Frontier Justice Guide: Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Strategy(Return To Wild West)

Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West is a brand new MMORTS for Android & iOS by ONEMT. Read on for Frontier Justice guide, walkthrough, tips, cheats & strategy

Frontier Justice: Wild West Guide Tips CheatsONMET has recently released its new MMORTS game called Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West on mobile app stores. It’s a base-building game where people from all over the world build their base on a large map where marauders, outposts, and other players will be your enemies. Players can join Posse and team up in the fights. Being a boss, you will be responsible for all the base activities related to economy, defense, and offense. Players can raid each others bases and loot their resources. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Frontier Justice guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Frontier Justice tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content featuring the walkthrough guide with tips & tricks. 

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First things first – your base is located in a state. Each state has a governor. Being a governor of the state is not an easy task as you will have to defeat the rest of the posse in the state. As a governor, you will have a lot of perks such as choosing the state’s flag, increasing the distribution of resources, appointing players on several roles such as horse thief, deputy governor mayor, etc. 

Each state has lots of players and posse. You will be playing as the boss of your base. The only thing that you need to focus on in Frontier Justice: Wild West game is getting powerful. At the top-center of the game, you can check the current power. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West tips & tricks in this walkthrough guide – 

Learn How To Increase Power

In Frontier Justice: Wild West, there are several ways to get stronger and increase the power in offense and defense fields. 

  • Build & Upgrade – construct the buildings and upgrade them
  • Build the best army – keep training the troops in barracks, stables, arsenals, gunsmith buildings
  • Heroes – get heroes and upgrade them
  • Boss – level up and spend skill points 
  • Lab – research techs and get powerful buffs 
  • Equipment – equip gears to boss
  • Animals – animals grant buffs

Improve Your Attack In Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West

⇒ Upgrade the drill ground building to increase the dispatch size. The higher the dispatch size, the more troops you can send in a raid. 

⇒ The more troops you send, the more firepower you get. Keep training all sorts of troops in the training buildings such as gunsmith, barracks, town stables, arsenals, etc. Upgrade these training buildings to unlock high-tier soldiers. 

⇒ For attacks, you have to choose the heroes wisely. There are three types of heroes in this game. In attack, the battle-type heroes would do the best job. Thanks to their skills, which improve the troops’ attack and defense. 

Build The Best Defense Possible

Like you can attack enemies, they can attack your base too. It’s important to increase the base’s defense so that they would fail in plundering the resources from your base. There are several ways to increase the defense in Frontier Justice game – 

  • Craft traps in fort building
  • Assign heroes to the Railway Station
  • Train more troops
  • Research in lab
  • Upgrade tax man’s office

Learn How To Get More Heroes

You can recruit heroes in Waterin’ Hole building. Tap that building and you will see the option to recruit a hero. That screen has two tabs; hero recruit and skill research. In the hero recruit tab, you can spend recruitment cards(Advanced or regular) to summon the heroes. Complete quests, missions, events to get these cards. In the skill research tab, you can spend hero skill books for skill research. This research gives you hero skills, skill shards, military exercise resources. 

Get Familiar With The Heroes

There are three types of heroes in Frontier Justice game; battle, development, and assist. Battle type heroes are good in the attacking. Development type heroes excel in increasing the productivity of base buildings; increasing production. Also, some of them are good at gathering resources from the map. And, at last, there are assist type heroes with support skills such as increasing the marching speed, training speed, healing speed, etc. 

We would recommend checking the hero’s skills and use it on the bases of strength. For example – if a hero can increase the gathering speed, then add him/her to the team when going to gather the resources from the map. 

Assign The Heroes In Frontier Justice: Wild West

You can increase the productivity of each building in the base by assigning heroes to them. Tap on the Doc’s Shack building -> assign -> there you can quickly assign the heroes based on their strength. For example – assign heroes to the warehouse to increase its resource protection capacity. Assign them to the training center buildings such as gunsmith to increase training speed. 

Join Posse/Clan ASAP

We recommend joining Posse as soon as possible. After that, you will be able to get assistance from the members of the posse. Do make your contribution each day and help posse become stronger. After building the post office, you will be able to rally with allies and attack the enemies with more firepower. Members can help each other by assisting in speeding-up the construction, reinforcing troops. 

Get Free Resources From Tax Man’s Office

From the tax man’s office building in the base, you can get food, lumber, iron, etc. resources daily. 

Check Out The Smuggler’s Den

Once you build this facility in the base, you will get the daily deals; you can buy lots of premium items with resources such as lumber, food. For example; you can exchange resources for the speed-ups at Smuggler’s Den. 

Research In The Lab In Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West

There are several types of research – related to resources, town development, town defense, military, tactics, that you can do in the lab. Always keep the lab busy by starting the researches. 

Complete The Primary And Daily Tasks

You can earn a lot of valuable items in Frontier Justice: Wild West by completing the primary and daily tasks. You must do the dailies to get free gold, speed-ups, hero skill book, shards, sheriff’s tools, boss EXP, VIP points, etc. 

Follow The Chapter Quests

If you have just started playing it, then the best thing you can do is follow the chapter quests that you see above the footer-menu. Tap the (i) symbol to check the chapter quests and you can earn loads of gold coins, hero shards, gunner papers, etc. 

So these are a few Frontier Justice tips, tricks with a walkthrough guide for beginners. If you have more tips & tricks to share, comment below. 

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