Jaws.io Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Jaws.io is a brand new multiplayer game for mobile by Universal Studio Interactive. Let’s have a look at our JAWS.io guide, tips, cheats & strategies

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JAWS.io – The Basic Guide

Jaws.io⇒In JAWS.io game, you can play as a boat and Jaw(Shark). All the players spawn as a boat on the sea map. To become the Jaw in Jaws.io game, the player needs to collide with it. Since all the players spawn as a boat, all have the equal opportunity to become Jaw. But, only one player can transform into Jaw at a time. One of the best advantages of becoming Jaw is you can destroy other players and earn a huge amount of points. However, the player with the boats can shot Jaw and reduce its HP to 0. By killing the player who is a shark(Jaw), you can transform from the boat to Jaw. The player destroyed by you will spawn on the sea map after a few seconds, as a boat.

⇒The player with the most points at the end of the match gets the victory and highest shark points. You can check the points table at the top-right corner of the screen. In Jaws. io game, you earn points by destroying other players(make sure their level is lower than your boat. If you are a Jaw, don’t care. Just collide), eating swimmers, creatures, bonus ships, scrappy items on the map.

⇒On the basis of rank, you will get the shark points.

So this would be all for now as Jaws.io guide. Let’s learn everything in detail!

How To Become A Jaw or Shark

Jaws.ioAs we mentioned above, upon the start of the game, all the players on the map have equal opportunity to become jaw. Once you are spawned, find the Jaw on the map. There would be a shark navigation icon on the screen. Follow the compass. Collide with the Jaw to become Jaw.

Boat Shots

Players with the boat can shot the shark. It’s automatic. All you need to do is move around it. Additionally, you can destroy other boats(players) by colliding. But avoid high-level boats. If your boat level is low, then don’t mess with any high-level boat. You will be destroyed. On the other hand, destroying enemy boats grant more points.

Boat Skins

On the main screen of the game, tap the skins game object. Here you can see all the skins featured in the game. The boat skins are: –

  1. Red Fishing
  2. Blue Fishing
  3. Green Fishing Boat
  4. Orange Fishing Boat
  5. Yacht – Watch 5 Ads
  6. The Orca – Watch 30 Ads
  7. Sailboat – Login one more day
  8. Submarine – Play 7 days(consecutive)
  9. Hooper’s Boat – (Earn 200 Shark Points)
  10. Amity Police Boat(800 Shark Points)
  11. Islander(1800 Shark Points)
  12. Racing Boat(3200 Shark Points)
  13. Shark – 500 Shark Points

Shark Skins

There are lots of Shark skins also available. You can unlock them by playing the game, earning shark points, and watching video ads.

  1. Jaws
  2. Hammerhead Shark(Watch 15 video ads)
  3. Battle Scarred Jaws(Get #1 rank)
  4. Whale Shark(Login 3 Consecutive Days)
  5. Basking Shark(50 SP)
  6. Bull Shark(450 SP)
  7. Thresher Shark(1250 SP)
  8. Goblin Shark(2450 SP)
  9. Tiger Shark(4050 SP)
  10. Mecha Jaws(6050 SP)
  11. Shark X(7200 SP)

Game Mode

Jaws.io game features two game modes; classic and party game mode. In the classic mode, you battle against other players. In the party mode, you can play with friends. At the top-left of the screen, tap the game mode button -> choose party -> create room -> note down the server code. To join, tap the join room button -> enter the code.

Shark Points

Shark Points are required to unlock new skins(Jaw Skins, Shark Skins). Play the classic game mode and rank higher to earn shark points. After the battle, you can watch the video ad to gain more shark points.

Jaws.io Tips and Cheats

⇒Your very first objective should be becoming a shark. Follow the shark compass and collide with the shark to become Jaw. The reason is sharks can easily earn points and achieve #1 rank in no time if controlled properly.

⇒If you fail initially(to become Jaw), it would be better to level up rather than shooting the shark(player). Strike those swimmers, NP-Boats, scrappy items at the river bank on the sea map, whales, bonus ships, small fish, floaters. Collide with other players(boats, low-level) to earn more points.

Jaws.io⇒In Jaws.io, you can earn over 200 and 1000 points by colliding with the whales, bonus ships. Always keep an eye on these massive point booster power-ups to beat other players.Jaws.io

⇒If you are playing as a Jaw, avoid boat shots. Your health is limited. Once reached to 0, you will respawn as a boat. When low on health, avoid the boats and focus on gaining more points.

⇒Boats, as well as Jaws, have a special ability. Boats have super shot ability. Jaws have dash ability. Use these abilities at the right time. For example; use the dash ability when you are surrounded by multiple boats. Use the super shot ability when close to the Jaw(the last strike ;)).

Jaws.io Strategy

This is the strategy we often use and most of the time ranked #1. As usual, your primary move should be of becoming the Jaw. After that, don’t let the other boats settle down, raid the nearby boats and earn more score points. Since the boat can also attack you, you will have to dodge all those shots. In the first phase(level 1 Jaw), you can move fast. But as you grow up, the speed will reduce. So it would be better to make use of the speed factor in the first phase of the game by raiding the boats. After that, focus on bonus ships, NP-Boats, swimmers, and other items on the map to gain points. Take a look at the Jaws.io tips above for more details.

If you fail to become the Jaw in the first spawn phase, it would be better to focus on level up instead of colliding with other players. First, you will increase the boat level -> then raid low-level ship to earn points. Additionally, if you are playing as a boat, try to maintain a distance between the shark and you. Shoot the shark from a distance. By destroying the shark player, you can earn over 400 points and become the Jaw.

So this would be all for now as Jaws.io guide and Jaws.io tips for the beginners. If you have some more cool tips & tricks, let us know in the comment section below 😀

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  1. Hello. After weeks and weeks of playing religiously, I have unlocked all the shark skins and all the boats, but I keep acquiring shark points which I don’t need and don’t seem to be able to even use at all, nor am I able to convert them into something else that is useable. Currently, I have over 40,000 shark points that I have acquired by watching the countless ads in hopes of only getting more coins to use in the supply shop. What am I suppose to do with these shark points? Right now, they are worthless in the game, so why am I still acquiring them? Please tell me how I can convert them to more time or coins even. Like I said, I have watched ad after ad to get this far. But now my time is being wasted for shark points that I don’t need and cannot use. Please let me know what can be done with the shark points? Also, I have played and watched the ridiculous number of ads to get coins, which I have used in the shop. My time is maxed out but I do not notice any extra time given or found. It took me a very long time to pay for the extra time. I mean a long time since the price rises with each purchase, yet no more time has been given than I had before purchasing 15/15 or before purchasing 3/15 for that matter. Did I waste my time, energy, and coins to acquire time that isn’t given? I like this game but am at a standstill on what to do about these issues? Can you help? Would love to hear back from you. Typically, I am not a game player, but found this game and Crowd City to be addictive, yet the issues I have written about make it less appealing now, so can you fix these problem areas?
    Lisa Marchman