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Fishing Cube is a brand new fishing game for mobile by mobirix. Check out our Fishing Cube guide, tips, cheats & strategies to catch big fishFishing Cube

Mobirix has recently published another fishing game called Fishing Cube – featuring awesome graphics and gameplay. In the game, you travel through a lot of fishing locations and complete the fish collection; it challenges you to discover all the hidden fish at all the locations. Additionally, the game lets you build an aquarium where you keep these fish. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Fishing Cube guide teaches you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Fishing Cube tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!Fishing Cube

Fishing Cube Guide: –

Your goal is to complete the collection of fish. Go to the menu by tapping the menu button in the upper-left corner > collection -> there you can check the fish that you have obtained from a particular location. We all start the fishing journey from Borneo Sea and as you level up, new locations such as the Mediterranean Sea, Coral Sea, Bering Sea, and more get unlocked. Let’s learn how to fish and how the game mechanics work!Fishing Cube

How To Fish In Fishing Cube?

On your screen, pull down the hook button to cast the fishing bait into the sea. When you pull down the hook button, a tension gauge bar appears on the top of the screen. If you release the hook button when the cursor at the tension gauge bar hits the perfect(white color spot), you will gain more EXP and big fish bonus. After that, wait for the “Hook” message – when it pops out, pull down the hook button again to strike the fish. When you do this, a tension gauge bar pops out at the top of the screen; the gauge should not touch the low point and endpoint – otherwise, the fish will escape. You have to maintain it by releasing the hook button and pulling it down – depending on the gauge’s level.

So that’s how you fish in the Fishing Cube game. Pull down the hook button to attack or strike – this will reduce the fish’s HP – the red bar displays the total HP. When it goes down to 0, you will get the fish.

Aquarium And Releasing The Fish

Once you catch the fish, the game will give you two options; put in the aquarium or release it. Put in the aquarium if you want to feed the fish and let it grow – when it reaches the max growth, you can sell it at the max price for gold coins and rubies. Releasing the fish gives you EXP(Experience Points). EXP is required to reach the next level in Fishing Cube. When you level up, new locations get unlock;

  • Mediterranean Sea – Level 10
  • Coral Sea – Level 20
  • Bering Sea – Level 30
  • Caribbean Se – Level 40

In the top-left side of the game interface, you can check the current level and the level progress(in %).

Hooks: –

Hooks are required to fish in the Fishing Cube. The game gives the free hook to the player every few minutes. At the top-center of the game interface, you can check the number of hooks that you have. If you want more, you can purchase from the shop or wait until the game gives you the free one or by watching the video ad.Fishing Cube

In-Game Currencies: –

In Fishing Cube, there are two in-game currencies; gold coins and rubies. Golden Coins can be obtained by selling the fish; put in the aquarium and sell it for gold coins. And, obtain rubies as a level-up reward, by selling the fish. There is also a special gift offer; by watching the video Ad, you can get free gold coins and rubies. Tap the AD option in the top-left -> watch the video Ad to get free rewards.

Equipment Guide: –

There are four types of equipment you need to fish; Fishing Rod, Reel, Lure, and Line. All these equipment can be upgraded or enchanted using the coins. Go to the equipment screen from the menu list -> there you can upgrade these gears: –

  • Fishing Rod – Upgrade it to increase the attack power so that you can inflict more damage to the fish and it helps you catch the big fish with high HP stats
  • Fishing Reel – Upgrade it to increase the rolling reel speed
  • Lure – Upgrade it to increase striking damage
  • Line – To increase the length – you may lose the fish if it extends the length. So higher the length, lower the chances of fish to escape

Keep in mind that enchantment may fail – so there are always chances of

Smelting Equipment: –

By smelting the gears, you can grant and change its options. For example – attack, striking damage, gold, etc. Every time you smelt it, there will be different options.

Aquarium: –

This is where you put the fish. The first basic aquarium is free to use. You can buy more by spending the rubies. Tap the manage button to enter the aquarium -> there you can feed the fish(tap the fish food item in the top-right corner) -> tap the fish button on the bottom-right side to see the fish’s growth. Sell fish when it reaches the max growth – you will be rewarded with the gold coins and rubies.

Exchnage Shop: –

When catching the fish in Fishing Cube game, you may get the material items like Pearl, Coral, StarFish, Clam, Seaweed, Rock – these material items can be exchanged for gold, deco box, buff chest, fish feed, and golden chest.

Raising The Stats In Fishing Cube: –

The four main stats are attack, rolling reel speed, striking damage, and line. These stats can be improved by spending rubies. Go to the menu and from the menu list, head to the My Info menu -> tap the + button next to a stat and spend ruby to increase it.

Skins: –

The game gives you free Novice Classic Rod skin at the start of the game. You can get a premium-quality rod by spending rubies or exchanging the material items. Unlike the classic rod, premium quality rod grants bonus; XP, Gold, Multi-Landing Rate, etc. Go to the equipment menu -> tap change skin -> there you can spend the rubies for premium-quality skins.

Buffs: –

On your screen, there would be two cute characters; the tortoise, a duck. Tap the buff button over these creatures to get buff; to increase the striking damage, unlimited hook, etc.

So this would be all in this post on Fishing Cube guide and Fishing Cube tips & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips to share with other fellow players? Comment below!

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