Towerlands Game Guide: Battle, Tower, Clans, Map & City

Started playing the Towerlands game and wondering how to master it? Read on for the Towerlands guide to artifacts, statue, battles, clans, city, etc.

In this post, you will learn about the battles, city buildings, artifacts, library, clans, etc. For starters, we recommend checking the beginner’s guide to Towerlands. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content. 

Towerlands Guide To City, Artifacts & Statue: –

Towerlands Game GuideYou can visit the city by tapping the city button on the left side of the home screen of the game. Or if you slide left/right with your finger on the home screen, you can switch between the tower and the city screen. In the city, there are buildings – each building has its characteristics. 

Here’s the list of buildings in the city in Towerlands game: –

  • Library – here you can invest the purple badges/skill points on the upgrades that give you passive bonuses
  • Storage – the gold mined from the gold mine in the city stores here. Upgrade it and you will be able to store more gold at a time
  • Gold Mine – produces gold. Upgrade it to increase the cart capacity
  • Forge – here you can craft the artifacts
  • Statue – here you can equip the artifacts to the statue

Artifacts – artifacts can be equipped to the statue for passive bonuses. You can craft them in the forge building, which is in the city. In Towerlands, to craft the artifacts, you need resources. You can grind the resources from the island on the map. Head to the city -> craft artifact -> craft -> it will take a few minutes until crafting gets done. You can do it immediately by using the crystals, but don’t. 

Once done, tap the statue -> select the artifact type; weapon, breastplate, helmet, medallion -> check the features of the artifact -> equip. Or if you have lots of poor quality artifacts, you can dissipate them by tapping the dissipate button on the artifact selection screen. You will get the resources back – but you lose the artifact. 

Towerlands Guide To Map: –

You can visit the map by tapping the map option on the left side of the home screen of the game. On the map, you will find the castle, boss, island, caravan. Castle – conquer the castle by defeating the army and grind gold. Castle produces the gold – but their capacity to hold is limited. Once the castle reaches max gold capacity, it would not produce gold. So you must collect the gold from the castle now and then. Or if you want to store more, upgrade the castle. 

Towerlands Game GuideCaravan – it’s like a time-limited event. You will find the caravan on the map screen from time to time. The caravan has resources that you can use to craft artifacts in the Towerlands game. You can loot the caravan by attacking it. 

Island – you can get crystals, resources by attacking the Island. Tap on the island on the river side of the map. 

Towerlands Guide To Battles: –

Towerlands Game GuideThe battle system is pretty easy to understand – all you need to do is defeat all the waves of enemies to win the battles. First, you need to build the tower. In the tower, you can add the attacking units who attack the flying monsters, melee monsters, vehicle-type monsters, bosses. The tower itself would do nothing – you have to protect it with the help of units. 

Also, other than units, In Towerlands, you can add modules, turrets to increase the strength; damage. 

Use the unit’s abilities: – In battles, using the unit’s abilities at the right time is important. All the characters/units in the Towerlands have freakish abilities. And, you need to check them all so that you can build the best tower with the best units. 

Tap the Tower option on the home screen of the game -> head to the unit tab -> there you can check all the units that you have unlocked so far. If you tap a unit, you will see its ability, stats, target type, attack-range, etc. 

If you want to remove a unit from the tower, go to the tower customization screen by tapping the tower option -> tap on the unit that you want to remove – on the right side, tap the red color x button to remove the unit.

To add a unit to the tower, tap the unit in the unit tab of the tower menu -> tap the yellow color + button to place it on the tower. 

Towerlands Guide To Clans: –

You can join a clan for free. After that, you will be able to send or request the resources required for crafting the artifacts. Sending the resources to clan members gives you gold coins. 

Leaving Clan – to leave the clan, open the clan interface. On the clan interface, on the right side, tap the clan name -> tap the red color exit button and leave the clan. 

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So this would be all in this post on Towerlands guide to city, map, battles, clans, etc. 

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