Epic Odyssey Guide & Tips: Cheats, Strategies

Epic Odyssey game is published by Hiker Games on Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Epic Odyssey guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Epic Odyssey Game Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesHiker Games, well-known for the Caravan War strategy game, recently published a strategy RPG called Epic Odyssey on mobile app stores. In the game, you proceed through a chapter-based system and unlock the rest of the content. You will have to come up with a strategic formation to beat the enemies, picking the top-tier best heroes is another challenge and don’t forget the exploration stuff.

In some of the chapters, there would be puzzles – for example; collecting the pieces of Lizard Chief, finding the key to open the locked gates, hunting the chests, and much more. If you are new to the game, then you have come to the right place. This Epic Odyssey guide covers the basic walkthrough to all the aspects of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Epic Odyssey tips, cheats & strategies that you would love to read. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

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Epic Odyssey Game Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesFirst things first – the objective is to curate the team of best heroes to eliminate any sort of enemy squad at any stage. In the beginning, players can form up the team formation consisting of the five heroes of any race or type. We will talk about the heroes in the hero guide below. Speaking of progression, you must focus on completing the chapters to unlock new game modes, and functions such as the PvP arena, Secret Tressure, Tower Mode, Trader, etc.

We have unlocked all the game modes and shared each of the game modes’ info below. Now, coming to the currency; there are three main currencies; gems – use it to summon the heroes from summoning gate or in recycle/resetting, etc. Coins – to level up heroes, enhance equipment, shop gears, etc. Hero Spirits – to level up heroes. The game has an AFK mode that farms gold, runestone, EXP(to level up in the game), hero spirit for up to 12 hours while you are not playing the game. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Epic Odyssey game tips, cheats & strategies featured in this walkthrough guide: –

Get Familiar With The Characters

Epic Odyssey has a large compendium of heroes that give you a variety in building the team with different combinations. To build the best team, you must get familiar with the character system: –

  • Heroes in the Epic Odyssey game belong to three races; Demi-Human, Creature, and Demon.
  • All these heroes are of one of these three classes; assassin, warrior, and mage. Warrior – tank/front-row. Mage – DPS/CC(crowd control) skills. Assassin – pure DMG/Melee or ranged
  • And, all of them possess ultimate and passive skills. You must read their skills. 
  • Three tiers of heroes; common tier, rare tier, and epic tier. Epic tier heroes are the best ones to focus on, then rare-tier. Avoid developing common tier heroes. Navigate yourself to the “heroes” page of the game -> tap the hero -> in the top-left side, below the level info, you can check the hero’s tier; common, rare, or epic. A hero may have multiple forms; rare tier as well as epic tier. In that case, you will focus on the epic tier hero. You can upgrade the tier of heroes by ascension. For example – x3 rare instances of a character -> x1 epic tier character. Read the ascension guide below. 
  • You can further upgrade the hero tier to legendary I/II/III/IV/V, mythic. 

Their skills are different. Some of the characters have shield skills that protect the whole team, several characters have healing skills, while some of them possess ultimate damage skills to crush the enemies. For example – Forest Spirit heals the allies with healing spirit skills. Elysia can resurrect a dead ally. 

Build The Best Team Formation

To be frank, there is no “best” formation. Depending on the enemy squad, you might want to make the adjustments to the squad. We always recommend having a balance between offense and defense. Tank-type heroes will soak the damage, while damage dealers inflict damage to the enemy squad. Mages can also be useful – thanks to their resurrection, healing, and debuff skills. 

We recommend these formation set-ups: –

  1. x2 Tanks in the front and x3 Assassins in back-row
  2. x2 Tanks in the front and x2 Assassins, x1 Mage with CC/healing/resurrecting skill in the back-row
  3. x5 Assassins – more DPS
  4. x2 Tanks in front, x1 more in the back row, and x2 Assassin in the back row; defensive

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of race/type bonuses; adding a certain number of heroes from a specific race or type gives you bonus stats. 

Getting Heroes In Epic Odyssey Game

Head to Sanctuary -> Summong Gate -> spend scrolls or gems or high-fives to summon the hero of these tiers; epic tier, common tier, and rare tier. 

  • Gems – do the quests and achievements
  • Scrolls – daily quests and achievements
  • High-fives – add friends and high-five them daily

Make The Heroes Stronger

  • Level them up with gold coins and hero spirits(AFK, Chapter mode)
  • Equip high-tier gears and enhance them
  • Refine the gears with refining stones
  • Ascend them further to legendary tier and mystic tier

Hero menu -> all heroes -> tap the hero -> there you equip gears, enhance gears, level up. 

Best Heroes In Epic Odyssey Game

Following is the best heroes Epic Odyssey tier list: –

  • Simon – Debuff and CC
  • Drogor – DPS & Tanky(DEF-Skills)
  • Renna – DPS
  • Elysia – Resurrects a dead ally, Healing/Healer
  • Hector – Tanky(Possess DEF-related skills)
  • Nene – CC(Crowd Control skills – control enemies)
  • Kalash – Tank
  • Jazz’Son – DPS
  • Tric – DPS and stun enemies
  • Halzark – AoE and Shield allies
  • Ursar 

Progression Guide Epic Odyssey Game

Follow the chapter mode; in each chapter, you have the main quests and side quests to do. Also, lots of chests to collect. Explore the whole map in the chapter and complete it 100%. You will earn EXP, gears, hero spirits, gold coins, etc. from the chapter mode. Also, it increases the AFK reward amount

Worlds Portal – on the world map screen, tap the world’s portal (it’s the same as chapter mode with a minor tweak; after the fight, heroes would not recover their stats). You can get chests, gold coins, EXP, etc. stuff

Tower – one of the best game modes in Epic Odyssey where you can earn runestones. You will need runestone to break the level cap of the hero when it reaches the max level. 

PvP Arena – fight other players’ squad and improve rankings

Secret Treasure – complete the quests to discover the secret map. It takes to the secret location where you defeat the guardians to receive the reward.

Get Better Gears

Epic Odyssey Game Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesSanctuary -> trader -> there you can spend the gems or coins to get the high-tier gears. Red >Purple > Blue > Grey. Or keep hunting the chests in the chapter mode.

Use The Pentagram In Epic Odyssey Game

Pentagram takes the five best heroes from the inventory – after that, you can add heroes to the empty slots and raise their level – as same as the Pentagram level. The Pentagram level is determined by the heroes on the Pentagram; it matches with the hero with the lowest level. For example; five heroes on the Pentagram are of level 85, 89, 75, 78, 60. In this case, Pentagram’s level will be 60. And, the followers or heroes you add on the slots will have the level 60. 

Ascend The Heroes

Go to Sanctuary -> Temple -> Ascend -> you will need replicate characters to ascend. First, select the target hero and then choose duplicates. For example – if you want to upgrade from a hero from a rare tier to an epic tier, you can use the ascension function. 

Reset & Recycle Heroes 

Sanctuary -> Temple -> reset the heroes and get the resources back; useful if you have developer a useless hero. Recycle; recycle heroes to get gems and runestones. 

Sell The Crap Gears

Tap the bag option in the footer menu -> equipment -> tap the sell button -> sell the useless gears for refining stones and gold coins. 

Complete The Quests And Achievements

Do the daily quests, weekly quests, achievements for scrolls, gems, coins, etc. 

Collect The AFK Reward

Sanctuary -> collect AFK reward from the great hall. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Epic Odyssey guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Share your guides, tips in the comments. 

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