then we would recommend you to participate in the shake it up event. At the top of the screen, tap the perks option -> shake it up -> spend the lottery ticket. You can earn free gems. You can get the lottery ticket as a login reward. 2.) The second free method to earn gems is by earning devotion points. Go to the daily quests menu -> daily gameplay -> complete these tasks to earn devotion points. On the right side of the same menu screen, there is a devotion bar. Its gauge increases as you earn devotion points. And, at certain points, you get free chests. You can earn up to 200 gems daily by completing these tasks.

So these are the basic things you should know. Let’s dive into the Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising guide.

How To Get Pets In Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Game?

You can get the pets from PvP shop, Pet Battles, events and from the Zero City. PvP Shop –> At the top-right side, tap the arena option -> PvP shop -> there you can buy some pets by spending arena tokens. Arena tokens can be obtained by getting victories in the arena battles.

Pet Battle> Tap the daily quests button -> timed events -> there you can check the timings of that event. The game will notify you when it goes live.

Zero City -> At the top-right corner, tap the mini-map -> Zero City. Lucky Wheel -> Sometimes, some pets get featured in this reward wheel. Tap the lucky wheel button at the top -> if there is a pet featured, spin the wheel and try luck. You can spin for free daily.

Additionally, sometimes you receive eggs; you could get a pet or pet fragments from it.

How To Equip Pets Or Deploy Pets?

Tap the menu button(< icon at the bottom-right corner) -> pets -> squad -> tap the (?) -> select the pet.

How To Level Up Pet?

Pets help you in the battle, brings reward from pet battle. So it’s important to power-up them. Leveling up the pets is one of the primary ways to power-up a pet. Go to the pet menu -> tap a pet -> hit the level up button. You need EXP cakes to level up the pet.

How To Get EXP Cakes?

  • Complete the pet quests

Tap the daily quests option just below the mini-map -> tap the Go button next to Pet Quests. On that screen, you can check Pet Quests. Tap the access button and choose pets(tap [?]) for the quest. After it, on the left side(same menu), tap the In progress option -> there you can check ongoing quests and the time left for the reward.

How To Upgrade Pets?

  • You need pet fragments to upgrade a pet
  • You can obtain pet fragments from the pet battles, pet quests, lucky wheel, eggs
  • The player must rebirth two times to become eligible to upgrade pets

Go to the pet menu -> select a pet -> upgrade -> upgrade.

How To Get Mounts In Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Game?

You get the first mount in the tutorial; scooter. Fantasy Heroes: Demong Rising game features loads of mounts you can ride on; dragon, modern vehicles, chicken, frog, and more.

  1. Firefly Frog – From Bounty Quests
  2. Yellow Chicken – Zero City Guard
  3. Little Sheep – Level Up Gift
  4. Spinosa Frog – PvP Shop
  5. Flame Frog – Zero City Quests
  6. Moonlight Meow – Level Up Gift
  7. Sunshine Motorcycle – Legion Boss
  8. Holiday Motorcycle – Zero City Shop
  9. Meteor Fighter – PvP Shop
  10. Phoenix Fighter – Challenge the boss
  11. Mecha Armor – Boss Crusade
  12. Elizabeth – Events
  13. Love Chick – Event
  14. Heroic Roaster – Dark Trail
  15. Western Motorcycle – Event
  16. Mecha Nostrider – Event
  17. Phantom Fighter – Hidden Secrets
  18. Silver Fighter – World Boss
  19. Crimson War Chariot – Event
  20. Funky Chicken – Treasure Map
  21. Void Mover – Event
  22. Pegasus – Event
  23. Leopard – Event
  24. Raptor – Event
  25. Dragon – VIP Mall

How To Power-Up Mounts?

Like pets, Mount’s stats also impact the power of the main character. You can increase the mount stats by advancing to the next tier, leveling up, skill upgrades. Go to the mount menu -> level up, advance, skill.

How To Equip Mounts?

Go to the mounts menu -> select a pet -> on the left side, tap activate button.

What Is Transfer Feature?

In the mount menu, there is a transfer button on the left side. It lets you transfer the stats of one mount to another and you will also receive ascension bonus; mount essence.

Gear Guide: – Enhance, Jewel, Enchant, Stars

Increasing the power of the character is one of the main tasks for the player to overcome challenging quests. The gears you equip matters a lot. You will have to improve these gears to increase the character’s stats. There are a number of ways which we have discussed in this part: –

Enhance -> Tap the enhance gear option from the menu. There you can enhance the gears by spending coins.

Jewel -> You can embed or insert jewels in the gear for further improvement.

Stars -> In this method, you will use star material(e.g. bronze star, gold star, silver star) to increase stats of the equipment.

Enchant – Enchanting lets you improve the equipment stats.

How To Get Gears?

Participate in the events; World Boss, Hidden Secrets, Crusade mode to obtain gear chests. From these chests, you can obtain high-quality gears. Additionally, some quests also reward gears to the player.

How To Delete Gears?

You can recycle useless gears for gold coins. Tap the menu button -> bag -> gear -> recycle.

Skills, Artifacts In Fantasy Heroes: Demon RisingFantasy Heroes: Demon Rising

  • You can unlock new skills by leveling up the main character
  • Participate in the boss crusade mode to earn skill points
  • Use skill points to level up skills
  • You can unlock passive skills by activating certain Heavenly instruments(read artifacts guide below)

Artifacts -> The artifacts menu has four sub-sections; skills, rune stone, advance, and holy creature. Go to the advance section -> challenge the boss -> you can earn heirloom by defeating the boss-> unlocks passive skills. Head to the rune-stone tab -> select a rune -> challenge the boss to earn runes. You can put these runes to skill socket. Go to the holy creature tab -> here you can check artifacts.

Legion – Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising 

Legion is the guild feature that lets you access legion boss feature, legion events; Legion Hehemons, Event Hall, and more. In the legion boss, the captain summons the legion and members, all together, defeat the boss to earn rewards. From the event hall event, you can earn honor, legion funds, EXP. Head to the legion building -> accept the quest -> earn legion honor. You can spend Legion honor in the legion shop for stars, emerald, and more items.

Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Change Class/Class RebirthFantasy Heroes: Demon Rising

Just below the mini-map, tap the change class button. You can change class at certain milestone levels; 50, 120, 160, 200, 240, 270. Changing the class reward a passive skill and lets you equip high-tier gear. To change the class, you will have to complete the missions, mentioned on that screen. Tap the research button and complete the mission. After completing all the missions, the class will be changed. You will see the message there.

P.S. It does not let you switch between character classes.

So this is the Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising guide for the beginners. Let’s take a look at our top Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising tips, cheats & strategies.

Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Tips & Tricks

1.) Power Up The Main Character 

You may find the game easy in the early phase, but it’s not. To get the runes, heavenly instrument, you will have to challenge the boss(Read skill guide above for more info). And, to defeat that boss, the character must meet the recommended power condition. So powering up the main character is your main job. How to power up?

  • Level Up
  • Rebirth
  • Enhance Gears
  • Upgrade Wings
  • Upgrade Pets, Mounts
  • Level Up Skills
  • Get better outfits in the event
  • Earn titles

Wings – Tap the character icon at the top-left corner -> wings -> level up. You can get feather fossil by completing the daily quests.

2.) Get All The 5 Chests

By earning 100 devotion points, you can claim five chests, contains gems/coins/artifact ticket, and much more. To earn 100 points, complete all the daily quests.

3.) Participate In The Events

Certain items can be obtained from the events only. So make sure to participate in all the events to grab all the items; costume, mounts, pet fragments, gear chest, and more. Head to the timed events tab in the daily quests menu to check the timings.

4.) Join A Legion

You can earn legion’s honor and coins and spend in the legion store for many useful items. So make sure to participate in all the legion events and get more precious rewards.

5.) Tap The Card Often

Fantasy Heroes: Demon RisingOn the right side of the screen, a red card often appears. Tap it to claim free rewards. Note – Tap it as soon as you see it, otherwise, you will not get any reward.

So these are the top Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising tips for the beginners. You can share your tips in the comment section below.

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