Eve Echoes mining guide: how to mine the resources?

If you don’t know how to mine the resources in Eve Echoes mobile, then read this Eve Echoes mining guide where we have explained the mining process in details

There are so many resources that you need to manufacture ships – you can either buy these valuable resources from the market in exchnage for ISK or grind in the space. We don’t recommend you to purchase the common resources from the market because you can grind it for free by playing the game. In this EVE Echoes mining Guide, you will learn how to mine the resources from the solar systems or space. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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EVE Echoes Mining guide: how to mine the resources in space?

Mining Equipment

⇒First, you need to make sure that you have a mining ship and it has the (mining laser)harvest equipment. Harvest Equipment(mining laser) is required for mining in the space. Without it, you would not be able to mine the resources from the asteroids. If you don’t have this mining equipment, you can buy it from the market(menu -> market -> high slots main -> harvest equipment).

  • Tip: complete the advanced tutorial mission and get your first mining ship; Venture Trainer. 

There would be a variety of equipment available on sale – mining laser, strip miner. For starters, buy the mining laser – MK3 Miner. Check the selling location, distance(jumps), and then purchase.

If the seller is in another station, you will have to visit there to complete the purchase. We would recommend you to buy in a station(dock the ship to the station). If you don’t know how to it, read this guide: –

EVE Echoes How To MineOnce the MK3 Miner or any other harvest equipment has been purchased, go to the inventory -> item hangar(if you bought it in the space station, you see the item here). Now, it’s time to install this mining equipment on the ship. First, dock the ship to a station(carry the equipment).

Go to the menu -> fitting -> tap the high slot -> choose MK3 Miner. Make sure that the ship has enough power units available to equip the miner. You can unequip other equipment if the power units are less than the requirement. Now, you are all set to mine the resources: –

Steps To Mine Resources In Eve Echoes: –

  1. Head to space screen(character icon in the upper-left -> star charts -> choose a location -> region map -> choose a location -> set as destination). Note – different locations have different resources. 
  2. Tap the overview button(the eye button on the right side)
  3. Go to the mining tab(select from the top-center drop-down menu that appears after you tap the eye button)
  4. Warp to the Asteroid Belt
  5. Once you are there, tap it again
  6. Lock the asteroid
  7. Use the mining laster or harvest equipment
  8. Mine the resources

Here’s the detail of above-mentioned steps(update now the eye button has a drop-down menu option at the top-center of it; you can choose mining option from there. First, tap the eye button -> drop-down option at the top-> mining): –EVE Echoes Mining Guide

While in the system or space screen, tap the overview button on the right side of the screen. The overview menu has many tabs; go to the last one; signal tab. There, the game displays the asteroid belt location. Select an asteroid belt -> then choose Warp.EVE Echoes Mining Guide

Once you are there, tap the overview button again -> now, go to the first tab; Nearby. This tab displays the nearby asteroids, players, hostiles. Select the asteroid(there would be many asteroids with different resources; Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase, etc. so select wisely). Lock the asteroid so that you can target it.EVE Echoes Mining Guide

Once the target or asteroid is locked, use the miner/harvest equipment in the bottom-right corner; tap it to shoot the laser. Now, wait for a few seconds until the laser completes one round. After that, on your screen; you will see the message; X-name resources collected.

Keep in mind that Ships in EVE Echoes can hold a certain amount of resources. Once the ship’s storage is filled, no more resources would be mined or collected. So you will have to go to the station and move the resources from the ship inventory to the item hangar in the station. There are some best ships for mining that you can use to gather more material items at a time; Venture, Catalyst, Thrasher.

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