Raising Archangel Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Raising Archangel is a new mobile game by Superplanet. Read on for Raising Archangel guide, tips, cheats & strategies!

Raising Archangel Guide Tips

Raising Archangel Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Raising Archangel guide, you will learn how to play the Raising Archangel game, tips on getting stronger and progression, equipment, farming resources, game modes, and much more. So without further ado, let’s get to the main content featuring Raising Archangel guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

Getting Started With Raising Archangel Basic Guide⇓

(1) Basics: Raising Archangel is an AFK idle game where your character fights the beasts automatically – as a player, all you need to do is make it stronger through stat upgrades, weapon reinforcements, buffs, etc. This game features a PvE mode that has 1000s of stages with increasing difficulty. As you complete the first x20 quests, you will unlock the PvP mode that allows you to challenge other players and earn rewards. To progress in the PvE mode, you will have to beat the “BOSS” at every x10 stage – if you fail to defeat the boss, you’ll have to repeat that stage over and over again until the boss is defeated. 

(2) Progression Guide: If you are just starting the game, then we would recommend you to: –

  • Complete the quests; daily quests and repeated quests grants free diamonds
  • Keep grinding gold in the PvE mode(spend in stat upgrade)
  • Participate in Dungeon battles
  • Participate in PvP battle
  • Save Diamonds and spend on equipment chest or relics
  • As you defeat the monsters, you will gain EXP and upon accumulating enough(check in the top-left corner), the game will promote you to the next level. 

Raising Archangel Tips & Guide To Get Stronger⇓

There are several ways to get stronger in the Raising Archangel game; (1) Stats & Skills: tap the “stat” button in the bottom menu to visit the stats reinforcement menu -> there you can spend the gold on building up the stats; Attack, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Gold Acquisition, Transcend Crit Rate/Damage, etc. To upgrade the Skills, you will need spirit stones that you can farm in the dungeon battle modes. 

(2) Equipment; Equipment such as weapon, ring, pendant, earring, and costumes significantly empower the character’s strength in the Raising Archangel game. Each type of equipment provides passive effects and the active effect that boosts the character’s DMG, ATK Speed, hit rate, etc. Read the below Raising Archangel guide to equipment for more details. 

(3) Relics; Relics can be acquired by spending the relic tickets or the diamonds. Navigate to the relic menu -> there you can buy the relic box with the diamonds or the relic pick tickets. When you have enough duplicate relics, the game will let you upgrade/reinforce it for an extra buff/boost. Each relic provides unique effects. For instance, ATK Reinforcing Scroll increases the attack rate. Gold Pouch relic increases the gold acquisition rate. Once you have a CRIT rate of 100% or higher, you will be able to get the premium relics.

(4) Buffs: You can buy buffs with diamonds; on the left side of the screen, tap on the buff icon; damage up, moving speed-up, etc. It’s usually a good idea to activate buffs when challenging a powerful boss.

(5) Skills: Tap the skill icon to activate the skill; skills have a cooldown; after using once, you will have to wait a few seconds to use them again. You can upgrade the skills with spirit stones. 

Raising Archangel Guide To Equipment⇓

Equipment Guide: In the equipment guide, you will learn about “compose”, “transcend”, equipment tier, passive effects, and much more. Let’s check it out: – 

Compose: When you have x5 or more pieces of particular equipment, you can compose it and get high tier equipment. For instance, “composing X5 D tier weapon pieces” gives you an X1 C tier weapon. Composing X5 LLL tier weapon pieces give X1 U tier weapon. 

Transcend: Equipment Transcend function in Raising Archangel allows you to raise the max level cap; for instance, by default, the max level cap is 50, by +1 transcend, you can increase the max level cap to 100 – which allows you to reinforce further. Transcending equipment costs you diamonds. 

—-Should you reinforce low-tier equipment?—–

Well, they do provide passive effects; we would recommend you to prioritize the high-tier equipment first and then if you have spare resources, you can invest in them. 

Equipment Tier: LLU Tier > LU Tier > U Tier > LLL Tier > LL Tier > L Tier > SSS Tier > SS Tier > S Tier > AAA Tier > AA Tier > A Tier > B Tier > C Tier > D Tier. When you get U tier equipment, a new dungeon mode “Dragon’s Nest” unlocks. 

How To Get Higher Tier Equipment: Go to the “pick” menu -> select equipment that you want to get -> spend diamonds -> X200 summons will increase the chances of getting high-tier equipment or you can also compose them. 

Raising Archangel Guide To Resources⇓

(1) Gold: you can earn gold by defeating enemies or from PvP mode. Spend on stats upgrade. (2) Diamonds: earn diamonds by completing the quests, leveling, battle pass, daily logins, or from the dungeon mode; i.e. infinity tower. Spend on relic, equipment, and transcend. (3) Spirit Stones: farm in the dungeon, use to upgrade the skills. (4) Reinforcement Stones: farm in dungeon battle mode. Use to reinforce equipment. (5) Keys: to participate in the dungeon modes. Obtain from quests, daily logins, or level up reward. 

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So this would be all in this post on Raising Archangel guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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