Craft Warriors Guide, Cheats, Tips, And Strategy To Progress Fast

Craft WarriorsCraft Warriors is a new strategy game for Android by Translimit Inc, the creators of Brain Dots game. In this game, you build your town with facilities, defense, attacking units and loot other towns for precious resources. Check out our Craft Warriors Guide and Craft Warriors strategy, tips, cheats to progress fast

Craft Warriors is one of the best strategy games for mobile devices. If you have ever played Clash of Clans, Caravan Wars like strategy games, then you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. The gameplay is similar; you build the town by adding facilities such as gold mine, storage, defensive units and build the best attacking and defensive deck by upgrading and unlocking the units/troops. All the players fight against each other for resources such as gold, Mythril, and gems. There is clan feature too; you can build the clan with your friends and battle against other clans. In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about the Craft Warriors game; Craft Warriors guide, Craft Warriors strategy, tips, layout, and cheats. Let’s start the Craft Warriors guide first;

1.) Get Started – The Basic – Craft Warriors

As usual, Craft Warriors game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Craft Warriors, about facilities, upgrading, attacking, units, deck, and much more. After the tutorial, the player can manually manage all kinds of things such as manual upgrades, crafting, and more.

Your objective in this game? 

Your primary objective is to build the best town. Best town? As you know, at the beginning of the game, everything is destroyed, the player has to restore the facilities, upgrade the facilities, add defensive units, upgrade the castle to build the best town. In short, here’s the process you have to follow in Craft Warriors game;

  • Restore Facilities
  • Upgrade Facilities; to increase the production of resources, defense power
  • Add defensive units; to boost up the defense
  • Attack other towns; to loot precious resources
  • Use resources to upgrade unit and facilities
  • Join the clan
  • Improve your town, get victories in battles and jump to the higher league
  • Keep Upgrading units and facilities/buildings

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2.) Craft Warriors guide

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked and to unlock these features, you need to level up. Leveling up is an important task because it indicates the game progress. By leveling up, you can add more facilities, unlock new units.

How to level-up?

To level-up, you need EXP(Experience points), can be obtained by;

  • Restoring facilities
  • Upgrading facilities
  • By upgrading units and weapons

You earn a certain amount of EXP every time you restore a facility or upgrade a facility, unit or weapon. So, one of the best ways to level-up is by concentrating on restoration and upgrading.

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Facilities or Buildings in Craft Warriors game;

  • Builder’s Hut 

-A house for the builder. Need more builders in craft warriors? Upgrade the builder’s hut!

  • Mary’s House

– It defends your town. Upgrade it to increase its hit points and shield duration

  • Blacksmith Workshop

– Want to upgrade multiple units a time? But you have only 1 blacksmith at the beginning. Upgrade the blacksmith workshop to add more blacksmiths

  • Mythril Tank

Mythril Tank stores Mythril. Its storage capacity is limited. So, you can not store an unlimited quantity of Mythril. To store mode, upgrade the Mythril Tank or build more Mythril tanks.

  • Mythril Pump

Mythril Pump produces Mythril(a certain amount per hour). To increase the production of Mythril, upgrade this pump or build more Mythril Pump.

  • Gold Storage

Gold Storage is another facility in Craft Warriors game. To store more gold, upgrade this facility or build more gold storage.

  • Gold Mine

Goldmine produces gold every hour. Increase its production by upgrading it or by building more mines in your town.

  • Gem Mine

Gem is one of the precious resources in Craft Warriors game. The gem mine produces gem for you. Upgrade it to store more gems or increase the production of gems.

  • Barrack Ruins

Barrack is for units. Upgrade the barrack to increase the defense cost and defense slots. By adding more defense slots, you can add more units for the defense.

  • Castle – Craft Warriors

Castle is the main facility in Craft Warriors game. The attacker gets the victory instantly by destroying the castle. To improve the defense power, upgrade your castle.

  • Airship

Upgrade it to add more attack slots and increase the attack cost.Craft Warriors

So these are the main facilities in Craft Warriors game. Other facilities are;

  • Elixir Extractor
  • Elixir Tank
  • Deteriorated
  • House Ruins
  • Clan Castle
  • Statue Ruins

Rest are; defensive units or weapons such as

  • Spring Trap,
  • Ballista,
  • Arrow shotgun,
  • Mortar Ruins
  • Hidden Trap Wall
  • Wind Cannon
  • Electric Mine Trap
  • Lightning Tower
  • Shield Generator
  • Spike Trap
  • Mine Trap
  • Poison Mist

So, there are lots of weapons, traps, defensive units, and facilities you need to build the best town. And upgrading is an additional task to make it strong.

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A.) Craft Warrior strategy, tips, and cheats

Since there are too many upgrades and you have limited resources, it would be better to follow recommended upgrades. Tap on the builder icon in the top-right corner and check the recommended upgrade.

Craft Warriors You need to balance the upgrades;

  • Upgrade the storage to store more resources
  • Upgrade the castle and barrack to add more defense
  • Improve your defense by upgrading the wall
  • Don’t spend gems blindly, use it to add more builder and blacksmith

Deck Guide – Attack and Defense – Craft Warriors

The two main aspects of this game are;

  • Attack
  • Defense

Attack; Improve the attacking power to loot opponent’s town.

Defense; Improve it to protect your precious resources.

There are two types of decks;

  • Attack deck – for attack
  • Defense deck – place defensive units

Tap on the warrior icon just above the attack icon to head to deck option. A new pop-up will open where you can edit your main deck. Just tap on a unit and then tap on (-) icon to remove it from the deck or tap on the (+) icon to add to the deck. The attack cost or defense cost is limited; you can not add more units beyond this limit. And slots are also limited.

Craft Warriors strategy, tips, and cheats

In this part, we will talk about how to build the best attacking deck and the defensive deck.

1.) Know your units

Craft WarriorsTo build the best deck, you should know about the units. If you don’t know, then you can not utilize them in a proper way. Units in Crafting Warriors are;

  • Warrior – Attacker
  • Archer – Supporter
  • Lancer – Attacker
  • Buckler – Tank/defense
  • Samurai – Attacker
  • Ninja – Suppporter
  • Bandit – ATK
  • Great Gunner -ATK
  • Bomber – Specialist
  • Paladin – Tank
  • Fire Archer – Supporter
  • Berserker – ATK
  • Assassin – Specialist
  • Titan – Tank
  • Launcher – Attacker

The attributes of these units are categorized into;

  • Hit Points
  • Attack Power
  • Damage Per Second
  • Priority Target
  • Attack Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Attack Range

Check the stats of your units, compare, and choose the best units for the deck.

Craft WarriorsCraft Warriors Guide ->To unlock new units, level-up. To upgrade, go to the units tab -> double tap on a unit and upgrade it.

Craft Warriors tips, strategy -> Improve the stats of the units by upgrading them. Keep upgrading, Keep improving.

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How to increase or improve the defense?

To protect your resources, you should work on the defense. There are a number of ways to improve or increase the defense of the town;

  • Add defensive units(Level-up and unlock)
  • Upgrade the castle and barrack to increase the number of defense deck slot; add more defensive units for the protection
  • Upgrade Mary’s house
  • Upgrade the wall
  • Customize the layout

How to win battles in Craft Warriors?

  • Choose the best units for the battle
  • Upgrade the units
  • Upgrade the airship; it increases the number of attack deck slots and also increases the maximum loot amount
  • Ask for reinforcements(join the clan and ask for units).

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How to customize the units in craft warriors?

  1. Go to the units tab
  2. Double tap on a unit you want to customize
  3. Tap on the pencil icon at the top-right of the pop-up window
  4. Start editing and save

Get crafted skins created by other players

You can also get the skins crafted by other players and equip to your units.

  • Go to the block tab(third icon, at the bottom-left)
  • Tap on the market icon
  • Trending or other
  • Tap on a crafted model
  • Then tap on the download icon and add it to the craft model
  • To equip, go to the units tab, select a unit by tapping on it, then tap on the model icon(at the bottom-right corner) and choose the skin.

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Miscellaneous Craft Warriors tips, cheats, and strategy

  • Complete the quests to earn a huge amount of gems for free(tap on the flag icon near attack option)
  • Watch the video to earn free gems
  • Use gems to add blacksmith or builder
  • Add or upgrade the facilities
  • Improve the defense power and attack power by upgrading the units, castle, airship, barrack

Craft WarriorsBefore you start the battle, look for the loot; gold, trophies, and Mythril. Then look at the base/town. And then after analyzing all, attack!

Craft Warriors uses the energy system/fuel system, so, you can not play it endlessly. Fuel re-generates after every certain amount of time or you can purchase in exchange for gems. Keep patience, don’t waste the gems, save it for the builder and blacksmith purchase.

Complete the daily missions for rewards; gold, gems, and Mythril.

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So this is the Craft Warriors guide and some Craft Warriors tips, cheats, strategy for the beginners. Download the game – Here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best strategy games like this one

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