Fortress Isles: Sky War Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide & Strategy

Fortress Isles: Sky War is a new strategy game for Android & iOS. Master this game with Fortress Isles Sky War tips & tricks, guide, cheats & strategy

Fortress Isles Sky WarFortress Isles: Sky War game is packed with PvE Fantasia, PvP Raid, and Real-Time Showdown game modes. In the PvE Fantasia game mode, you progress by clearing the stages and earn player EXP, hero EXP, crystals, hero essence. In the PvP Raid mode, you raid other players’ base and loot the resources. And, at last, the Showdown game mode where you will be fighting in real-time and earn soul crystals and medals. If you are new to the Fortress Isles: Sky War game, then you have landed on the right page. This Fortress Isles: Sky War guide covers the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Fortress Isles: Sky War tips, cheats & strategy to help you win matches. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main walkthrough guide. 

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First things first – you have to get stronger in the offense as well as defense. Other players can raid at your base and if your defense fails to stop them, you will lose the resources; crystals, gold coins, etc. To strengthen the base defense, you will build and upgrade the base structures like cannon tower, watchtower, etc. For offense, you will have to build a good line-up of heroes – build the hero banners that allow you to assign the heroes – assigned heroes will defend the base when the enemy starts the attack. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Fortress Isles: Sky War tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Know Your Heroes In Fortress Isles: Sky War

Fortress Isles Sky WarThere are so many heroes in the game – and, all of them possess the unqiue skills and traits that define their primary role strength. To build the best heroes line-up, you should get familiar with the heroes’ skills and main roles. For example – 

  • Melee heroes unleash their attacks when the enemy is in close-range
  • Ranged heroes can unleash their skills and attacks from a long-distance
  • Support-type heroes come with unqiue healing skills that can restore the HP of allies during the raid battles
  • Siege-type heroes are good in destroying the structures
  • Control-type heroes possess the skills that can control the enemies; like stunning them for a few seconds
  • Damage-type heroes are good in inflicting high volume of damage to the enemy units
  • Flying-type heroes attack from the sky
  • Tank-type heroes possess taunt and DEF-related skills. For example – Armored Dragon

Navigate to the main screen -> bottom-right menu list -> hero -> open a hero profile page -> on the top-right side of the profile, below the hero name and faction, you can see the roles in which that particular hero excels. Tap on the skill icons to read the skill details. Skills are important – while choosing the heroes, make sure to consider the skill effects. For example – support-type heroes have healing skills – they can be useful in restoring the health of team partners during the battle. 

In a line-up, you can have five heroes in the team (After building all the hero banner structures) – our best heroes set-up recommendations – 

  • Damage – x3 damage-type units(melee or ranged/flying/ground)
  • Supporter – x1 supporter(for healing)
  • Siege – x1 siege(to attack on structures) or Tank – x1 tank(i.e. Armored Dragon)


  • Damage – x2 damage-type units
  • Siege – x1 Siege 
  • Tank – x1 Tank
  • Supporter – x1 Supporter

Key Points – add damage type units to deal with the enemy’s units and structures. Siege units if you want to attack the structures. Supporters to heal allies in the battles. And, tank to taunt enemies so that damage or support type units can relax. 

Getting Heroes In The Game

Fortress Isles: Sky War game has a shard system – you will need to collect a certain number of shards to summon the hero. After that, you will be able to assign them on the hero banners; for defense and offense. The best way to get shards in this game is through the hero summon(main screen -> bottom-right menu list -> summon -> use gems or scrolls to summon the hero characters). 

Once you have enough shards to summon a hero, go to the main screen -> bottom-right menu list -> hero -> tap on the hero -> summon. 

Focus On The High-Tier Heroes

Fortress Isles: Sky War game has heroes available in multiple tiers; rare, epic, and divine. We recommend focusing or investing in epic and divine tier heroes because they have great skills – but, it would be hard to build them because they are hard to get. 

Get Stronger In Fortress Isles: Sky War

As you clear the stages in Fantasia mode, progress in raid mode rankings, the showdown, you are likely to face stronger enemies – so, make sure to strengthen the heroes that you have assigned on the hero banners: –

  • Level Them Up/Upgrade – get hero EXP from the fantasia battle mode. Crystals from Harvester.
  • Advancement – reach the max hero level and use heroic essence + hero EXP + crystals to advance the heroes and raise their max hero level cap
  • Rank-them up – duplicate hero character shards + soul crystals would be needed to rank them up. 

Build & Design The Base Layout

Fortress Isles Sky WarEnergy Core is the main structure on the base – destroying it means getting the victory. You have to protect it at all cost – we recommend surrounding it with hero banners and defense structures like cannon tower and watchtower. You can move the structures – tap on them and then hold your finger on it and drag where you want to move. Or, tap the “layout” button on the lower-right -> edit the layout. If you are getting defeat, check out the mailbox and play the recorded videos of battles in which you are getting defeat and adjust the base layout according to that. Remember that you have to protect the energy core structure at all costs. 

Upgrade Your Base Facilities

Level up harvester to increase crystal production, gold mine to increase gold production – energy core to raise the level cap of all other structures. Cannon Tower and Watchtower to increase defense. 

Fortress Isles Sky War Progression Guide

  • Follow the main quests, daily quests, and weekly quests in the early game for rewards like hero EXP, speed-up items, crystals, treasure maps, hero scrolls, gems, etc. 
  • Fantasia – clear the stages(battle icon -> claim the chest and get AFK rewards). Clear more stages to increase the number of rewards from this chest
  • Complete achievements to earn free gems 
  • Increase the player level and unlock new functions
  • Get new heroes
  • Build the heroes; level up, rank-up, advance
  • Build the base; structures, leveling, layout design
  • Join a guild and get access to guild modes and perks/rewards

So that would be all in this Fortress Isles: Sky War guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more cheats, tips & tricks to share? Comment below. 

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